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Posted By retwakm

i love the quick looks keep em comin

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Posted By Fire_Marshall_Bill

"yeah this seems to be more combat focused"

yep that's failout 3

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Posted By fallout3guy

i wish it was on ps3 x box and pc gets evreything

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Posted By Jedted

That doctor must be a double agent and your the only one who knows it. :) 
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Posted By sandwich_adjustment

stupid game with stupid animation and gimmicks

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Posted By 234r2we232
@sandwich_adjustment said:
" stupid game with stupid animation and gimmicks "
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Posted By Renachan

Lol, just finishing with the mission in my first playthrough, I'll have to try the doc thing sometime :)

Liking it so far, but this is the first mission I'm doing so training wheels are appreciated

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Posted By Agent47
@sandwich_adjustment: Feel better now?
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Posted By ZeekDaGeek

I don't see how you can complain something is combat focused in Fallout 3, get your int to 10 first and you have enough points to max speech, small guns and everything else. Level 22 and I have more skill points then I know what to do with.

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punched the shit out of that doctor

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Good old Fallout 3!

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These old quick looks are much more straight to the point

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Posted By PassiveSpiral

Oh Fallout jank, I can't stay mad at you.