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woohoo, catching up on QLs FTW!!

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Say it with me everyone, "hoar-hay" (Jorge).

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I guess it's too much to hope for a PC release. Well, another reason to get a console someday, I suppose, seeing as how there aren't any big PC titles besides Civ 5 coming out soon...

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@onlineatron said:
" I'm going to play as a female.  Samus is ruined as gaming's 'bad-ass mechasuit' chick now thanks to Team Ninja and Other M.  So a female Noble 6 seems the way to go.  "
Samus is still a badass. Other M hasn't really changed that.
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Wow, Forge World is huge!

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I wish I had the time to beat that game...

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@bananablade:  Guy in one of my games last night was "ballsdeepinurcat"
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Man Forge World looks too awesome. Wish I could play this.

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"This guys name is diarrheabullets"  
oh my god i almost spit out my tea

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This is exactly why I love Giant Bomb. And aww man, Daim! I haven't eaten that in a long time.

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Ugh it's either getting much needed school supplies or reach.  Which one?!

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Looking forward to matchmaking in campaign and firefight.

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the visuals look amazing

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You know what would be cool? If Microsoft started doing some of what Sony's doing with HD rereleases of last-gen games. Halo/Halo 2 with all the map packs and Live enabled would be awesome. KotOR I & II would also be great.

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@Lucidquasar: I got it to work okay in HD yesterday, earlier than that it would just load forever.  Hope it works for you now.
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Legalize da Kush and diarrheabullets. Perfect, just perfect. I'm glad they're not recording the headset feed.

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Was enjoying the Campaign stuff but once Jeff hopped into Multiplayer I immediately got the itch to play some Halo.  Very excited to pick up my copy tomorrow :D 

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The funny thing is that I'm not a Halo person at all but I'm still getting this game,mostly because my friends and I had such a good time with the multiplayer beta. Thats reason enough to get this game if you ask me.
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Anyone else get green boxes all over the screen when they play this video in HD?

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if your worried about campaign spoilers just skip to 22 minutes into the video
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woot can't wait :D

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Forgot I even had this pre-ordered.  My tuesday night is now shot! Sweet!

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I'm not too interested in Halo anymore, but Forge World alone seems cool enough to almost warrant a purchase.

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It's times like this when iI wish Microsoft still made games on Windows.

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Looks amazing, but I know what will happen when I buy this: I will enjoy it for 2 hours, then never play it again. OR, it will brick my 360, just like Halo 3 did. Take your pick.

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1 more day.......

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Question: that map jeff played in matchmaking, that was a halo 2 remake right? I've heard the game is shipping with 9 maps and I hope that one doesn't count as one of them that instead that map is just a variant of forgeworld. Halo has too many great maps to have so little in the box

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I was totally interested in picking this up just to play through the single player campaign until I saw Jeff get into the vehicle & start running into stuff & getting lost, it brought back all the memories of the last time I played Halo.

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@ThePhilatron said:
" I can't believe that they never noticed that the big open area they were in during their forge world tour was a recreation of the beloved Blood Gulch. "
He implied it I believe. Listen to his voice while he was flying around. He starts talking about old maps.
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Somebody make a concept page for "space ostrich"

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Wow, the multiplayer looked frantic!  Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow, campaign looks great (as expected) as well. 
Hold on, just got a text

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@MooseyMcMan said:
" @Tikicobra said:
" My main problem with Halo (and it doesn't look like it's been improved here) is the hit detection. It's really bad. It doesn't even look like your bullets are fazing your enemies. "
I think that's more because of the fact that enemies have way too much health in general, or at least in comparison to most shooters these days.  "
It's true, it does seem to be taking nine billion shots to kill even a Jackal.  Of course, it could also be because he's using the weakass rifle.
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I'll spare you all some troubles... 
Master Chief dies at the end of the game
The game mostly plays like Halo 3
If you didn't like Halo 3 you will not like this
Nothing new here

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I started this quick look hoping to be excited by this and ... I wasn't. Oh well, maybe the next Halo game...

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Watching this on my droid at work on the mobile site. :-D

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I would like to play some Halo.
Too bad my Xbox is dead.

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Reach QL!!!

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I... I just want this game... Goddamn it. I have uni and work and I'm saving to pay for a trip to Europe but, I want it. Damn...

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Wow i just discovered the best way to fall asleep is to watch the gameplay of Halo reach.
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Man ..Gerstman and co really suck at playing multiplayer , competetive games.. .

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Uh.....Thats alot of Halo.

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@zarice: only 360 ;-)
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is this ps3 or 360?

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I have totally seen booze-related gamertags, and it's not like the weed ones are hurting anyone. When I'm playing a game, I barely even look at the name list long enough to register what they say, much less think too hard on their meaning and significance to our culture. Chillax, friend.
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@MetalMoog said:
" Too many d-bags online using "Pot, Weed, 420, Dope, Herb, Blunts, Kush, Smoke" in their gamertags.  Really guys is weed so important to you that it needs to be part of your gamertag, or do you think it makes you look like a badass because you smoke dope?  I mean I don't run around with a gamer tag like Coronadrinker, or boozeman, or tobaccosmoker. It's just immature and juvenile.  To those that use these fucking retarded gamertags, please grow up and grab a brain in the process. "
It's societal addiction.  Even if marijuana doesn't have the same can't-put-it-down properties as something like nicotine, our culture has been crafting itself to be equally obsessed and defensive about recreational drug use.
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I can't believe that they never noticed that the big open area they were in during their forge world tour was a recreation of the beloved Blood Gulch.