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Just picked this up this week and it's pretty cool.

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not here...not now

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You know, I understand that as the puzzles are laid out right now, it would completely break the game and trivialize the puzzles, but given that it comes from a stealth game, where "picking your moment" is an immensely important task, I'm really surprised that there's no option to just wait, have 47 stand still while the rest of the guards take their turn. That being said, the game looks surprisingly rad, and I'm bummed that there's no way my old phone will run this. :-)

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Looks great. Might check it out on android. Too bad about the whole buy a game with micro transactions thing.

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Great art style, I'd go for a PC version.

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"Sometimes, I like to sit and look at my yard and wonder: Why is life so beautiful?"

Priceless quotes in this one. Game looks nice too, may have to grab it when it makes it over to Android.

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I get the whole "brad is bad at games roflcopter", but the first 15 minuts is clearly fucking vinny putting him in one deathtrap after another! Holy shit i was mad when Vinny the 3rd time was like "cant you just" and brad reluctantly follows and dies. Blame vinny! #teambrad.

Also, great quicklook, and game look fun, too bad i hate puzzle games.

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Hit ... MANGO?

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Am I stupid for never seeing the answer to the first puzzle they showed?

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Great Quick Look! I don't mind Brad's play style (as I like to experiment even though it may not arrive at the correct solution). This is definitely on my "to buy" list.

Thanks, for the Quick Look.

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Hitman's Morris

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I like that Drew's one comment was "Check out that tree."

Oh wait there was another one. "I can get it on my phone!"

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Thanks, now Ill hear ave maria in my sleep. :)

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This seems really cool. I hope there's a PC release.

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Really nice!

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Ave Maria

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The first 20 minutes were painful, the last 20 cathartic.

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MENSA-quality play..lol

I would say it's more menso than mensa.

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Yea, Brad is the worst assassin ever. If they were trying to catch the Pink Panther, Brad would be the Inspetor Clouseau to Vinnie's Deux-Deux.

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Looks better than Ab-Solution.

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Vinny's narration of the guy about to be murdered was great.

Game looks pretty cool, might get this.

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@rvone: I just played through the whole game on the iPhone 5. It held up well. There were a few levels (maybe 5 out of the 68) that I felt annoyed by the camera placement. There were a few situations where some necessary information for one of the objectives off screen. Fortunately, you can move the camera yourself, which solves these issues. It's not entirely clear to me if this would have been solved on the iPad.

The game itself is completely playable, and only once or twice when using a specific items did I have any problem with hitting a touch target precisely. It is definitely worth picking up, and I think the nature of the short puzzles works great on an iPhone.

For those of you wondering about total length, I played while watching Brad's recent Dota video, occasionally speaking to some people, and it took about 3 hours to get to the final set of 8 missions. Those final 8 took another 20 minutes. So about 3:20 total. Though I've got a couple dozen 2-star levels that I'd like to bring up to 3-stars. I expect a few of those to be a bit tricky.

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This looks much more entertaining than I expected.

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" Nooooooo, not here, not now"

Vinny almost killed me with that.

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Even Vinny can't save this one from Brad LOL.

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@thelegendofmart said:

@thiago123 said:

If you are one of those people who has trouble watching Brad play games, you should avoid this QL at all costs.

Sigh, more content to skip, get very little of it thesedays as it is.

So you skip all content where Brad is "driving"?

Unless it's a game I REALLY want to look at, yes.

I don't usually mind...but Brad is terrible on this game!

I don't mind Brad being bad at games but what frustrates me is when he is ignoring advice from the other guys and are trying to do the same thing (often the wrong thing) over and over again. If he just tried one of the suggestions instead of going "Are you sure? I don't think that will work." 99% of what I find frustrating will be gone.

That said, this QL wasn't bad at all. These type of puzzles can usually be brute forced with a little bit of luck and it was nice to see Brad continuing trying instead of just standing still and doing nothing. The game does not reveal your moves count, I wonder if that had any affect on his playstyle.

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'Some days I like to look at my yard, and I wonder, "Why is life so beautiful?"

Thank you Vinny.

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Little clockwork murder worlds.

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Goddamn this was a pleasant surprise. Looks great and now I totally feel like playing all of the hitman games.
Brad sucks at games.

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@lurkero said:

Seeing Brad return to that first level was satisfying. It's like I got to see the Giantbomb team learn something while playing.

Totally agreed. Even though everyone else seems to be calling this QL 'frustrating to watch' I thought it was the most perfect opening and ending to a quick look! Returning to the seemingly impossible level to conquer it with their new practised knowledge.

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Damnit Brad, stop playing the level you are up to in QuickLooks. Obviously you should've played an earlier level to explain the game to Vinny and the viewer.

Brad is bad at games - and Quick Looks.

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That last bit with Vinny miming the assassination target was too perfect. I'll probably pick this up.

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This game looks great.

But this QL was oh so frustrating to watch.

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I think this game is easily one of the best translations of a console franchise onto a touch device. It has super smart design and it is hard to put down.

The only thing is that the trailer has a nice tilt shift post processing effect but I don't think it is in the game. There is a built in Unity tilt shift effect that they probably used for that trailer but post processing effects are pretty heavy for a mobile device to handle, especially if your rendering at an iPad retina resolution.

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I wish I could play these cool iOS games on my Nexus 7 :/

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The art looks good, the plague doctor mask, red white and black, and Ave Maria is very fitting for some reason.

I also like Hitman Absolution, it isn't a game that plays well in normal difficulty, it is much better in either easy or hard. If you play on hard you are a perfectionist, the save/enemy respawn problem is a non issue, you are there for the challenge, do everything in one go.

In easy your instinct meter is generous enough that you can sneak pass everyone when in disguise just like older Hitman game where disguise is for scouting the area and planning your moves hiding in plain sight.

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Blah blah blah! ブラッドサックスなど。フーギッブズアシット?

Nice looking game. Seems like a perfect iOS game. Reminds me of one of those sliding picture puzzles:

No Caption Provided

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OK, I love Ave Maria, but this game doesn't exactly carry the necessary gravitas.

It's a throwback to Hitman Blood Money ending.

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What are the odds that the game ends with a cutscene of Agent 47 putting away his dioramas and getting ready for another mission? That's totally what this is, right? His dioramas for planning his missions?

If that's not how this game ends/is in the coming soon package, it'll be a travesty.

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OK, I love Ave Maria, but this game doesn't exactly carry the necessary gravitas.

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I'd love to play this, but all I have is an android phone. Also I don't pay for mobile games and this doesn't look free. Oh well

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I'm a huge fan of the Hitman franchise, and this is a really cool, creative offshoot, much like the Sniper Challenge for Absolution was. I'll definitely buy this when it comes to Android.

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Yellow? They look orange to me.