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This game looks awesome. Day-one purchase for me. 

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Tim Schafer and Ryan Davis in the same room? It must have been impossible to tell them apart. Love it.
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YEAH TIM SCHAFER! Now this is a Christmas Present!

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Posted By John-Luke

The very best Quick Look EX I've ever had the fortune to watch. Stacking must be what it's like to be spectral.

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@Raymayne said:
"Game looks like ass "

Is this guy ever positive about anything?
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It's so awesome you guys have Tim Schafer on this quick look!

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I had no idea what to expect from Stacking, and I am incredibly pumped after this QL. Instant purchase for sure.

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@Raymayne said:

"Game looks like ass "

So is your ill-substantiated comment.
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must calm down...

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Looks awesome!  Seems to have a surprising amount of depth to it!

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The Canadian Connection 
Metaphorical Mustard 
Lot of great band names from Ryan this QL.

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I'mma be stacking like a motherfucker biatch!

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Looks great.

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Posted By MacGeorge

Holy crap this game is great!

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Posted By RobotHamster
@TheDeadComedian said:
" @Mr_Skeleton said:
" Tim Schafer ! *squeal* "
This "
This double...
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Woah, everything about this looks incredible!

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Posted By Faramir82

This game looks amazing, can't wait to get my hands on it.

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I love Double Fine, and Will.

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Looks amazing. Will buy.

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Posted By Christoffer

Loved Costume Quest (+expansion) and will definitely get this. 
For the record, downloadable games have become my primary games now. Best format ever (for me)!!
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At first I wasn't totally sold on the game. 
But then I was totally sold on the game.

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What a great idea.  The way they pulled it off is amazing, too. 

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This game looks like something like that I would really like to play... yes. 

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I know that 'Nesting' would have been a much poorer name for this game, but everyone needs to stop calling them 'stacking dolls'.
On a related note, I want to buy this game.

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Tim brought this quick look to a whole....notha....level.... =D

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crappy game!

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OOH! A Double Fine QLEX! I hope Tim's present!
--downloads now

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Posted By Deathpooky

Looks awesome.  Bought.

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Holy hell, the Schafe was present in the Whiskey offices?  Please tell me he had a drink at the bar.
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Posted By Hichael

A stealth Katamari game?

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This is totally 'my cup of tea.'  I am so ridiculously excited for this game now.

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Popsicle Dicks!

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Suddenly, Tim Schafer!

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@xXHesekielXx: What, not enough guns in it for you?
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Want this!

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Oh Jesus, the ship is named Commodore Perry. The black lung cough ability already sold me on this game, but that might have (somehow) sold me even more. Good writing is good!

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Posted By BillWhiskey601

I'm excited about this one. It looks awesome.

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I do need to pick up Costume Quest but this game does not make me excited to play it.  The concept doesn't really grab me and the game seems pretty bland in terms of actual gameplay.  I will see if it grabs a hold of me closer to release but for now I don't think it will.

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Posted By Tordah

This quick look totally sold me on this game. Awesome stuff.

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Dude whaaaaat?

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So I saw Stacking and squealed. Then I saw EX and squealed hoping it was Tim Schafer. I then squealed at hearing it was Tim Schafer. I need a change of pants.

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Posted By KimParnage

This game looks surprisingly good..! But am i the only one who noticed that it's not about stealth at all..? at least the part they showed anyways..

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Damn, the philosophical implications! Must buy!

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This looks really cool.

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Amazing, really digging the art style.

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damn how is this a downloada

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Posted By JoelTGM

that game looks awesome!  who comes up with this stuff!  very interesting and funny puzzle solving.

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@Jimbo said:
" This looks wonderful.  It boggles my mind that they don't put these games out on Steam. "
I know I would buy all of them.