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Lol, My fart is deadlier than this.

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GOTY, lulz

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lmao theres an achievement called 'that was sparta!'

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lol @ "deadliest mouth warrior"

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God,Alex Navarro is awesome.
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The sound work is quite horrible

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Not really a fan of Alex. It's hard for me to put my finger on why I don't like him because he seems to say all the right things; it's just that hearing his voice kills the fun for me.

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@Jedted:  Drinkin' that lean instead of rum?
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 Apache Ninja is the guy from the South Park DvDs.
"Someones coming"... :)

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Game is only fun when playing against other friends.

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Meh...games not good.
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I actually watched part of the marathon for this show over the weekend and was oddly enthralled. It's not great television by ANY means, but there's something very compelling about it. And the battles at the end actually tend to be pretty cool.

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Normally not into fighting games and I couldn't careless about the premise of the show/game, but I kind of like the various weapons and the lethality of the combat.  Reminds me a lot of the PVP in Demon Souls.

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That last Pirate vs Samurai round had me crying with laughter.

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The show's fun to kill time, some stupid outcomes, but it's not horrible or anything.

Fun to watch. Though I still think Al Capone > Jessie James.

Game looks...like a fighting game I guess.
"So in the battle of Ninja Vs Ninja - Ninja wins." was great.

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@MrMcgillicutty: Evo material for sure. I heard Daigo mains Pirate.
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that looks bad...
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More Alex!

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Yes Alex, that IS a different gun every time. Flintlock pistols you just fire once, and then you have to use a new one. That pirate was carrying three pistols. They're supposed to carry like five or six. (This is according to a "pirate expert" from the show itself, so as far as I know it could be bullshit.)

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look good.

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Purple Pirate sounds like a great rap name! :) 
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this game ftw!!!!!!!!!

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@MadaRenrut said:
" deadliest warrior is the #1 top downloaded game on Xbox Live.  DeathSpank a distant third. "
that's crazy!? but this looked almost as funny as deathspank :)
 i don't know who that is worse for, deathspank who tries to be funny, or this game which isn't supposed to be funny? I would find it hard to pick which one to buy, and then throw Limbo in the mix....
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dont care
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deadliest warrior is the #1 top downloaded game on Xbox Live.  DeathSpank a distant third.

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Huh, look at that. Who'd've thunk it, turns out "gun" is a pretty good weapon against swords and such.

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Good lord that is a lot of arm blood.

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@MordeaniisChaos said:
Realistic? If it was realistic it would be easier. Blocking with a shield would actually be useful because peoples attacks wouldn't fly on through at a slightly lower velocity then usual. There wouldn't be the ability to through a giant spear through someones head, randomly, at the beginning of the match. And you wouldn't be able to just attack in the middle of someones attack and slash them. Realistic is the wrong word. 
Yes. Thus why I said "kinda, dare I say, sort of". I never did call it realistic. If it was realistic, the ninja wouldn't freaking cartwheel away from attacks and fights would be over in a single hit or two. It's just more "kinda sort of" realistic than almost all fighting games out there, where even the most serious attempt looks more like an action movie than real combat. In real life, if either warrior leaves the smallest opening, the fight is already over. In that way, I appreciate the combos that drain 80% of your health in this game.
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@CrazedJoker said:

" @squidracerX: I'm really sick of stupid people talking shit about Ninja when they know nothing. "

Im CrazedJoker, I AM a ninja, ...what a jackass...... What i said is 100% historical fact.
I mean what the hell man, calling people names? The Japanese had Samurai as their warriors, what secret do you think you know that the rest of us don't son? You think they were awesome warriors? Sure they could fight, they are trained assassins. There was a secret valley of assassins, a clan that would hire themselves out, that were total badass killers in Japan. But they were not straight up fighters like anyone else in this game. Ninja were used for terror and espionage, not battlefield valor. Warriors in feudal lands (Europe or Asia) were very flamboyantly dressed with plumage and color, ninja were not. They did not have heavy armor or shields to deflect swords etc, they were equipped to get in and out quick and hopefully not be seen, in one of the most superstitious cultures in all of human existence.  And don't call people stupid. Ninja serve as spies, reconnaissance teams, terrorists, security specialists, and assassins; they were serving a purpose counter to samurai.
*edit - I have read about that specific "animal ninja" multiple times but did not remember his name, so as much as i usually dislike wikipedia, I looked it up in response to your jab, even on the wikipedia page it names that very ninja, Nakagawa Shoshujin. He himself claimed to actually be able to turn into animals, but I hope you realized that can't be true, and he tricked the silly people into being terrified of his power with caged animals, sometimes dressed in similar outfits. So eat it!     
 The book sited: Turnbull, Stephen (2003), Ninja AD 1460-1650, Osprey Publishing
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Wow, this actually doesn't look like the worst game ever.

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Lol, speak of the devil.

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I hate the show, but this is kinda jankily-awesome.

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Chances of this going to Evo 2011?

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Next week's TNT.

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So, play as a pirate and win everytime?

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@Mezmero:  In Alex's defense, the show's stupidity is self-explanatory through its premise.
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That arm has a shitload of blood, is there more to say about the game?

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Those load times and shitty UI make this game look terrible.  I could care less if the fighting felt mediocre as long as it actually worked right.  I like screened but why did you even have Alex if he wasn't going to give ANY specifics about the show?  One of the points of a quick look is to kick knowledge to your audience.  All he did was talk shit for 20 minutes without even explaining why or how the show was so stupid.  Please focus your efforts into bringing us more of the great content on screened because quick looks might not be for you.

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Somebody get me some deadliest warrior frame data please.

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The ground bleeds!
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@Rox360 said:

" You know what, that looks kinda neat. I think I'm with Alex on that, it's a game I would want to play for an hour, then never touch it again. But I would enjoy that hour. I like the really super high damaging attacks and quick movement. It's... kinda... dare I say... sort of realistic?  I don't doubt the replay value is way down there, what with there being no real special moves or anything, though, and the characters definitely seem.. um... tiered, for the lack of a better word.  Oh, wait, there is a better word. Horribly imbalanced. "

Realistic? If it was realistic it would be easier. Blocking with a shield would actually be useful because peoples attacks wouldn't fly on through at a slightly lower velocity then usual. There wouldn't be the ability to through a giant spear through someones head, randomly, at the beginning of the match. And you wouldn't be able to just attack in the middle of someones attack and slash them. Realistic is the wrong word. 
Also, Nev my man, you don't need to constantly play to the audience, try to match with Jeff's swagger. You were brought here because you have a unique and differing personality, not to fill the gap despite your uselessness. Your better then that, so either you need to stop sounding like your trying desperately, or just stop trying so hard.
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So that was a pretty good quick look for Waiting For Player: The Game.
Theres two of ya's there, should've just played some local multiplayer.
Looked kinda neat though. I'll probably buy it.

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Oh GOD....After seeing that bloody bloody arm...I think I have to buy this.

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The bloodiest arm of all time!

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lol there was way to much blood in that arm!

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@LiquidPrince said:
" So... Pirates own? "