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@Jackal888 said:
" Looks like a winner. This Download focused Doublefine is a better company. "
Amen.  Tim & Co. seem to be really hitting their stride of late.
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This looks fucking great. For sure a buy.

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Loving the look of this game!

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Cognitive AND visual stimulation AND silly mischievousness? It's a triple threat!

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This looks too simplistic and boring.

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@ryanwho said:
" How many popsicle dicks. "
Enough for everyone in this thread it appears.
Seeing how much sucking noises everyone is making.
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@Phished0ne said:
" Tim Tickles my funny-bone so much, i would love if he could be on the 'cast. "
i second that
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I am so glad this studio exists.

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This looks great, why not on pc? :(

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I cannot wait to play this game. I want this game almost more than a night with Christina Hendricks, at least this would last longer!

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I really like the way the game looks, but I really think I'll get sick of the silent movie cutscene style with the text taking up the whole screen.
Looks a little too slow.

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Interesting. Reminds me of LIttle Big Planet...the looks of it at least. Definitely buying this when its out

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Is Tim's nose shut or something?

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Awesome Quick Look and the game looks amazing. I'm a little sad it won't be released on PC :(

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You done got stacked biatch.

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LIFO for life!

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This is what Double Fine was meant to do... this is the top of the mountain.

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I will save my psn credits for this. Looks awesome.

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Looks like it could be a lot of fun depending on the puzzles. It looks great. I like the colors- one of the few good uses of brown heavy palette ;)

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Bah... Tim Shafer is a lie -_- 
(long suffering pc gamer :'( )

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Goddamn I'm getting this!

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You joke about MP5s and red dot sights, but after Brutal Legend turned into an RTS I wouldn't be surprised it Stacking turned into an FPS midway through the game.

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Amazing. Really looking forward to it!

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@Ronald: Ha, yeah. Except for the fact that there were several videos before Brutal Legend ever released that talked about the RTS parts of the game. I guess there's still time for them to make videos about FPS segments in Stacking, and then for people to complain that they didn't know it was in there.
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Looks really good.
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Anyone remember Geist on the Gamecube? I feel like this is what that should have been.

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Tim Schafer is not a lie.  Tim Schafer invented Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and happiness.  You fops who are compelled to hate on someone as funny, important, and well-meaning as Tim Schafer are missing the point of Tim Schafer, and the point of video games, and the point of your existence.  Repent.

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Edited By JohnnyMaverik
Tim Shafer doesn't put his games on the pc any more, stays silent over the issue for about 2 years despite constant requests for info as to whether any of the post Psychonaughts games would eventually find their way onto the pc, and if not why, then gives a hasty explanation where he tried to blame the publisher, which for costume quest and this were THQ, by far the most pc friendly big publisher, and told us to all stop whining... we call BS on his excuse and Tim Shafer a lie. 
Oh and before somebody brings up piracy, look at Psychoaughts, look at how big of a commercial flop it was on release, reflect on the fact that it has now made a profit thanks to sales on the PC, then stfu.
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@Romination said:
" Anyone remember Geist on the Gamecube? I feel like this is what that should have been. "
I actually did think of Geist while watching this Quick Look!
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This looks amazing. I wish I could play it right now. 

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Y\es, this looks to be a really good adventure puzzle game. Nice work. Cannot Wait!
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What a refreshing concept! I'm really looking forward to this game. Downloadable titles seem to be a perfect fit for Double Fine.

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This is ridiculous

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The name is "Lyudmila Allendorf" :P

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@TheH1ppo said:
" @Ronald: Ha, yeah. Except for the fact that there were several videos before Brutal Legend ever released that talked about the RTS parts of the game. I guess there's still time for them to make videos about FPS segments in Stacking, and then for people to complain that they didn't know it was in there. "
Still, it's pretty obvious the marketing "forgot" about the RTS bits. Seriously, releasing an MP demo instead of a single player one could really make this game sell.
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Wow This game looks exceedingly left wing. Fantastic! 

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@Emperor_Jimmu said:
" Wow This game looks exceedingly left wing. Fantastic!  "
I'm sure someone will release a pro-child labour game, don't worry.
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I wasn't too hot on this game at first. But the art style is INCREDIBLE and I love all the crazy character abilities.  This game is going to RAWK!

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Didn't quite know what to think when I first saw the game but now I realise that I must play it.

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There is nothing more satisfying than farting to Chopin. 
Lost it at this, hilarious QL.

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Nothing about this game is not awesome. 
There are still two more of these aren't there?

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Amazing Quick Look:) Schafer is so much more entertaining when he's not on-camera (when he went on Jimmy Fallon to promote Brutal Legend, it was PAINFUL. Unfortunately). 
Stacking looks interesting as hell, despite it not being the first game like this that I've played. I mean, I finished both Space Station Silicon Valley and Geist, and after watching this, I went and purchased Messiah from GOG.com just to see how that weird-ass game handles this mechanic. But man, Double Fine is firing on all cylinders with this one, visually. It's stunning. 
Costume Quest was amazing, adorable, and super funny. I'm officially onboard anything Double Fine will bring to the PSN/XBLA now. I can't wait to try Stacking for myself:) 
Great QL, Giant Bomb crew.

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Wow this game looks very good.  
Also bought brutal legends brand new today for $9.00
Cant wait to play both

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This looks completely amazing! I'm super excited now!!

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i'll buy this game

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Brad was right, great QL!

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This game looks brilliant. Leave it to Tim Schafer to keep making us think about the boundaries of gameplay, setting and story conventions in the medium!

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This looks so good can't wait to play it

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Wow. I want this so now!!