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I just finished Costume Quest, so I"m keen for some more downloadable Double Fine goodness.

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@FritzDude said:
" What's up with all the quick looks a day before christmas? Me like! "
Christmas is on the 25th dude.
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popsicle dicks

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Looks like the guys had a great time.   with each other. 
I dunno if they were having a blast with the game itself

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How many popsicle dicks.

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popsicle dick

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Awesome!  Tim Schafer and Ryan Davis together! =D

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Looks awesome! I don't know if he needed to explain everything in SO MUCH detail, but I appreciated the enthusiasm haha.
Beautiful art direction as well! When I'm not broke I'm totally getting this.

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@Desmora said:
" Stack that shit. "
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City of lost matryoshka dolls.

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Whereas this is a QL EX, unlike the one for Back to the Future, and I tend to not like QL EX's, even if Tim Schafer is there. I like the freedom of expression by the GB staff instead. But you know what, this game looks..wow!  And the concepts working here...wow! I hope the gameplay holds up, because I am sold.   I Definetly will watch this again. 

And I wish for the best Tim Schafer and DoubleFine. You try to do quality products and take pride. And that with a sense of humor. Despite the fact I was predjudiced going in, I'm rooting for this game. 
This game looks great! 
One criticism, this game should be on Pc also. Give those graphics cards something to enjoy.
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This game looks so awesome. And I have no idea why.

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Damn, I've lusted after more Double Fine games coming to the PC for ages now but after seeing Stacking in action I think I'm finally going to have to bite the bullet and get a 360. Maybe a bit extreme given it's only a Live Arcade game but I really want to play it.

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I can't wait for this game. It looks amazing.

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Before seeing this was somewhat indifferent yet possibly excited, after seeing this, OMG day one buy unless I can get a job quick at Double Fine to play it before the public gets it.  
One of the bigger fans of using nutmeg year round so that's an extra plus to see it in here.

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This looks awesome. I am a total sucker for games that use an old timey style. Also, Tim Schafer should totally come on these more often. He's always great to listen to.

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Awesome. Can't wait to buy it. I don't want to be one of those guys but I wish it was coming out for the pc. I'm so done with this generation of consoles.

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looks really good, definitely a buy for me.

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ok this is badass

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You had me at the preview picture, Stacking.

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Looks amazing.
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This looks absolutely wonderful.  Please, please, please come to PC.

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This looks amazing.

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Goddamn, this game looks amazing. Must play now!

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This looks way deeper than I though, interested I am. 

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This game made me find my own Stacking Dolls. Will buy.

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Tim Schafer ! *squeal*

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Tim! Also I want this game!

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This has just become my most anticipate game of 2011. Seriously.

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This looks like a pretty interesting and neat idea for game... bizarre, but that's what I would expect from a Double Fine game.

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So Popsicle dicks.

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As much as I like Tim Schafer's stuff, I can't seem to be really interested in russian dolls.

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Copyrighted in the future.

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@BionicMonster said:
" @FritzDude said:
" What's up with all the quick looks a day before christmas? Me like! "
Christmas is on the 25th dude. "
Christmas Day, sure but Christmas Eve is the one that matters.
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My interest in this game just skyrocketed. Will definitely be purchasing.

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Really upset this isn't speed stacking.

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I'm loving the style of this game, probably going to be buying this.

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@Mr_Skeleton said:
" Tim Schafer ! *squeal* "
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They forgot to mention about one level later the game turns into a watered-down RTS. 
I'm joking.  I think this looks pretty interesting.  If it is a great as it looks I'll probably be downloading it asap.
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I really like the original style in this game - looks really, really cool and best of all, fun. Can't wait to play it. Keep up the good work Double Fine

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Pleasantly surprised. Looks really cool.  

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Game looks awesome. Vaguely simaler to a non action version of space station silicon valley. (not really, but it still makes me want to play that game again)

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Wow. So Double Fine took a lot of the "dicking around" concepts from Fable (hijinks in Stacking) and actually made a good game around them? Color me excited, Batman!

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Why is everyone surprised Tim and Ryan are together in the same room? I think Tim can handle a negative review. 

And this game looks fantastic. I will buy it, for sure.

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this looks amazing, cant wait 4 its release

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Wow, this game has an amazing art style!