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The Necro-Moon still isn't stupid if you followed along the fiction of the series. And I'm not even talking about the EU stuff like books and animated features - just the lore present in the game.

I mean really guys, what the fuck did you think Convergence was going to be?

The direction I thought it was going at the end of 2 was that the purpose of Convergence was to restructure human DNA to recreate an extinct alien species that made the markers for that purpose. They would need a massive amount of genetic material though to make this occur.

While that's not completely different really than what happened, it just wasn't what I was expecting.

There was some optional texts in 2 that said the marker restructures human DNA on a genetic level when it's influenced by a red marker. Without the marker the genetic material just turns to goop. If I remember most of this was told during the Ishimura section of DS2.

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The dlc was awesome and i want more dead space now.

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@awcko said:

The ending of this DLC is bananas and is either a great series ending or it sets up an amazing 4th entry

I read about it, and what I was left thinking was

The Reapers attack earth?

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Fuck That moon!

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Was really surprised to hear Patrick say, "...rapes those dudes."

Did he really? I must not have been paying attention during that point. That's, really disappointing.

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This quick look made me finally finish Dead Space. It's been staring at me from my steam library for months...

Apparently spoilers aren't all bad.

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