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This is probably the best movie game of the year, if nothing else.  I realize that's not saying much, but at least it's something.

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It's great acting as if this is some kind of bridge between the films but it is just a Prince of Persia game. It's a shame they didn't do anything particularly interesting with it.

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All quick look EXs need JV, I don't care what game it is

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@Henrikhoe said:
" Looks terrible.  No good ambient music or sounds, and looks hell of boring. "  
They said in the video that they hadn't announced music yet, so maybe it was intentionally left out of the demo?
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launching the same day as Cataclysm.   Wonder which title will get the most attention...

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Old NXE? Wut? With Johnny V here, this may very well be the only awesome QLEX. 
EDIT: You play as Anon? So this is 4chan: Evolution: The Video Game?

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It sucks there Pirates game got canned.

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Game looks decent... Literally.
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I think they should of focused on the graphics and animation more. Because this really should look a lot cooler than it does.

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Looks pretty lackluster. I hate QLEX's, cause the GB crew can't be honest and say that "hey, this game's pretty bad."

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@CornBREDX said:
 "Feels to much like a PoP rip off. Other then that the game looks interesting..."
I agree with that statement. And unfortunately I am not a Prince fan.. But the light cycles looked cool. I wanna like it, but I dunno.
On the other hand I guess I am 100% buying a PS3 Move now hearing that the best looking part of the game has support for it; i already have the PS3Eye, so all i need is the controller or two anyway. Just saw 'Da Blob' QL and they support Move as well - seems like a ton of other "non-Move" games will too; like Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, Killzone, Dead Space (with an entire extra game), etc... I hope that will be a pattern we will see that even third party games will support the Move in some way, i think they will since they can easily match it up to regular controller set-ups and make at least  a little mini game or something. The ease of matching regular controls to the Move might be a nice advantage that Kinect just can't do as easy without buttons? Although with how much money Microsoft throws at Activision, Im sure the next Call of Duty will do something with Kinect.
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I like it more now than the trailer I saw many moons ago. The leveling seems interesting. I also liked seeing points flow up while fighting, that was cool. Other than that, I'll pass.

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Looks pretty slick, the platforming/combat stuff seems like it could get old though. Lightcycles looks sick though.

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@RavenX302 said:
" Holy fuck that is one dull ass looking game. "
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8 hour single play? Color me ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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Please add to the quotes on Jeff's page: "You're gonna have to be really good at Rad Racer after this."
Also I am disappointed that the population of a digital city is not a power of 2. If a number ends in 5, you're doing it wrong. :)

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Actually looks pretty good! Definitely put this game on my radar. 

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My idea for a Tron game: 
1) Make a Kinect/Move/Wii mini-game collection. 
2) Slap Tron shit everywhere. 
3) Daft Punk soundtrack. 
[edit] the ending of this game just makes me want Uncharted 3.

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I would be all over this if they make you unlock Guy-Manuel from Daft Punk for multiplayer when you hit level 50. 

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Never seen the first Tron movie even. Still, this game looks alright, maybe a bargain bin purchase one day

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@Brackynews:  Odd numbers still exist in binary, you know.
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...I think it looks pretty cool, personally.

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I really don't like the implications of the beginning where they're so busy with the usual PR/BS speech about working with the designers and telling a separate story that they don't explain what the hell's going on for several minutes.

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No interest in the film, but this doesn't look half bad as a game.

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The combat looks a bit boring and repetitive, but game looks decent enough.
Just one thing though... I can understand why it's called Evolution, but I still think that a game whose narrative goes from an utopian society to a dystopian one should NOT be called Evolution....

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Usually don't really like ex versions of quicklooks...but JOHNNY MOTHERFUCKING V

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Fanservice, eh? Well if you don't acknowledge Tron 2.0 in any way, you can piss off with your fake-ass sequel.

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@Brackynews said:

"Please add to the quotes on Jeff's page: "You're gonna have to be really good at Rad Racer after this."
Also I am disappointed that the population of a digital city is not a power of 2. If a number ends in 5, you're doing it wrong. :) "

Learn to math. 

2^0 is one. To make 5(decimal) into binary it would be 101 the first one or the MSB is 2^2 (4) and the last one or LSB is 2^0 (1). 
Any number can be represented in binary, it's just another number system.
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This game...Yeah. It's a movie game. I'm already 6 mins in and I cannot stand the camera jerking around the environment. The game director just said a few seconds ago (from when I just stopped) that they did a lot of play testing....It doesn't look like it. The game looks really boring and from what I could tell there is absolutely no awesome music in the background. 
As much as I might like Johnny V, Tron Evolution looks like another movie game that is going to be panned universally by critics and gamers, which is just the way of things it seems like.
edit: The lightcycle part looked okay, and then it went back to the boring combat... The camera is still really disorientating.

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This game is looking much better than I would have expected, the gameplay still looks kinda repetitive, & the vehicle control looks a little janky, but the visual style of the game & some of the scripted events intrigue me.

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Wow, the British guy has a Phd in marketingspeak. 
EDIT: This game looks great!  Digiboxleitner!

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Half a Jeff Bridges (likeness) confirmed! And nice that Olivia Wilde is in the game to help tie into the movie With the way her career has been taking off they probably got this in just in time. As for Boxleitner, well, I figured he would do it as long as the wanted him.

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looks like fun to me

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All that jumping around ... Ugh..

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You can jump up and hit the switch you need to continue, or you can jump down and hit the switch you need to continue.

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OK....I'll say it
This looks like garbage.
MAYBE it will get a pity 3 stars, if it is review at all.

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So is this Tron : Evolution : The Video Game or is it Tron : Evolution : The Video Game : The Movie?

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Now I want Tron: Evolution... The Cereal.

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I'm sorry, but that dude promoting the game was pretty damn annoying. He just seemed like everytime he was saying something, he was reading off a list of things he was supposed to say about the game.
"We don't want you going to look for a health pack or anything like that."
Oh how innovative and awesome. I haven't looked for a health pack in about 3 years. Although I do think the idea from healing by wall running is pretty cool.
Anyone, game looks neat, but not 60 dollars neat.

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Ithis looks like an XBLA title, is it?

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Looks to be a rare action game where the vehicle section is actually the best part.  Not sure that's really saying much based on the generic looking gameplay though...

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sorry johnny v, but i would much rather have that pirates game than this tron one.

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Can't wait to get me some Bruce  Boxleitner!

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The graphics and art style look good but next to the thrilling, movie-like campaigns of Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redemption, Black Ops and others, this game looks antiquated (except for the light cycle part).
EDIT: I mean the gameplay, mostly.

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Looks neat, and the guys were awesome, especially Johnny.

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This looks pretty bad. Except for the light cycle part, that looked awesome, it was just way too easy.