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The basic idea seems kinda neat, but the actual gameplay looks completely monotonous.

I liked how they were progressing through a level rather than just holding down a position like in a typical "horde" style mode. Then it just kept dragging on, getting less and less interesting

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Cannot get over that run animation. Someone needs to make a gif and set it to the Benny Hill Theme Song

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Developed by the fine folks that brought you the all time classic Inversion!

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I don't know, it doesn't seem that bad.

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The announcer sounds like a drunk Jeremy Clarkson

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Vinny is in luck, there are four Critters movies. The third one is the theatrical debut of Leonardo DiCaprio.

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When Drew chimes in on Quick Looks, it's my favorite thing ever. #DrewForever

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This game is alright. We all muted the voice overs, stumbled through terrible menus, and had a good time. But, it was with friends. Any game is good with friends.

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The part where they talk about movies was way more interesting than the actual game.

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Apparently the game is locked at 45 frames for some weird reason..

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Guess we gotta get something in this dry spell of games.

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Interesting idea, but it needs more tactical combat where players share and work together. Jeff could run around without caring what his team was doing, that be less possible might make the teamwork tighter and the game more interesting long term.

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This makes me think of what a game version of the Mummy movies might be like nowadays.

You know, Serious Sam.

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looks alright for $10. Something to look for some night when it's on sale and I've been drinking.

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Man, if you've played one game where you're Sgt. Slaughter machine gunning skeletons while drunk ass God blathers on about power ups...you've played some games.

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Great Steam Browser Quick Look.

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Game looks totally fine and is well-priced at $10. I'd buy it if I didn't know it would be impossible to find people to play with within a week.

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This looks conceptually pretty awesome with a bunch of neat ideas, execution looks like it could be better, though.

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I'm probably in the minority here but I kind of like the whole "everyone is off doing their own thing" aspect of this game. I don't tend to like using my microphone when playing games online and I don't know many people interested in most games I play (in particular of a co-op nature) so it is kind of nice to see something that while multi-player based, doesn't really force people to work together.

Some of the most fun I had while playing Lost Planet: Colonies was randomly assisting people with Vital Suits in Akrid Hunter without any communication. Like getting the map beacons I knew it was something that was good for the team, but don't want to be forced to do it.

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@donpixel: You run around and shoot monsters. Was that really so hard to figure out?

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The non-related rambling in this QL is top-notch stuff.

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This looks alright!

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That run animation seems really... jittery. And slow, at least for how much you dude is moving and camera shaking. A shame considering how often you obviously need to dash around to grab stuff.

Also, it doesn't seem to give you fuck all for assisting on the bigger non-boss monsters. Making people fight to be the last one to hit enemies and the first one to grab pickups seems like a very dumb and kinda outdated way to design a game that is nothing but co-op.

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I have seen Critters 4. Like a lot of horror franchises that run out of "places to go", it takes place both in the future and in space. Even at the age of 14, I remember thinking it was really bad. But it had a sex scene in it.

Unfortunately, Critters 4 is better than Critters 3, which is so awful I remember almost nothing about it except it takes place in either Chicago or New York in an apartment complex/slum.

In the words of a wiseman...."Ugh, where do they come up with this stuff?"

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@branthog said:

@mrcraggle said:

This looks ok for a $10 game, maybe a little bare bones when it comes to the actual weapon selection and gameplay though. I was a little disappointing to go from looking at all the cool monsters then it just turns out you play as some dude who shoots all the cool looking stuff.

Yeah, I bought it based on the trailer, which gave the impression that you chose which of the monsters/gods you wanted to play as. I also assumed there'd be a nice selection of weapons, because that's obviously the kind of game this is supposed to be.

Interesting. I had seen the character generator and I was totally stoked by the sheer crazy of random dudes stolen from time killing mythological monsters, but bummed to hear it apparently doesn't hold up

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Seen worse, but that narrator made me chuckle.

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Tonally I like the idea behind this game. But I'd way prefer to see it layered over the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode, which I'm still playing and enjoying. This just seems kinda rote.

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For some reason this game makes me wish they would make a new Gauntlet game, cuz I'd definitely play the shiz outta that.

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Fell asleep during the matchmaking, gonna see how the actually plays.

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Surprised how many people find it not that bad. After playing the trial, I came away with 'extremely boring' at best. Nearly every aspect of the game feels clunky or unresponsive.

I should clarify I'm not a budget gamer who looks for low price deals. I would much rather pay twice the amount asked for a game where everything feels right. The thing I like about low priced downloadable games is that they often manage to do a whole lot with a different style of graphics and presentation. This mostly just looks and feels like a cheap game. It's not for me.

@fminus Don't Starve is 12 euro for two copies. I got it with a friend of mine. It is really good at what it does. Like I said, I'd rather pay a little more for a great game, than paying less for something like this. Prices don't work that way though. This is just 10 euro everywhere, not 7. They do not calculate exchange rates when setting up prices. They never have.

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The tremors, critter & ghoulie films were to me lighter horror films & almost bordering on dark comedy but looking back they weren't that bad & you could always do worse then them. Like the look of this (odd mix of the gameplay from Painkiller & Serious Sam) but sad that the game is multiplayer only just because you know that later on finding other people will be rough if not impossible at times to play this.

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Only 5 levels? I don't even want to think about how much time you'd spend grinding through those same 5 levels to get the top gear. I think it's looks like an enjoyable enough distraction. It needs 'bots because in 3 months no one will be playing this and it needs like 25 levels not 5.

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god, those characters are disturbing

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I do not think that Jeff did a very good job of showing this game. It is actually alright. If you like Killing floor this game is worth a look.

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This Quick Look of IMDB is my current favorite Quick Look. This looks like it could have been a fun couch co-op game for a day or 2, but it looks like it's online only.

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this actually looks like it'd be pretty fun if you played with three of your friends. *shrug*

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Eh, I don't know it looks okay. Any game that lets me shoot a minotaur in the face with a shotgun is alright in my book.

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I do not think that Jeff did a very good job of showing this game. It is actually alright. If you like Killing floor this game is worth a look.

Total Biscuit would say it would be a disgrace to compare this to Killing Floor, since that is so much better.

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This looks ok for a $10 game, maybe a little bare bones when it comes to the actual weapon selection and gameplay though. I was a little disappointing to go from looking at all the cool monsters then it just turns out you play as some dude who shoots all the cool looking stuff.

Exactly my thoughts. Hey, you know what you don't see enough of in video games these days? Military dudes with guns! Yeeeaaahh.

So hey, this quick look made me think. Old deities are depicted using things like swords and bows because that's the tech that was available when that lore was written. Does that mean, if Thor was actually real, he'd just be using a big ol' magic gun now?

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I don't know. I kind of like the old-school vibe this game is going for. I just wish it went a little further by being a first-person shooter instead of a third-person shooter.

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This looks ok for a $10 game, maybe a little bare bones when it comes to the actual weapon selection and gameplay though. I was a little disappointing to go from looking at all the cool monsters then it just turns out you play as some dude who shoots all the cool looking stuff.

Yeah, but you're not just "some dude," you're a clown pirate dressed as a cowboy commando! That character customization stuff actually makes this a LOT more appealing...

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@wastrel: I know, I'm saying that there are worse games that cost $5 more.

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I'm with you Jeff, Helen Hunt was and still is beautiful. I haven't seen Twister since seeing it in theaters. Been meaning to watch it again but have never gotten around to it.

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You got a pretty sister. Whatcha' gonna do?

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@benny said:

I honestly think this has some really, really interesting stuff going on with its design and wouldn't be surprised if games like Destiny and Blizzards FPS MMO (titan but not called titan) learned lessons from this.

Totally agree. As a fan of co-op beat em ups a shooting 3rd person version seems kinda fun. I feel like this missed the mark but there is something to be had here.