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I love how open ended this guy is about his game. He basically counters every question Brad or Vinny asks with a philosophical statement. Awesome.

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"Kenta Cho. I don't know if you know who he is."

Why would you say that when you just explained who the guy is and what game he is known for literally 5 seconds ago? You're basically going out of your way to be condescending and imply "Yeah, you've probably never heard of him".

Also, his continued attempts to be clever and reflect any questions back with a "it's whatever you want it to be" answer made this a really uninformative Quick Look. "There's no wrong way to play"? Really? There is a correct way to play, and it's really just a matter of following the rules of the particular stage, and your reflexes and how well you can keep up with the speed of the game. It's one thing to avoid being a PR shill, but he goes above and beyond and gives intentionally useless answers.

So hey, if you want to defend the guy and say "Hey man, all of these commenters must just be too stupid to pick up on the game mechanics": OK, fine, be that way, but this guy's attitude and poorly delivered information evidently left people with a bad impression of this game, despite the game seeming pretty well made.

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Well, that clears that up.

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This guy seems cool. Not much interest in the game though.

Terra electron volts^^

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This comment thread is why I'm not renewing my membership.

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@SimonM7: Agreed, 100%. The hive mentality of this place is horrid; it's embarrassing and infuriating to watch people jump all over this guy for reasons I don't even fucking understand. Never once did the developer seem like a "dick" or "hipster". He seemed pretty cool to me. Everyone attacking him for saying he's never played Tempest is being a shit. He also said he understands the mechanics behind the game but just hasn't played it. This game doesn't seem anything much like Tempest anyway. Torus Trooper is a definite comparison. I'm also reminded somewhat of a less-shootery N2O, in terms of aesthetic at least, though I don't know how many people will remember that game (it wasn't great, also that more legitimately reminds one of Tempest).

I dunno, man. This site covers stuff pretty well, but the community is fucking terrible. I guess I should have given up on ever liking any community on a website long ago, but coming to terms with hating this one too really hurts.

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I'm not totally sure on how you play this, but I'm determined to figure it out. I also just enjoyed the dev's attitude, I have asshole programming friends that speak in the exact same way, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. I liked how easy going he was and willing to be so candid and direct about his experiences working on it. Also seeing him play it was fucking mindblowing.

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Too late for me to write: "in before obligatory, "why isn't this on XBLA or Steam?"

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This game looks to be perfect for just relaxing with and letting the instincts control it. By watching this I am somehow soothed into some weird meditative state. Weird, but fun-looking.

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@SimonM7 said:

I frequently hear how the GB community is great, but this thread of comments is like a parade of narrow minded assholes, throwing judgements and terminology around that they barely grasp the concepts of. I suppose it's refreshingly candid, then, that half of it is quite literally "waah! There's a concept here and I can't grasp it!".

Those days are long gone. The site is too big now for any  distinguishable  community feel to come through, it was inevitable really. Though there are still some cool people commenting that I  respect . 
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So.... My eyes are on FIRE. Put them out! Put them out!

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In all seriousness, I think this QL needs an epilepsy warning.

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I'm getting a David Jaffe vibe from Shawn.

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This looks insane and I donlt even know what I just watched. :O

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Yeah I cannot Imagine how that looks on a decent HDMI TV , the game looks nuts.

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It would have been nice if they actually took the time to explain the gameplay...

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Vinnie: Hey brad tell us what the fuck you're doing!

Brad: *completely different remark not answering Vinnie's question*


I seriously want to know wtf is going on. the developer is so damn vague about everything. :(

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Wait, people here thought Shawn was being an asshole? God, nerds are the worst.

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Shawn seems like a really rad dude. The game looks insane. I'm still not sure what it is exactly but I'll definitely give it a shot.

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I don't think this is my type of game. Still watched most of this quick look though.

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This game is.... fucking crazy. O.o

Dyad + Shrooms = A complete mindfuck.

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this cant be good for your eyes...

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What the hell is this? Definitely not my type of thing... can someone explain to me whats so exiting about this? It seems like something someone thew together in an afternoon.... (not to diminish what the guys did, im sure they worked really long and hard on it).... i just dont get it... plus it hurts my eyes

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no words. should... have sent... a poet.

also in Contact references, I wouldn't be surprised if this was some elaborate hoax, because I cannot figure out how this is a game... like how does it work? where am I?

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It IS a completely abstract shape. How does that statement make me pretentious? If the way I describe it irks you then "blob"! It's a blob. Specifically it's an obstacle, simple as. Calling it an "enemy" is one of many valid descriptors, and I definitely don't think pointing that fact out makes anyone a "hipster". A term, by the way, that remains utterly inapplicable in this context. But maybe that's too quasi-intellectual of me to point out.

The fact that this game plays nothing like Tempest is also a totally valid observation. If the game didn't take place in a cylindrical environment, it would never come up. People jump to the same hasty conclusion when they say Yakuza is like Shenmue because it's set in contemporary Japan. If you're concerned for a second with actual gameplay and not just the most sweeping, superficial attributes, anyone could tell you that no, Yakuza plays nothing like Shenmue, and this plays nothing like Tempest.

And yeah, the majority of comments here are either directed at the developer, saying what an obnoxious dick he is, discrediting even his factual statements - or lamenting how the game is shallow indie garbage. I'm hearing - and have no reason to doubt - that the community is great, but it certainly doesn't show in general comments on videos. But hey, at least the heat is taken off the main GB crew in this one, with specifically Brad and Patrick getting slammed regularly. Patrick usually for just showing up.

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@SimonM7: A completely abstract shape? Ugh. You're as pretentious and disingenuos as the developer. The game looks a bit like Tempest, and even shares some of it's game mechanics. Even if only one of those facts were true, the comparison would not be an incorrect one to make. And yes, a reluctance from the developer to allow a valid comparison to a well known cultural touchstone does seem to indicate some hipster-ish tendencies. If that were the only example of hipster bullshit coming from this man, such accusations would be groundless, but there are many others. I shouldn't need to elaborate further, as the most egregious examples have been well documented on our apparently savage and arrogant comment section.

I don't know what you heard about this community, but this ain't Reddit son. It may be a bunch of whiny assholes, but it's at least a bit more respectable than your quasi-intellectual and hypocritical breed.

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I loved when that one guy in the comments pondered "maybe this narrative-less, non-figurative haze of a game is more fun to play than to watch". I also really liked when a second commenter bemoaned the developer's inability to assign a completely abstract shape a concrete moniker - suggesting that the reluctance to do so rendered the man a "hipster". Then I loved how fifteen other guys proceeded to yell "yes! hipster!", as if that means anything in this context.

I frequently hear how the GB community is great, but this thread of comments is like a parade of narrow minded assholes, throwing judgements and terminology around that they barely grasp the concepts of. I suppose it's refreshingly candid, then, that half of it is quite literally "waah! There's a concept here and I can't grasp it!".

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@Levio said:

how can you people not understand what's going on.

just Lance your frenemies with benefits to boost your extend and keep your life points high enough to max your score.

OOOOOHHHHHhh that makes perfect sense now....

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I had a seizure. Multiple times. Nested seizures.

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Dyad looks insane. Hope this makes it to UK PSN soon

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Awesome. A day or 2 ago I commented that I wish you guys would do a Dyad quicklook and you did. Awesome. I just bought the game and it's installing. Cannot wait to play.

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I have no fucking idea what is going on...

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Jokes on us, they're just showing a visualizer.

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Wow, I was not expecting to like this, but this really sucked me in. I love when a developer talks so candidly about their game, and it seems really -him-. Nicely done. I hope he does release it on the Vita; I think it'd be a great fit.

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Ohhhhh.. It's one of those type of games.

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@therealminime said:

I bet you would die if you did a hit of LSD then played this.

^ Ahhhh, now this would be a beautiful death...

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I dont like the developers being there, just felt like too many people talking about too many things...Couldnt watch all of it

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I love when it is really easy to tell when some Giant Bomb people will get pissed off at a Quick Look or person.

This game looks intense. That sound/speed level and the remix stuff was mind-boggling.

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@Romination said:

This game looks UNPLAYABLE. But I want to play it!

Also I think it would be kind of cool in 3D. Anyone? 3D can be cool, right?

I hate 3D in general, but yes, I think it could be made to work with that. Dyad does have a minor issue with knowing precisely what the positioning of your squid is relative to the orbs. Sometimes it's hard to gauge if you're past an orb or not so you can safely move towards the space it was occupying. 3D to further delineate orbs that you have passed might be okay.

To those who haven't played the game and are confused, this is the gist:

Scoring criteria changes based on the level. Sometimes it means survival, sometimes it means distance traveled, sometimes it's high score by chaining together your shots, or some combination of those together. You do three things: 1. shoot pairs of same colour enemies for higher score and speed increase. 2. Fly near the enemies you have shot to gain boost meter. 3. Use boost meter to fly faster for a short period of time and plow through enemies head on instead of shooting them.

That's pretty much it. It isn't nearly as complicated as it looks and the game teaches you all of this stuff slowly piece by piece in a way that makes sense.

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This game looks UNPLAYABLE. But I want to play it!

Also I think it would be kind of cool in 3D. Anyone? 3D can be cool, right?

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watching this in low def is a terrible idea

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I don't care to watch this game being played by someone else (I'll just buy it next week when I empty my backlog a bit more), but I'll download the video and listen to this mostly as a podcast.

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I think people complaining about it being confusing are missing the point.

And I think that's exactly how they intended it.

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I bet you would die if you did a hit of LSD then played this.

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how can you people not understand what's going on.

just Lance your frenemies with benefits to boost your extend and keep your life points high enough to max your score.

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38 minutes later and I still have no idea what's going on.

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I don't get.

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This makes me wanna go on a voyage.

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rocksolidaudio is Nick Suttner (former 1UP), if other people were guessing.

This has been a great year for PSN, can't wait to pick this up, although I wish this was also on Steam. We can go more than 1080p + 60fps ;)