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Another good quick look

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Posted By Shabran

360 version better...lol

this seems too stripped away
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Good stuff guys

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Awesome quick look like always but seriously why didn't they port it to the Pc or PS3 instead?

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I'm playing the 360 version for the first time. It's interesting to see how similar/different the Wii version is when compared to the original.

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In stores now. Chop til you drop.

Why play this when the 360 version is much better and probably 1/2 the price??

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Awesome, but not too interested in this.

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I have mixed feelings on this, on one hand it's everything I'd want in a Dead Rising game on the other hand it's also everything I don't want in a Dead Rising game.

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I know you folks like to play on Normal- because that's what most people will play. However- Normal might be tuned down for ease of use for people who've never played Dead Rising. Maybe Hard would be a better test of what the game is capable of- unless that's only a damage/health variation.

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too bad they took out so much stuff, I haven't played the Xbox360 version yet, I really need to rent this game

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PP was prestige points, not photo points.

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I agree with Depth.....Why for the Wii

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Wow, this looks so much worse than I previously expected and if Dead Rising didn't already exist, I honestly still think this would suck. Just the graphics and controls look terrible!

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Posted By AllanIceman

As seen on tv

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The Only thing that makes this game worth anything...is that it's a second release of some sort featuring our favourite: Frank West.

Prestige Points guys, Prestige Points! that's why they are still there, gawd!

Weird having those 360 cutscenes.

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The zombies aren't even running towards him. They are more scenery than enemies. What a joke game.

Good quick look feelas. 
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I'm shocked you guys didn't pick up on the "Broken Blacktail" reference to Resident Evil 4...

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Posted By Marzy

Great Quick Look, I really enjoyed it.

Doesn't look or sound too good, in my opinion.

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wow, the 360 version is definitely WAYYYY better.

Lets just all wait for DR2, huh?

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I was hoping this would be better. Oh well.

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Slap Chop reference?  Yes.

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jimmy hats!

bahaha strongsauce ryan

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Dude, they totally just ripped the RE4 shotgun reload animation. Well I guess it's Capcom so they aren't ripping off themselves?

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At least they got rid of all of the annoying time limitations

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Posted By Akel

What was Capcom thinking...is this really gonna sell? I really don't understand the logic of publishers nowadays.

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looks very much like RE4. Good job with the chopping and dropping of fools.

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This game is not a port at all, its essentially a different game altogether.

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Zombie F'in Poodles!

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Great quick look. I'm not sure about this game, though... I might get it.

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I'm sorry, but this game looks like ass. Dead Rising for the 360 is one of my favorite games and this is an insult to it. Why can't people just buy a real console (which is now cheaper than the wii) and play the real version instead of this one which has been beaten to death with a the gimp stick.

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wow, that looked like crap.  Not one bit of it seemed like fun, and im sure games are supposed to be engaging.

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Posted By SunKing

Wow, that's a lot of loading.

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Bulletproof glass. Only with the power of the Wii!

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Posted By LaszloKovacs

Sweet video.

Bootsy game.

Dead Rising with a shortage of zombies and no time pressure? No thank you.

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Posted By TripMasterMunky

lol @ jimmy hats aka condoms

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I knew they'd have to take some things out for it to be on the Wii but come on! You can't even go in the water?!

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doesnt look that fun of a game on the wii......idk

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Woeful looking game, the worst looking Capcom game in years imo. Capcom should be throughly ashamed they made this crap.

A Capcom rep recently said this game exists because Zack and Wiki on Wii did not sell well :roller:

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Posted By PapaLazarou

I love these quick looks because no other gaming site does these and it feels like what you'd do when you buy a new game and your friends are watching you play.

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Posted By TripMasterMunky

It seems like the wii is less powerful than the ps2 in here lol.

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Posted By Kung_Fu_Viking

These quick looks are awesome. You get a good look at the game plus some excellent commentary. What more could you possibly ask for!?

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Eat that mayonnaise.

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Posted By Razor

Jeff & Ryan playing DEAD RISING on the Wii.

Jeff: "Well if shes going to turn, I mean just smoke her, seriously"
Ryan:  "You think I should?"
Jeff:  "Dude"
Long pause *zombie bitten girl is shot, she takes 0 damage*
Jeff:  "Aoohhhhh"
Ryan:  "Shes invincible, being bit by a zombie makes so that bullets just fly through her"
Jeff:  "Whats whats this rated T, What are we doing here?"
Ryan:  "No no, this is a M rated game"
Jeff:  "M rated game........."
Ryan:  "Yea...  cause I mean here here I'll shoot this guy"
Jeff:  "Alright"

You can't make this stuff up :D!!

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Posted By PapaLazarou

This game looks really shit.

Also theres something about slow zombies that ain't scary and thats why L4D and 28 days later used fast zombies.

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Looks boring....

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Posted By Xander51

That seems a little too stripped down, I loved the original.

I think I would totally play this game though if you guys were there to eviscerate it.

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This looks a lot different from the 360 version. You can't even break the glass or get into the water, that's ridiculous. Can you even jump?

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Wow... that looks bammer compared to the 360 version.

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This doesn't look great, but it makes me want to play the original again.