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This is the worlds best EX Quick Look. 

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@lwppopz:  http://www.giantbomb.com/tron-evolution/61-29284/
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Hope they do a   Tron: Evolution quick look without the makers. I want giant bomb's real opinion on this game.

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@Rodigee: Oh. My. God. Thats enough to put a man off his breakfast. 
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@Rodigee:  Wow, there are somethings you just cannot unsee...
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Its amazing how much fluff a PR manager has to come up with in describing a game, such as, how you have these choices which affect the degree of your freedom within a game or how the online integration is very unique, and at times you might even get a little jazzed about it, but when it all boils down to you, the controller and the game you just say to yourself "what did I find so exciting about this when I was watching that guy play this?".

@NTM:  Dude you're dead on that with the Syphon Filter animation comparison!

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It's a fun QL to watch but damn, I have to say, the game isn't anything I'd put $60 down. Design and gameplay look very, very generic. Sorry JV, even though the game is based on a pretty sweet license (and will therefore probably sell alright) I wouldn't want to be the PR guy trying to sell this thing. Hm, maybe if all you show is the lightcycle part. That stuff looks great!




" @Darksnughero said:

" Had to take a break 3 seconds in, after Ryan was finished yelling.  Then watched a scripted QL of a boring as hell game.     About what I expect from anything Disney or tron.      JV pic is really creepy.  That baby face... Looks like a pedo who likes going to the beach.  "

You sound like a fun fella. "
LOL! Yeah, he sure does.
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looks decent. 
also, what are you saying about justice, jeff?  (i think they're better than daft punk honestly)

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Johnny V Quick Look? Yes, please!

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It would suck to have one of the people that work on a game in the room with you when doing a quicklook. Then you can't say what's really on your mind unless things really get out of wack. His running animation looks like a mix between the awkward movement of the characters in the original Syphon Filter games and of how midgets run. It just looks like some type of spider man game.
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There's something vacant about it all. Maybe it was because the sound effects were covered by the vocal track, but something about the whole game seemed antiseptic, like a lot of "just okay" games. 

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This was a fun quick look.

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I love the graphics. Looks neat!

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This game kinda looks like crap. I think it's cause the cammera is pulled so far back it makes the guy look tiny.
I doubt it will get more than 3 stars.

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Hmmm why you guys running player1 profile and running the old NXE?

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Yesssssssss. Quick Lookin with Johnny V!

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I really like the animations here.

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Very nice!

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The game looks solid.

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johnny v is always involved with some pretty trashy games

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A quick look with the makers of the game?.. honest opinions and views will definitely be expressed.

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All I have to say is I wanna race light cycles!  Everything else I'm meh about. :)  
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I like the looks of it, I hope that it's good.

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The shouldn't play it on casual with a levelled up character - makes it look way too easy

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I dunno guys. It looks like Prince of Persia. Visually it looks nice, but it looks brain dead easy, despite this being on casual.

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is that Michael Caine?

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Nolan North? CONFIRMED

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@Fuga: please no i cry
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I was not interested in this at all before this quick look but this actually looks really cool O.o

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Phew.. it looks like what I expected it to be and that's not a good thing. Oh boy, I really had a hard time watching this..

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Looks like this will be a fun game for Tron fans.  Deffinatly a strong contender for the 2010 Northie Award
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@ajamafalous said:
""Our framerate is a solid 30 frames per second."   I lol'd. "
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Johnny V sucks at games.

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More Quick Looks could use some Johnny V.

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Didn't care for it before, but now I'm kinda excited! TRON all the way!

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@MPerlo9 said:
" First 5 minutes of this video I was thinking "oh no..." but the more I watched the better the game looked to me.  By the end I was thinking to myself "yeah, I'm gonna check this out".  Here's hoping that it doesn't suck!  EDIT:  Does anyone else find devs talking about their games to be extremely awkward? "
Can't be helped. They have to say certain things and can't say others. Plus at this point he's probbably said it so many times it gets worse with each rehearsal.
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definitely not going to buy this one...

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First 5 minutes of this video I was thinking "oh no..." but the more I watched the better the game looked to me.  By the end I was thinking to myself "yeah, I'm gonna check this out".  Here's hoping that it doesn't suck! 
EDIT:  Does anyone else find devs talking about their games to be extremely awkward?

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Vehicle stuff looks great. Jumpy-smacky stuff still looks rough.

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There was only three people attacking at most during this demo, this game looks boring as dicks
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I want to like this game but something about it kind of turned me off.  The animations just looked a bit weird.  The light cycle part looked really good, however.  I just don't know.  This look, funny banter aside, made me lose a lot of my excitement.  Still, I like Tron well enough (really liked Tron 2.0) and Bruce is there and I love me some Boxleitner.  I'll probably give it a chance as a rental at least.

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Great gents from Disney alright - but this game is not looking fun, even the graphics don't look very sharp given they are trying to play to  a minimal amount of colors...

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Looks like it plays almost EXACTLY like the Prince of Persia game from 2007? 2008?

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I want to like this game. Hell, I bought Tron Solar Sailor when it was NEWS. I'm just not getting a warm fuzzy from this game..
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"Our framerate is a solid 30 frames per second."
I lol'd.

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Looks awesome, can't wait. Plus any video with Johnny V in it is an instant classic!

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looks like something I want to play.  Also, THAT IS A GOOD LOOKING TANK.

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Dayummm lookin sick!

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This looks pretty bad. Except for the light cycle part, that looked awesome, it was just way too easy.