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Game looks rad

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Quick look to the end.

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Stayed up late for this! Awesome
This looks stunning visually =D
All you need for Ice T is to like the Gears facebook page

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why am i still up it's 3 in the morning

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DOM! ANYA! Me and my cousin have this pre ordered and ready to go come Tuesday.

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I have actually never played a gears game yet

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Normally I'd watch this, but I want to be spoiler-free for September 20th.

Goddamn I can't wait.

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Been waiting to see some longer playtime to see if I want to buy or just skip over

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@Joeku said:

Quick look to the end.



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I wonder how well this will sell? Of course it's a behemoth, but coming out just as work/college is starting, and with rivals coming out closer to the holidays...

Of course it will do brilliantly but perhaps worse than the second.

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Wait. Haven't we done this already? Twice?

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Can't wait untill next week!

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prepare to gears

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Had a good feeling that I'd see Arthur Gies' name (aegis) up in this somewhere.

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Worth the wait!

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oh damn, didn't know Claudia Black was in this game.  Alas I can finally reunite with my Morrigan.

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okiieeee dokie, one sucked. didnt try 2. checken 3 out i guess.

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Totally loving the Jeff/Brad quick look combo!!!

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Gobble Gobble Motherfucker.

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I am pumped!

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Actually looks great.

I might have to pick up the dumb 'triple' pack and get caught up.

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Tuesday shall be a great day!

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I really should sleep but after reading Jeff review I really want to watch this.

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I love Quicklooks, but I don't think I even want to watch this (at least not until I finish the campaign).

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Jesus Christ, that execution around the 21 minute mark is brutal.

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I am gear'd up for this. Hehehe, get it? Huggggh, that was terrible.

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Revive me!

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Damn Jeff kept his word son ...... lets have a late night looksy :D

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I guess us Canadians get ads now. Not complaining, just saying.

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Ice T unlocked is legit. I don't have the game, but I got him downloaded already because I did some facebook thing that gave a code. Getting him was promoted on xbox live some weeks ago.

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You can also unlock Ice-T by "liking" the Gears 3 page on Facebook.

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Yah i just finished watching the quicklook @jeff @brad the Ice T skin code was being given out on the Gears 3 Facebook page, so they are legit.

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I haven´t touched Gears 2 since 2009 due to some less great online experiences, still I´m hopeful Gears 3 will make up for it with the swap to dedicated servers.

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Looking great! 5 days to go!

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Jeff, very good overview of the game, and I feel that it was one of the most informative quick looks you've done. I planned on renting this for the single player, but you have given me some great purchasing advice (as I'm sure you intended) and so I have opted to buy this instead.

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Ewwww....before video ad.....

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Go to bed you people!

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WOW this looks soooo fucking boring! gears always seems like dumb mindless white trash entertainment

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The game as a whole looks pretty damn impressive, I have to say.
And the horde mode looks particularly cool and engaging.

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as someone that not only has both hd systems, but more importantly has pretty much only played pc for the last year, a pc that runs pretty much everything maxed out (theres a point coming, not just bragging lol)... dude, this looks AMAZING. Shit like this and uncharted is why i can never truly join the "master race", at least not in the "lolconsoles" attitude... look at this shit man. Like brad said, them dudes got that UE3 figured out alright :)

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haters gonna hate. ps3 people can go gt or ign. please.



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What do they mean by "not legit" at the end there? Are they suggesting there's fake online players in this game? hmmmm

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Is it just me or is the HD version flickery? I thought it was just a menu effect, but it was flickering in Horde mode too.

That said, I completely skipped Gears 2, but this does look pretty sweet. Horde mode looks like it could be fun, I'm way more into co-op than competitive stuff these days.

@habibyjohnson: There has been a leaked, pirated version out there in the dark depths of the internet for some time now.

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@mpgeist said:

Go to bed you people!

Sleep is for idiots!