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Looks really good.
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@Ronald: Ha, yeah. Except for the fact that there were several videos before Brutal Legend ever released that talked about the RTS parts of the game. I guess there's still time for them to make videos about FPS segments in Stacking, and then for people to complain that they didn't know it was in there.
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Amazing. Really looking forward to it!

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You joke about MP5s and red dot sights, but after Brutal Legend turned into an RTS I wouldn't be surprised it Stacking turned into an FPS midway through the game.

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Goddamn I'm getting this!

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Bah... Tim Shafer is a lie -_- 
(long suffering pc gamer :'( )

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Looks like it could be a lot of fun depending on the puzzles. It looks great. I like the colors- one of the few good uses of brown heavy palette ;)

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I will save my psn credits for this. Looks awesome.

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This is what Double Fine was meant to do... this is the top of the mountain.

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LIFO for life!

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You done got stacked biatch.

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Awesome Quick Look and the game looks amazing. I'm a little sad it won't be released on PC :(

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Is Tim's nose shut or something?

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Interesting. Reminds me of LIttle Big Planet...the looks of it at least. Definitely buying this when its out

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I really like the way the game looks, but I really think I'll get sick of the silent movie cutscene style with the text taking up the whole screen.
Looks a little too slow.

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I cannot wait to play this game. I want this game almost more than a night with Christina Hendricks, at least this would last longer!

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This looks great, why not on pc? :(

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I am so glad this studio exists.

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@Phished0ne said:
" Tim Tickles my funny-bone so much, i would love if he could be on the 'cast. "
i second that
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@ryanwho said:
" How many popsicle dicks. "
Enough for everyone in this thread it appears.
Seeing how much sucking noises everyone is making.
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This looks too simplistic and boring.

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Cognitive AND visual stimulation AND silly mischievousness? It's a triple threat!

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Loving the look of this game!

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This looks fucking great. For sure a buy.

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@Jackal888 said:
" Looks like a winner. This Download focused Doublefine is a better company. "
Amen.  Tim & Co. seem to be really hitting their stride of late.
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@nemt said:
" I think Double Fine is trying to get too niche and quirky for their own good.  They're losing the charm they're known for by trying to force it ham fistedly into every game. "
When everything under the sun has already been done, it's nice to see when a game company DOES do something different. I see nothing "ham fisted" in this game. 
Companies like Double Fine and That Game Company are creating unique experiences. Telling them to be a little more average is ridiculous when there are so many doing just that.
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Sorry Costume Quest, but this looks much better.

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I think Double Fine is trying to get too niche and quirky for their own good.  They're losing the charm they're known for by trying to force it ham fistedly into every game.
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Looks great

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I wonder if they might consider getting rid of the visible film edges on the sides of the screen.  They're really distracting. 

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Looks like a winner. This Download focused Doublefine is a better company.

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Looks like I have found my next XBL purchace.
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I wanna sneak up behind you and insert myself into your body.  :)

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This game has had the exact opposite effect on me that Costume Quest had. 
With Costume Quest, the first trailer and screens of it made me think it looked amazing, and then I saw the game being played and thought it looked dull. 
With Stacking, the first trailer looked dull, but damn does this Quick Look make it look fun and charming as hell. 

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Tim if you're watching this, make a Grim Fandango 2!!! :D

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he should be on bombcast some day

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This is already an automatic buy for me.  I have to admit I'm slightly disappointed that the setting isn't just straight-up Czarist Russia, but that's just my own preconceptions.

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Tim Schaefer in the house!

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This looks fantastic. Really creative design, and I love the visual style. Looks like it has a lot of content too.

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Change the title of this game to "Popsicle Dicks" and it will sell millions.

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I am most assuredly going to purchase this digital item and then utilize it's many features to the fullest potential.
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Man, this game looks rad as fuck!

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This is the best idea for a game ever.

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@pepsimaxofborg said:
" They had me at popsicle dicks.. "
I saw the title screen said Double Fine. That is reason enough for me, but popsicle dicks definitely helps.
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can i stack paper in this game?

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They had me at popsicle dicks..

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That game looks like lots of fun. Hopefully they can keep the charm throughout the entire experience!

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This game looks awesome - great work, Double Fine

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2010's 2011 GOTY!