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@ptys said:

I think the dialogue's supposed to be off Vinny, it's part of the joke.

Part of what joke?

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Wow this piece of crap is $20 sans sale.

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There's way too much dialogue in this game and all of it makes me deeply suicidal.

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I'm not really liking it...but I'm totally into Ms. Goal's look. Sue me.

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This game looks interesting. I personally found the dialogue amusing once I realize this game is a comedy about poking fun at things like adventure game mechanics or stories in general. The voice work could be better but most games have the same quality or worse.

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Keep the Adventure Game Quick Looks Coming, guys! These are always entertaining.

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I can never tell with adventure games whether the VA is bad because the actors are bad or because the lines are written in a way that no human being would speak.

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All these people are jerks!

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Huh, only one video today... hopefully they are working on some stuff. I feel like load our last save GameCube edition would be cool.

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@ajamafalous said:

"HOT PASTRAMI ON MY COCK." -Vinny Caravella, 2012

"I like when they have no noses" - Vinny Caravella

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The only reason I'd play an adventure game is for good humor or story. This has neither. That book of unwritten tales might be worth a look though if it goes on sale. Although I have a million telltale games to catch up on.

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This looks and sounds utterly terrible. For shame, Germany.

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Never change, Vinny.

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@Aegon said:

Why are people allowed to interrupt them during the quick look? That's fucking rude and it's happened multiple times now. What if one of GB dudes burst into one of GameSpot's live shows and was like "Uh hey, do you have that so-n-so component. We really need it right now. Oh you don't know where it is? Are you sure? Hmmm...you know who else I can ask? "

Go away or wait your turn.

What? You shush! It's stuff like that being left in video that makes me love this site. :D

I would like to know if the wire crimper was ever located.

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Where's the option to sock Wenzel in the mouth and take the rod back?

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I love that Vinny has the same soft spot for adventure games that I do. You go Vinbro.

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This game makes me want an HD remake of Discworld, uprez the graphics, add the "show me interactive stuff" feature and we are golden.

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@atomic_dumpling said:

@jayspadez said:

looks like a miyazaki film almost...might check it out

Now I want to watch My Neighbour Totoro or Howl's Moving Castle again. Also, these characters talk kinda weirdly and stilted.

Combined with a bit of a Chomet film as well? Though pretty much sans-charm. Like the style nevertheless, but I don't know if I'm gonna check it out.

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Yay! It’s unprofessional Wednesday. Thank you Drew.

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I just wanted a better life for me, and you, and the baaabyyyyy...

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Ok, maybe I have played too many adventure games, but a lot of these levels seem to copy "The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble" and the "Goblin's Quest" games

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@Milkman said:

@ptys said:

I think the dialogue's supposed to be off Vinny, it's part of the joke.

Part of what joke?

"Knock knock. Who's there? Video game. Video game who? You just paid $20 for a bad video game, hahahahaha!"

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LucasArts adventure games had just as much if not more inventory, Ryan.

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The writing is not good. The game looks nice though. I think I'll pass on this one. There are so many good adventure games out there.

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This game looks like it would be a lot more enjoyable if you simply muted the voice acting.

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I'm loving the sudden increase in point-and-click Quick Looks.

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Adventure game protagonists tend to be kind of sarcastic dicks, but man, in this game  everyone  seems to be a fucking asshole. Not in the good way where it's sort of funny and charming either.

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Yikes. This game looks kind of painful. I'd kind of had it with this game about halfway through the quicklook. Kudos on Vinny and Ryan for sticking with it. They make it entertaining.

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If this game was fallout toni would have been a mass of bloody chunks after one line of dialogue

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It's a bit cheap, animation-wise, but it's a real fun pleasant lil' adventure game.

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Best part of the QL is 10mins in when Vinny is sorting video stuff out

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This game looked neat, but the voice acting consists of some of the more amazingly awful line delivery I have ever heard. I was tempted to get this before, but there's no way I could put up with this voice acting for an entire game. The writing itself also seems to be overly snarky for the sake of it, but doesn't have much in the way of wit behind it, it feels kinda cheap.

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@LiquidSwords said:

I was waiting for the guy to say, "WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUSE ME, PRINCESS!!!"

That is far too accurate. Making an unlikable/annoying main character is a death sentence for most any work of fiction.

It's such a shame; all of the problems with this game seem like they could be fixed with a better localization.

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Its nice to see all these adventure games coming out. Its like the golden age of computers all over again. I just hope Adventure games stick around this time. It might become a niche but its nice to see that we are getting something different aside from the standard shooters.

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"Throwing in the sponge" is an alt form of throwing in the towel. So totally is a ...thing.

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Looks like it apes a bit too much from MI3. Not that that's a bad thing as that had gorgeous hand draw 2D art, great music with excellent voice acting and writing but this seems to take those ideas but not execute on them fully. The art style here is nice but the lack of frames is really jarring, as it the mouth constantly moving. Vinny's complaint about having to click everything and collect every item though comes from an awareness of playing adventure games for many years that have stuck to that formula. You collect it when you see it because you know eventually someone will ask for it. It'll be interesting to see what Double Fine will do with DF Adventure as Tim Schafer hasn't made a full on adventure game in almost 15 years.

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 "Hot Pastrami on my cock"
Best opening of a QL ever.

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It's not an Oglaf game?!

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It's not an Oglaf game?!

that would be amazing!