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Looks like making smaller downloadable titles is working out pretty well for Double Fine. Costume Quest and Stacking both have really neat ideas that deserve to get published, but the concepts probably wouldn't work for the length of a full-price game.

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where's the guns?

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I don't have an 360 or PS3 but I'd love to play this. Why can't these come out on Steam or some such, darn it?!

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The art style is gorgeous.  
Oh, and tim schafer LOVES GiantBomb.

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If Tim Schafer isn't the world's #1 boss, he's got to be somewhere in the Top 10.
'Stacking' looks phenomenal.

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Wow, that game looks so great, it somewhat reminds me of older schafer games like the secret of monkey island or grim fandango, i'll definitely buy this
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I had no interest in this game until this QL.

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Am I the only one who is majorly creeped out by this?

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Best QLEX ever.

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Excellent :) I wannit.
I like that the bear can't see color :)

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Loving it
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This game looks horrible.

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game looks awesome

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The film strip effect on the sides of cutscenes is really annoying. 

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This game looks really cool.

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Mmmm.... popsicle dicks...

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Wow, this game looks incredibly chaming
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@drag: Agreed, I like that they are stepping back from making big releases to make some very interesting and fun looking DLC.  It will bring more attention to their company and make up for loses made with Brutal Legend.  That game just did not sell well at all.  I am still holding out hope for a Psychonauts 2 though...
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Looks fantastic, can't wait to play myself. 

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Too bad it turns into a bad turn-based-strategy game like 5 minutes later.

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This QL makes me wish 2 things. 
1: It comes out for PC 
2: My Xbox worked

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That was cool Tim seems like an awesome guy.

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This game looks fantastic. I can't wait to play it.

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This looks really really boring =)

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I have no idea what is happening but this game looks amazing.