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Posted By Landon

There should just be a mode with all celebs. Only then would I even consider renting this game.

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I wonder how Jeff feels now that there's a Brad Garrett page on his website.

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Posted By Arrested_Developer

Jeff's new favorite game seems to be mentioning Fernwood Tonight whenever possible.

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Posted By rndmtask
@phrosnite: I like it too, but Brad Garrett post-ELR seems very unlikeable, from what I've seen of him.
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Posted By chadster

Jeffrey Tambor should have sent a surrogate so he wouldn't be seen in this game.

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Posted By ht101

Man, that was truly horrible.  Thankfully it was entertaining what the guys said.

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Posted By Junpei
@SoftButtCheeks said:
" One of those characters looks like Liu Kang "
glad to see I'm not the only one who saw/thought that
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Posted By airules

Wow. These games don't lookmgood for anything or anyone other than a short 30 mins of gb ql footage. Do you think anyone buys these games and enjoys them?

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Posted By willsmith
@RJPelonia: I wasn't in the room on that one. I was sitting at my desk, far enough away to hear them laughing at me every time I died.
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Posted By Vigil80

The Minecraft hate is getting pretty sad, Ryan Davis. :/

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Posted By MisterMouse

time to struggle through some will smith humor...

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Posted By the_hiro_abides

Wow! What a big pile of suck that was!

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Posted By Konanda

Kathy Griffin's mom's beaver.    

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Posted By Con_of_the_Dead

Oh how right you are Will Smith. You talk entirely too much and say nothing.

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Posted By Souls

"Fuck you brad garret" lmao that was the best part 

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Posted By LiquidSwords

"Burn in shit!"-Ryan
"Circle takes the square motherfucker!"-Jeff

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Game show quick look and a guest appearance by Will Smith? I'm all about that.

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Posted By DanK_

Sign me the fuck up!

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Posted By General_D23

Oh, Brad Garrett isn't that bad.

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Posted By Rhombus_Of_Terror

Oh man it's another party game quicklook, they have NEVER disappointed us!

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Was one of the characters Funky Student?
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Posted By buzz_clik

I've not even clicked play yet, and I just know in my marrow that this will be rad.

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Posted By SolidOcelot

Best QUICK LOOK Ever, MOAR Please

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@Vigil80: When Ryan doesn't like something, he will harp on it any chance he gets... Anime for instance.
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Where the hell is Gilbert Gottfried and Bruce Villanche?!
Clearly they need more C and D list celebrities.

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Posted By Afroman269

I love these kind of quicklooks. lol Jeff would give a game where Brad Garrett gets his ass beat 5 stars, I'm callin it!

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Damn you Brad Garrett

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brad garret's voice makes my anus tingle from the deepness

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The promo image has nothing to apologize for; it is professional framed, unlike the same footage in game.

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Damn, Ryan is the biggest Minecraft troll of all time. 

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Posted By Everyones_A_Critic

This can only end well.

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She has a dick

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Dear gosh I want to stab whoever made this nonsense.  Holy crackers. 
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Huh, apparently Martin Mull was on Arrested Development too. He played Gene Parmesan the PI. I think this is actually the AD movie.

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Posted By Jazz_Lafayette

I'll palette-swap YOUR mom, Ryan Davis.

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Posted By Devildoll

Question: What would you call a large rodent that builds dams and dens in the water? 
answer : mom
lol thats hilarious

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These quicklooks of these awful game show games are my favourite.

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Posted By LaszloKovacs
I don't recall anybody saying he was German, just that he spoke German. Which he does.
I could have missed somebody saying it though.
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Posted By ColonelT

Fantastic QL!
Though I prefer the John Davidson / Jm J. / Joan Rivers era.
And everyone forgets -- Alec Baldwin did the H2 version for a few years...a few lean years.

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Posted By Roomrunner

I live a few minutes away from Bon Jovi's house!  I drive past it every day to work. 
I hate Bon Jovi almost as much as Ryan hates Brad Garrett.

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Fuck you, Brad Garrett.

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Ooooh, can't wait to watch this one.

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@Moth_Pope: You are the greatest human being. 
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QQ i can't hear what brad is saying cause brad is so loud

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oooooooooooooooooooomigosh. that was so bad lol.

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That Kathy Griffin " Schwarzenegger" gag was actually kind of funny.