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@whatisdelicious said:

Unbelievable. That dubstep activity was unbelievable.

Hopefully they'll also sell the first game's activities as DLC in case you don't have the first one and don't want two separate executables.

The activities from the first one can be played in this one if you own both, rock band style

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This is the best thing

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@George_Hukas: ur loss

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Brilliant QL - The Dubsteb was just genius.

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Oh. My. Ribs.

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Back of the box quote: "Yes, there will probably be balls".

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This is quite possibly, the greatest thing I've ever seen, well done Double Fine!

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After the last couple of weeks and now this, I can say that we have entered Vinny's Age of the Replay. There's no going back.

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This was a great quick look EX!

I got the feeling the DF guys were happy to see the results of their hard work and that it seems like GB staff and community had fun with it.

The dubstep and cloning(?) mini games definitely stand out the most to me but I got some nieces and nephews who'll love the costume party.

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Original title was Dubble Step Wubby Authentic Beat-er Rewind.

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I'm going to make so many videos of me making out with myself.

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This made my day!

Specially the ending :D

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That dubstep one may have just sold me on getting a Kinect.

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Finally the kinect has a killer app. Incredible.

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Thanks for putting this up so quick guys, that was amazing. That video loop thingy has so much potential, and the dub step part looked crazy!

Vinny nailing the ending as usual.

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Holy shit that was hilarious XD i'm definitely gonna get this whenever it comes out

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Fuuuuuck, that looks so beautifully, wonderfully dumb! Could a drop that heavy justify a Kinect purchase? Maybe... maybe.

Also, Vinny, you are such a delightful bastard for that ending. It was magical.

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The only part more hilarious than the Dubstep is their inability to select it in the menu screen.  I have that same problem with the original.

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Vinny, you are the master.

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I remember them joking about how dumb they would look without the filters during the first Happy Action Theater quicklook. Vinny/Drew were watching, waiting for the right time to show them flailing in their full splendor for that ending. Absolutely amazing.

A big Kudos to DoubleFine, for making the one and possibly only Kinect property that makes sense for the hardware. I lack a Kinect, and an XBox on top of that, but I'm still very glad that this exists.

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This was something special indeed.

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Never knew chris remo was so short.

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@NickL: Nah, I mean if you haven't bought into the first one already. Otherwise you'd have to buy the first one just to import the activities into the second one, then never use the first one again.

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I liked the dub...damn what a first for me.. the visuals really.

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DOuble Fine seems like such a cool company, with awesome employess, that it kind of makes me feel bad for never liking any of their games much. :/

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How many internal teams does Double Fine have to be producing so many games at once?

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Crank dat robocop.

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Greatest QL ever!

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Incredible! Kinda makes me want a Kinect.

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That was just brilliant.

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@whatisdelicious said:

@NickL: Nah, I mean if you haven't bought into the first one already. Otherwise you'd have to buy the first one just to import the activities into the second one, then never use the first one again.

You're implying those things are different, but they aren't.

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Poetry in it's purest form.

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This is amazing.

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This was more fun than it should be!

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This is hysterical and ridiculous, and if I gave a single shit about Kinect, I'd buy this day one.

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@xMEGADETHxSLY: I second that! :D

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1: Dubstep was INSANE.
2: Greg Rice is AMAZING.
3: This must be the god damn most fun place to work in. I mean COME ON, this is the product they worked on?!!
4: No Brad Muir is always disappointing even if he didn't work on it.

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Already looking forward to seeing this on xpantherx's Best of series.

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Anyway im all about chris remo

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That is just cold Carravella. That is just cold.

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i miss pre-downloadable games Double Fine

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I'm buying this just for the Dubstep. That will be great for partys, in the background.

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Random Remo Strikes Back

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My sides hurt from laughing so hard at this. Will keep this game on my radar for sure!

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I kind of want a Kinect just because of this game.

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Greg gettin down at the end is amazing

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GODDAMNIT! Why did you have to sell me a kinnect!???