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I would buy this a 2nd time on PC.

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I want Brad Muir narrating my life. It would always make it all sound much more awesome.

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OH man, how awesome would Saints Row 3 be if it had Iron Brigade style salutes?

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@Vorbis said:

Yep, looks great and still wish this was coming to PS3 or PC.

Dungeon Defenders has proven how well this type of co-op game does on Steam, such a shame to see it limited to one platform.

Seriously! The last love we got from Double Fine on PS3 was Stacking. Hell, the last Double Fine game we got on PC was Physchonaughts!! What's up with all the 360 only games Double Fine?! You are better than this!

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@BlatantNinja23: OMG EVEN STEVENS

Also why does Mr. Muir sound like Nick Swardson? AHH.

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"Seems like I'm in always in submission working with Microsoft."


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Yep, looks great and still wish this was coming to PS3 or PC.

Dungeon Defenders has proven how well this type of co-op game does on Steam, such a shame to see it limited to one platform.

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I want Brad Muir on every quicklook. He's so funny.

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sounds like he is being chased by mad turkeys on pcp.

Edit-I want it on pc also!

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It would be SO awesome if this was released on the PC since I won't get to play it otherwise!

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Double Fine you sold me on Iron Brigade with your two-handed salutes. You're already bringing Stacking to PC: Bring this next!

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@RageKage14 said:

I was really excited to watch this video until I heard Patrick Klepek's voice.

What's wrong with Patrick?

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Release date please! :D

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@TurboMan: followed.

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This may end with me re-downloading Trenched.

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I would buy this on PC. Do it, Double Fine!

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Why is Iron Brigade not on PC yet? /grr

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I feel like my life has a meaning now.

I feel like my life has a meaning now.

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Please put this on PC brad Muir! It would be a great downloadable title for digital distribution and would probably be sucessful.

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Brad Muir is the best.

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I want this. Now.

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Man oh man I want this game for PC!!!

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I never got around to playing Trenched, let alone Iron Brigade. So when they were talking about the men's magazine's I was so confused!

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Dual salutes! Trenched Iron Brigade is a game about double the love!

/salute /salute

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@RageKage14: You probably shouldn't get so excited next time. The GB staff is small, you should be used to him being on the majority of content.

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someone needs to make an image similar to the zynga critique recently released, comparing trenched and iron brigade...

great quick look

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Soooo, PC versiooon?~

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A minute in and I can tell this shit is going to be brilliant.

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Patrick was really funny in this one.

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More Shafer :D

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TBIM. To Bad It's Monday.

So says Cathy with a C.

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Martian Bears 1956
Martian Bears 1956

The Moon is an awesome mistress. Ryan's right.

But this game is the best dance sim, I've ever seen.

The lobby would be my preferred GBchat / IM client, if it would have chat bubbles, next to break dancing moves!

[edit] ... also the 'monkey sound' sounds rather like a gobbler. Or in other words: a turkey cock!


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Free left handed salutes!? That's gotta be a charitable write off for your taxes.

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Damn I want to play this now!! Double Fine is the best

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@MrGtD said:

Loading Video...

God damn it. I tip my hat to you good sir, well played.

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@DigTheDoug said:

Amazing. If some cruel twist of fate should ever render Brad Muir no longer working at Double Fine, please make him the Gary Whitta of Giant Bomb.

do this anyway, brad muir owns

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Brad Muir is a cool dude. I'm going to pick up Iron Brigade now.

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Omg I lost my shit when they put on the spaceman suit

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@Beatus: Rise of the Martian Bear is a DLC add on, the regular game has be called Iron Brigade for a bit now and is out already.

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God i want Double Fine to make a game that will come out on PS3 as well again. Its been almost a year since Stacking! I need my fix!

(dont say get a 360, im NOT doing that!)

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Amazing. If some cruel twist of fate should ever render Brad Muir no longer working at Double Fine, please make him the Gary Whitta of Giant Bomb.