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I love spending my afternoon catching up on quick-looks!

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Highlight of my week.

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Ryan giving middle fingers lol. 

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omfg i've been trying to get that quest of ages and I got it on a game room video :D

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woohoo, I love the hate they have for game room

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I just enjoy these because of all the suffering Jeff goes through. I don't even care about the games.

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Favorite video feature.

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HAW! I was actually going to comment "Did Ryan just flip you the bird when you asked him?" But...my question was answered within the first seconds. 
I love this feature. Jeff, you continue to suffer and pay (literally) for our amusement. We are grateful. 
Edit: Besides the complete lack of support, I think a big thing that killed Game Room was that everything costs the same. You pay $3 for that kinda-awesome Robot-Shooting-Tits game as you do for that "racing" game. If the price points were $1-3, or even $1-5 and that allowed them to practically give away these garbage 2600 games, I think people would be way more willing to check them out.

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Jeff, the only way to stop the madness is a bullet to the head. 

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Twenty one people bought Radar Lock. With that money, Microsoft can buy a new full price retail game. What a moneymaker.

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I'd like to hear Jeffs full rendition of "Radar Lock".

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Game room quick looks are the best quick looks.

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Whenever I see a new Game Room Quick Look on the front page I smile and all my problems just magically goes away.

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i don't know. maybe I'm starting to get sick of gameroom quicklooks.

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Actually, there is more of a difference between the Paddle and Driving controllers.  The Paddle controllers have stops in them, while the Driving controllers you could spin in one direction forever.  Still weirdly arbitrary though.

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I have been waiting all day for the Game Room quick look.

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All 7000 people on the jungler leaderboard bought it because of this site

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I like how even though there was no player controlling it, the other player was actually keeping up with Jeff's score in Street Racer.

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I wish they would of put "Radar Lock" in RB3 instead of "Radar Love"

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Jeff, you have the power to stop this.
You can make it stop.
Just uninstall Game Room.

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A quick glance at Wikip- er, uh, Giant Bomb, reveals that After Burner did indeed come out on the Master System.

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Radar Lock was pretty sweet back then, rocking two sticks was a very cool idea to get around the limitations of the controls.  And yes, by 1989 there was After Burner for the NES via that whole Tengen thing.  After Burner II was on the Mega Drive by 1990.
Street Racer was cool too, and the great artwork on the box helped to spark imagination to fill in the gaps of the weak graphics.  It was pretty crazy though that a game called Street Racer had modes that had neither streets or racing in them.
Sub Commander was a fun diversion from Air Sea Battle, and it was the closest thing to Sea Wolf on home consoles at the time. 
1983 was the year of "The Crash", right when E.T. and Pac Man shit all over the 2600.  But the fact that there were literally millions of consoles in homes made developers decide to keep on making games, since it was foolish to walk away from sales where games cost $10,000 or so to make and even if 1% of the people who had a console bought their game they would make 10-20 times that back, eve nat the reduced price that games were then selling for.
Even when the Nintendo and Master System showed up, people weren't ready to jump back in to the video game craze and drop $200 on another game machine that might be just as bad.  But they still had that old console and games like Double Dragon, Rampage, and these late model games were on the old systems too.  It wasn't until Nintendo went all Michael Jackson and aimed their wares at children that got video games back into homes and rebooted the video game industry - at the same time dooming it to forever be regarded as a child's toy, something that even today makes things like this Leland Yee bullshit a reality.

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I gotta thing, its called RADAR LOCK!!!

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The crash was in 83

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There actually was an Afterburner for Sega Master System... fond memories.

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Jeff, the Atari 2600 WAS up to the task; Ms. Pac Man ruled, and you know it. It's just that the guys who made it were shit at their job.

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Any game with the word GUNS on the screen in three separate places has gotta be Jeff's kind of game.

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I am starting to love the weekly gameroom.

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Brad doesn't know shit.

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I love how we can see Game Room slowly dying and releasing less and less games per week

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I'm actually surprised the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man, and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial aren't actually out on Game Room. Surely they are definitely bad enough to be included? Considering they caused the Crash of '83.
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Game Room Quick Looks are awesomely entertaining. However, I always feel like a terrible person for enjoying Jeff's suffering. What terrible dissapointment can we expect next week? Ryan? Double middle fingers.

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It's great that Jeff was 11th on the Submarine Commander leaderboards with 0 points.

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1989, another numba, sound of the funky drumma!

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Game Room failed just like Games for Windows Live...

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I saw Boxing there at the end; my grandparents had that game at their house, and if it was $1, I might get it.  

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radar lock, the first dual joystick shooter

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@gbrading said:
" I'm actually surprised the Atari 2600 version of Pac-Man, and E.T. The Extra Terrestrial aren't actually out on Game Room. Surely they are definitely bad enough to be included? Considering they caused the Crash of '83. "
Namco's not one of Game Room's "partners" and E.T. is a licensed game so that's a nightmare
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@DrX25 said:
" I wish they would of put "Radar Lock" in RB3 instead of "Radar Love" "
As soon as they mentioned Radar Lock in the Bombcast, I thought of comfort coming in from above.  Or abock in this case.
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"Jeff and Brad couldn't be more excited"
Love the bitterness of old grumpy men. It's all I have left personally.

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An MECC Quick Look would be GREAT!

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Yay gameroom!

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Why am I watching this.

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fuck you game room 
fuck you for making me care