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I love double fine QL EXs Brad Muir is slowly becoming my favorite Brad on the site lol

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Brad Muir needs to lead the Lincoln Force game.

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God fuck dammit. But bears are awesome, though.

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Bears are made of love.

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Ughhh, please no more Iron Brigade/Trenched jokes >_<

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Double saluting is AMAZING.

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I love Brad Muir.

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So was the left handed salute the thing Ryan didn't want to bring up on the podcast?

Iron Brigade is a game about Self love with a doll.

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What was Patrick doing to that pillow?

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YAYYYYYY Giantbomb needs more Brad Muir....

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I was really excited to watch this video until I heard Patrick Klepek's voice.

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Two salutes!

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I'm a heterosexual male and I want to marry Brad Muir

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This was a good Quick Look.

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This is everything I wanted. More than 4 missions would be nice, but I need to play more.

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Iron Brigade is a game about love.

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was patrick drunk?

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Wonderful. Now when is it coming to PC? Saluting mobile trenches are PC exclusive.

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I like how Brad's vocabulary becomes more and more vulgar during the course of the quick look.

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Ugh, i don´t have consoles anymore and I really want to play this. I hope it will come out on PC/Steam soon.

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Man i want to play this game, but none of my friends are even slightly interested in this.

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I want this now.

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Game changing updates all up in here.

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Moar Brad Muir nao!

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Fantastic use of a 1984 pull there, Ryan!

Oh and Giant Bomb should find excuses to have Brad visit more often.

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Brad Muir in the house? Love that guy!

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I just wish it was on PSN.

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Uh hey folks uh this is uh iron brigade uh from the fine uh people at uh double fine.

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WTF is Iron brigade? Seems like a total Trenched ripoff.

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Oh my...those salutes are a work of art.

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Clearly still a game about love.

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This game totally needs to come to PC! I would buy a 4-Pack off Steam right this minute for me and my friends if it were out ;( Someone make it happen!

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I don't have the original it would be cool if they made some sort of double pack.

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The Double Fine guys must be so sick of all the Trenched jokes by now.

Makes it even more fun to make them

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Any excuse to have Brad Muir on GB is welcomed by me

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The best hub in video games.

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Double-saluting honestly fucking FLOORED me. Kudos, Double Fine.

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Can't wait

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This looks great, can't play it though, no Xbox. But I do own a PC. If you keep putting things out on PC, I will keep buying them.

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Edit: Here's the video in question

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Yes, "Trenched" has switched to "Iron Brigade". But the more important thing to focus on is how "Rise of the Martian Bear" was added to the title. So few game companies out there with a good sense of humor. Must buy.

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So, have they made it so I can skip the exposition before, during and after a mission? Because it makes replaying these things THE WORST. As much as I love the game.

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The rest of the world? Yay, that's where I live!

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Why is this reminding me of Gurren lagann ?

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@TurboMan: We get dual salutes thanks to you :D

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@Aviont said:

This game totally needs to come to PC! I would buy a 4-Pack off Steam right this minute for me and my friends if it were out ;( Someone make it happen!

Christ I wish. Double salutes. DOUBLE SALUUUUUUUUTES

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Yay Brad Muir is really good at QLs.