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We still miss you, Ryan. Thank you for everything.

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I watch this about once a year. Sometimes I even just go to the early quick looks because they have Ryan in them. Not the same without you man.

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Still thinking about you Ryan. Miss you man

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This was a great quick look. I've watched it several times the last few years.

Miss Ryan so much, though.

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Bye Ryan

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Man, I miss Ryan.

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wow i just realized vinesauce was one of the miiverse people

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Still having a laugh at the sketches at the end of this!

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I just wanted to see what the last video Ryan did for GB was and I ended up seing the whole thing again. I feel weird writing this, because I never actually met Ryan in person, but I miss you Ryan. You were and still is a big part of my life and you've helped me through a lot of tough times so thank you.

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See ya, Ryan

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I hope you made it to hot dog heaven Ryan :'(

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Good one to go out on, buddy.

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Bye Ryan, God this is not going to get any easier is it?

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@malice16 said:

@jaydubya said:

"See you, guys". :(

Enjoy hot dog heaven, Ryan. Thanks for everything.



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Miss ya, Ryan.

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The music really added to my sadness.

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This was a great one for him to go out on... RIP buddy

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...See you, Ryan.

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Last Quick Look.... Man this is just gonna hit me harder and harder, Imagine TNT without Ryan in that chair anymore....

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@jaydubya said:

"See you, guys". :(

Enjoy hot dog heaven, Ryan. Thanks for everything.


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I wouldn't end it any other way. Thank you Ryan!

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"See you, guys". :(

Enjoy hot dog heaven, Ryan. Thanks for everything.

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@owack6 said:

Ryan's last quick look, and i can't believe this sentence is even possible...

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Ryan's last quick look, and i can't believe this sentence is even possible...

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Posted By DASH

That Miiverse sketch thing should be free on the Wii U, too much of a simple and awesome idea not to make it an extra perk for turning on your Wii U

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this game is amazing. i played a bunch of it over the weekend. it's really good.

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Warning: Hot Dog Planet may or may not be NSFW

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Those drawings were great.

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this game almost makes me want to buy a wii......if it was 150-200 bucks

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Ugh the audio clipping is LAME!

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That Taxi Toy is probably the closest thing to a Toy Commander sequel I will ever see so I kind of want this game.

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Gamer was funny as hell, especially the Ringu deal with the TV.

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The first half of the QL with the actual game looks meh, but the second half was a dozy of a QL. Hilarious

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Mother coming out of the TV is pretty scary... ^^

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Two back-to-back drawings of Tom Nook as Hitler. That is incredible.

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I could listen to Jeff and Ryan screaming about Tom Nook for the rest of my life

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I want to see more commentary by Ryan and Jeff on shitty art gallery submissions.

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Is it me or does Ryan seem a little buzzed? Probably the best way to play it.

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It's fascinating that every hot dog planet had rings. I'm sure that means something, but I don't know what...

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lol, oh man... I really want a few hours of their XBOX ONE FAIL coverage at the end. Just laughing the whole damn time.

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Was that a little cut of slate at the beginning?

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planning to stop after tom nook pictures, moves to next tab and sees XBOX ONE FAIL

Jeff: "..."

Ryan: "..."

Jeff: "Well, okay"