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This deserves another "BOOBS" video review.

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lame :/

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Eh I'm fine with the boobs. At least DoA has cool instantly recognizable character design to back that stuff up, so it isn't just boobs slapped on someone's crappy doodle.

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The arenas look REALLY cool.

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me-likey-bigga-boobies. Also, four stars?

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This is an ORDER IT ON AMAZON purchase- not a PURCHASE IT PERSON purchase...much like most NiS games

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"This telenovela JUST GOT REAL!"


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@EvilKatarn said:

Eh I'm fine with the boobs. At least DoA has cool instantly recognizable character design to back that stuff up, so it isn't just boobs slapped on someone's crappy doodle.

this, the boobs are whatevs let them bounce ridiculously all they want, at the end of the day its just a video game with video game characters

the new faces do look real nice though

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Equalization fail :(

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The game does look solid. Curious how the tournament seen will be. If the past repeats its self, it's not going to be very big.

Also that Circus stage is awesome.

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The character models look nice, but it's like the backgrounds took a hit to make that possible. They just look kind of dull, like someone toned the vibrancy down for no good reason. As for boobs, they should move to some degree as that's just natural, but they look really silly in this game.

The fighting looks like it flows well though. I may pick it up at some point when it's cheap, but I'll stick with Tekken Tag 2 for now.

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@JayCee said:

Also: Quiet Look

@Aegon said:

Audio is low. It's ok at 100%

@DefAde said:


GB Vids are always significantly quieter than the rest of the internet... i have to crank up my volume... then generally forget i have done so.... until i play something later and jump out my skin

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The sound is... not loud enough?? Anyone else having this problem? I can barely hear them at a maxed-out volume.

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

Yep, sound is low and some of the audio seems out of sync.

@DjCmeP said:


@kozmo7 said:

Is it just me or is the audio lower than normal?

Audio should be louder now. As Vinny explained here, we're trying some new things with our production pipeline and we're still working the kinks out!

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That screen grab just says it all.

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Wow. We learned a lot more about Jeff's sexual history than I ever would have expected.

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Jeff kinda hyped this game too much for me. It looks alright, but it isn't super crazy.

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@drewbert: You're good people for quoting every single person who noticed the audio and said something.

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What happened to the Youtube version?

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Seems alright, I just can't get into 3D fighting games at all. The magic happens in 2D.

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Man, is there some rule that Jeff cannot win a multiplayer fighting game? I feel like he's lost the past 10.

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@Doomshine: The audio was quite, so they replaced the video with a fixed version. The youtube version is probably uploading right now.

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Wow that arcade mode loaded fast!! And no one called that out? Impressive. I've been slowly warming up to maybe getting this but the revel of no boob slider to turn it DOWN some notches bums me out. Its just weird looking and distracting.

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"I like to make the tiger come out." "I know you do."

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Is it just the video or is the game kinda dropping frames a lot?

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I like that the girls look more human-like now, especially the eyes are way less anime. It looks like something that might be dumb fun for a couple hours.

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I continue to be uninterested in DOA. However, the fighting and the faces look good. The breasts, not so much. Although at this point, if they were to make them more realistic it wouldn't be DOA so whatever.

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'Sup, Orlando from Catherine. You were a laid-back, beer drinking dude in that game too.

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Jeff Gerstmann, professional boobsman.

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Hi, my name is TekZero and I like boobs.

In fact, I've held a few in my lifetime. They're awesome.

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The game is on its way through my Gamefly. The crazy Japanese story looks like something I need to experience. When talking about the "MK Style" storytelling I'm curious why no one ever brings up Destrega for PS1. It was a junky excuse for a game but it might the first fighting game to contain a singular story mode across multiple characters. I wonder if Ed Boon ever played Destrega. I'm pretty sure it's available on PS1 classics so maybe Giant Bomb could do a Throwback on something so influential yet long forgotten? Thanks and keep up the great videos!

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Drew with the science jokes.

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What is up with Japan and boob physics? Its as if they are immature little kids catering their game to immature little kids.

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X axis = Character

Y axis = Time

I think.

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if the story is anything like the 3ds version then I'm really excited

also DOA does story right.... only one round fights

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when i was a 12 i loved doa3 on the original xbox. now i wonder why:P

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I still find the boobs physics really weird. They moved more like jelly. Mila looks to have average sized breasts but they bounce around and move like crazy despite having a top that would restrict their movement. Oh videogames.

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@drewbert: Thanks for sorting that man!

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DOA 5 Scrub league. Make it happen.

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Aside from the usual DOA creepiness, this actually looks really good. I wonder how crazy the story mode would be for me since I've never played a DOA game before.

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lol why does lotus juice keep getting work

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Stay classy DoA

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I kinda prefered the way they handled the story in the other games, sometimes less is more. And i'm surprised they didnt mention how terrible the voice acting is, granted it's a fighting game (and a japanese one at that) but still. Guess i'll be using japanese voices then.

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No matter all its craziness, I've really liked the fighting system since DOA2; it's fast-paced and the focus on its rock-paper-scissors reversals is very interesting.

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If you want to play boob-fighter, whatever. I've heard of way worse fetishes than liking boobs. But if that's what DoA is all about, after all of this time - how does it not even get that right?

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Why does this look like a Hi-res PS2 game? I mean, is it just me or does this look really, really bland?

I'm surprised because I remember when games like Tekken and DOA used to be high watermarks for graphical fidelity. Alongside Wrestler hair of course.

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Jeff needs to stop fucking around and wasting time on this video game stuff and just go do what he can to help further the study of boobs.

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@OleMarthin said:

when i was a 12 i loved doa3 on the original xbox. now i wonder why:P

Because you were 12?

I think I was 13 when DoA1 came out on PS1 and me and my friends giggling at the bouncing boobs. DoA1 has the most insane boob bouncing in any game I've played. Just standing still they bounce and when they jump it looks like they hit them in the face sometimes. Now that I am older and like Jeff have hold real boobs in my hand I can only agree with his assesment that DoA must take place on some other planet with different gravity.

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I'm pretty into the fact that Rig is voiced by the guy who played Orlando in Catherine.

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DOA5 is dope.