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Posted By HelliSkelli

@sissylion: Most games trying to pull off a Lovecraftian vibe usually fail because they think adding Lovecraft creatures to the game makes it Lovecraft. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth still remains the best game based on Lovecraft lore.

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Edited By fox01313

The one good thing about a game like this is that the game design is something to experience (versus just reading on paper) so others like me who might be wanting more than the minecraft look to it could possibly expect the game to be back with revised art. Like the gameplay of this so will be diving into this game.

The shuggoth moment in the quick look was quite hilarious & liked the audio for it.

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Posted By elpurplemonkey

While the game itself doesn't appeal to me, it was very enjoyable watching Drew freak out while playing it.

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Posted By Bam_Boozilled

I was just looking at this game a few days ago. How awesome it is to see a Quick Look of this.

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Posted By Mr_Skeleton

For some reason I'm getting a very strong Thief vibe from this game.

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Posted By BisonHero

@tikicobra said:

Two things: First, I have very much enjoyed what I've played of this game. Second, I can't think of more than maybe two modern games with Lovecraftian themes and I want more.

Where have you and Brad been that you don't think there have been a dramatic increase in games with Lovecraft (namely Cthulhu) influences?

  • Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem seems like the start of a new era of games cribbing from Lovecraft, though at least that game made up its own gods and characters.
  • The Call of Cthulhu and Alone in the Dark series predate that, and have both had a couple games since Eternal Darkness came out
  • Most things by Frictional Games (Penumbra series, Amnesia: The Dark Descent) have overt Lovecraftian elements
  • The Penny Arcade Adventures games have their own version of the Necronomicon and Elder Gods and in the later episodes they get hella Lovecraftian
  • Cthulhu Saves the World, the JRPG parody thing, is arguably also parodying the recent trend of having Cthulhu show up in everything
  • The Secret World, that conspiracy theory/Illuminati/magic-is-real/Cthulhu mythos MMORPG
  • Magrunner: Dark Pulse is that fucking weird Portal-like game with magnets and test chambers and everything, except it randomly also has a bunch of Cthulhu shit once you get a little ways in (watch the Quick Look)
  • Also a whole fuckload of miscellaneous smaller horror games that Patrick has looked at, because Elder Gods and ancient evils and whatever are quickly becoming an easy trope to work with because I feel like all of the young bucks making horror games today want to be Silent Hill 2, Eternal Darkness, and Amnesia, all games where the main character either has fragile sanity or the world around them is a weird reflection of the main character's psyche, and two out of those three games have Lovecraftian themes.

Also, it's showing up more and more as a weird pop culture reference hidden in games, because in the past like 10 or 15 years suddenly everyone knows who Lovecraft and Cthulhu are. Magicka had a Cthulhu-themed DLC campaign, though obviously I wouldn't say Magicka is really about Cthulhu.

Most of those games are downloadable so I could see how you may not have necessarily heard of them, but that's still a fair number of modern games with Lovecraftian themes, and I'm especially surprised that Brad doesn't think it's getting a little overused, since he should be more aware of all these games.

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Posted By SatelliteOfLove

The level design algorithm is very wierd in this; so many 4 doored single-room buildings.

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Edited By amafi

@krullban: I imagine Jeff is against lean because of Pimp C. Who knows why Brad likes or dislikes anything.

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Edited By CharAznable

This seems kinda cool, but not something that would hold my attention for super long. Maybe I'll try it out during a future Steam sale.

Those hands look really fucking weird, though. Whenever I saw them in screenshots, I thought the character was holding a wand or staff.

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Edited By rabbithearted

I like the style the enemies are done in. It's a shame the environment doesn't match.

Also, those fishie dudes are cute.

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Edited By Slaegar

This is a really good JRPG you guys.

This game looks like a really promising preAlpha.

As others have said I think it would do a lot for this game to fix up the graphics. I wouldn't say they are minecraft-esque so much as they are just ugly. There's an interesting game here, but it needs fleshed out.

Also this die and start over with nothing (which I refer to as Roguelitelikelike (360 no hyphens)) in every indie game thing is getting kind of old.

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Posted By Rowr

@fusion42 said:

Really nonplussed since the artstyle is ripped (minecraft anyone?) and the sound design really poor (when the frog things attack a guy just says ah and oh! really??); honest opinion. The constant discordent pads in the background are the only thing that creates some tension; the gfx and the sounds do not support that.

Now I can see others, esp. ones who like the mc-esque artstyle get into it; and so they should. But for me, thats nothing. I think this game would benefit a lot from overhauled, better quality gfx and sfx.

I think that would probably make this a different game than it is.

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Posted By MemphisSlim

I get the Minecraft comparisons when looking at the mere screenshots, but you people have seen it in action.

Come off it: they share almost no mechanics in common, and the only "blocky" thing about this game is the environment; characters and props are actually rendered fairly well.

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Posted By fisk0

@melos said:

The Minecraft connection seems like a reach. I think the game looks more like a texture mod of an N64 rom. And while I am sick of Lovecraft interpretations, I'm not quite burned out on roguelike-likes yet.

All things considered, sure, I'd play this game.

Yeah, I also got more of an N64 or PS1 vibe off it, the slightly warped textures seemed to be a very specific nod towards the PS1's texture glitches. I do kinda agree with Drew about the oversaturation of Lovecraft inspired stuff (especially since they all do very superficial "look at these gill men and tentacle monsters! Eldritch horrors!" stuff, rather than taking inspiration from his style of writing), kinda surprised Brad couldn't think of any games doing that.

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Posted By gbrading

Minecraft-esque but it has it's own niche. Seems appropriately creepy.

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Posted By Lungford

This was one of the most enjoyable Quick Looks I've seen in a while. Drew is really entertaining when he gets more involved on-camera. More Drew-helmed video content!!

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Posted By Scott757

am i the only one who laughed when Drew said he was "Crusin' for dudes"?

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Edited By ChernobylCow

Good vid guys. The gameplay and setting interest me but the overall aesthetic leaves a lot to be desired. I feel the blocky style clashes with the eldritch theme :/

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Posted By thomasonfa

This game made me motion sick. I feel like throwing up. It has been a long time since this has happen. Barf.

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Posted By deactivated-57d3a53d23027

I don't want to pay for a minecraft mod.

Yes you do, don't lie. We know you want to.

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Edited By mlarrabee

Something about the texture work, the maze-like level designs, and the many doors reminds me of Looking Glass' Thief.

@fusion42: You are not nonplussed.

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Edited By YummyTreeSap

The overall concept behind the game most certainly intrigues me, but what I'm not sold on is any roguelike or roguelikelike or roguelike-inspired game, or whatever you want to call it, that seems to start out as slowly as this does, something I've noticed both in this video and Patrick's. One of the huge appeals of games like Spelunky or Binding of Isaac is that there's really no down time; the game is "on" as soon as you start it. You can play it in shorter bursts, or like in the case of Spelunky, a few times a day like I do. With this game seeming fairly dull for the first ten+ minutes, I feel like I would quickly stop caring to ever play it.

But I'll probably still buy it one of these days.

Also, I'm sure as heck not sick of roguelike-inspired games and procedural generation. There are still tons of games that don't follow that pattern anyway. I love permadeath and games I can play in shorter bursts. They're also pretty good for streaming, etc., which I've been getting into lately.

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Edited By maccaibre
@levio said:

Hopefully the later levels have actual enemies and traps that don't just sit there waiting for you to be an idiot and walk on top of gigantic spikes.

The second level has tall ghost things that only stay dead for a few seconds and statues that chase you when they can see you but you can't see them (like that one episode of Dr Who). That's as far as I've gotten but I'm assuming there's more.

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Edited By noizy

It's a good thing that gamers are accepting of graphics like this. It allows small devs to explore with concepts without massive investments. Whatever concept sticks can then be further developed into more polished products. Cheaper iterations for the gaming market.

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Edited By Zainyboy

Looks a little dull.

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Edited By Melos

The Minecraft connection seems like a reach. I think the game looks more like a texture mod of an N64 rom. And while I am sick of Lovecraft interpretations, I'm not quite burned out on roguelike-likes yet.

All things considered, sure, I'd play this game.

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Posted By Korolev

Yet another example of "Terrible Trailer, Good Game". This game actually has quite a bit of atmosphere to it, despite the low-res textures. Why, then, did they have that awful trailer a few weeks ago which made it look like a routine action game with hipster-polka music?

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Posted By SilverTorch1

I want more Drew Quick Looks.

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Posted By stanleynipple

@adaptor: I was just about to post that. He's much more comfortable all around in the Tuesday podcast, livestreams and quicklooks.

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Posted By Lysergica33

This game looks awesome as hell. Cutest Shoggoth!

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Posted By ultrapeanut

Whoa, this seems way more engaging than I would have expected.

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Edited By spraynardtatum

this game looks dooooope son

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Posted By ArtisanBreads

Actually seeing Eldritch played sold me on it. Description or screenshots didn't do it.

Soooooo want to buy this. 20% off on Steam till 11/1. But I have a giant stack of games I should be playing.

Same spot. Also it'll probably be on sale a little later...

I don't want to pay for a minecraft mod.

Nailed it!

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Posted By ArtisanBreads

@49th said:

The blocky style doesn't make much sense here considering there doesn't seem to be any resource gathering.

That's a pretty weird way to think about it. It's just an artistic choice.

This game was made by two people. It's much easier to do this style but I think it works. Also, a big part of this game is that it is procedurally generated and having this blocky style makes that easier to do.

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Posted By Bunny_Fire

this is all i could think of while watching this :) Indiana jones give me the whip, Throw me the idol

Loading Video...

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Posted By SasquatchRuby
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Posted By TruckSimulator

funky stuff

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Posted By Mercury45

Drew and Brad make a great QL team. This one was a joy to watch.

Oh, and the text they skipped over since Drew was in a panic essentially says the orb contains the soul of Dagon which is starting to awaken and that if they escape with it they'll unlock the next book.

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Edited By Vuud

Games are not art.

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Posted By chrjz

@49th said:

Think this looks pretty ugly. The blocky style doesn't make much sense here considering there doesn't seem to be any resource gathering.

Is that a Minecraft joke or are you serious? Art direction shouldn't have any relevance to mechanics...

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Posted By Milkman

Drew is all about that purple drank.

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Posted By RobotSquad

@49th said:

The blocky style doesn't make much sense here considering there doesn't seem to be any resource gathering.

That's a pretty weird way to think about it. It's just an artistic choice.

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Posted By TehJedicake

Roguelikes will NEVER get old for me.

That's what I love about these games, you're just cruisin along la la la la la, game isn't too tough then OH SHIT WTF

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