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@turboman 15:20 the escape attempt, watch out for when Vinny talks about "Red team trying to escape."

16:25 when they make fun of the tutorial guy's voice also pretty good.

golden quote at 20:06 though.

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This looks so bad, i might just play it..

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I love that the leaderboard was populated almost entirely by hackers and testers and people from the company that made it. Always a great sign of a successful game.

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That guy talking during the tutorial sounds exactly like the guy that does the unity tutorials O_O

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That is a real good This Old House voice

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oh shit I always wondered how to play dig dug jeff!

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This game looks like it was made by an artificial intelligence programmed to make racing games, but it has not yet learned what the meaning of "fun" is.

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What's with the weird not-Hives ripoff music? Sounds exactly like Main Offender at parts.

I was getting some serious Hives vibes too.

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Also, this was once again a fine example of dat great british accent Jeff pulls around 23:55. Reminded me of few other Quick Looks and Ryan. I wish they'd one day do a whole QL while talking like that...

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"You and Sergeant Noodle Beef"

I was dying hahahaha

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"Go into that geodesic dome and tear shit up!"

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"Should I buy this or GTA V?"

Also, whales do love some good toxic waste.

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@revulsive: agreed. i could barely make it through the first two. this looks pretty bad too tho

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@kerse said:

@milkman said:

Quick Look of the year contender right here.

Its pretty good, but don't forget about the motorbike quick look.

EuroTruck Simulator was this year too. Never forget.

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@dezztroy: No, that was a stereotypical Mexican accent.

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I am agog at this piece of work. It looks and sounds like it was made at a gamejam. The voiceover guy is an incredible stickler about clean racing for a hotwheels game for kids. Germans, man.

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@theht: We need the end of every quick look to be the game's steam forum

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That was totally a German accent, not Swedish.

e: Oh god, they gave the yellow team a guy with a stereotypical asian voice.

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Every QL needs to end with either a trip to Miiverse or the Steam Forums.

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That weird moment when you recognize the music out of porn at 14:44...

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Oh wow. This Quick Look was better than it had any right to be.

There needs to be a Giant Bomb entry for that folksy narrator. I want him for all tutorials.

"Now that guy... he's an idiot. Let me tell you how it really is."

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@shagge said:

I haven't heard a voiceover that passive-aggressive since "RIDER MEET HORSE".

Oh god, why did you have to mention that? I had managed to supress memories of "MotionSports" for what I thought would be the rest of my life...

EDIT: The Yellow Team support voice vaguely reminds me of host Sparky Whitmore from the most recent Kinect 'Family Feud.'

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This was super engaging and it had no right to be!

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@jjweatherman: Ha I suppose that's true. I was expecting 25+ when I read your comment. But yeah, maybe hot wheels games just shouldn't be made, if they are anything like this.

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Donkey Kong?

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@jjweatherman said:

@likeassur said:

Never thought I'd see a Hot Wheels game. My inner kid is screaming with joy.

Well, there have already been quiiiiite a few...

Not as many as all those i's in quite suggests.

Um, okay. I suppose that's subjective. I'd consider 16 Hot Wheels games to be quiiiiite a few, considering even one Hot Wheels game sounds like too many to me.

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@likeassur said:

Never thought I'd see a Hot Wheels game. My inner kid is screaming with joy.

Well, there have already been quiiiiite a few...

Not as many as all those i's in quite suggests.

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Remember. Always use safety glasses.

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@solh0und said:

Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing on PSX was awesome. What have they done with the license?

I played that game to DEATH. I bet it's probably not so awesome from a perspective that isn't an 8 year old kid, but fond memories that immediately came flooding back when I saw this.

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The instructor's voice sounds like the guy from the Flash Traffic FMV game. The PO-liceman.

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It's everything I hate about game design in one package short of lolis.

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lol leaderboards

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Never thought I'd see a Hot Wheels game. My inner kid is screaming with joy.

Whoa, they've had tons of them. You should play Hot Wheels Turbo Racing, it's a legitimately good game.

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@leebmx: It's Mr. Rich Gallup, formerly of GameSpot.com fame. He hosted the Hotspot, On the Spot, and a variety of other shows, such as Button Mashing, from which that photo was taken.

Oh that's who it is. Didn't recognise him in the Santa hat and glasses. Thanks.

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Cue green flash on screen.

Vinny: "What is that"

Jeff: "What is anything? What am I?"

Jeff just went existential there.

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GOTY lists are filling up.

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Another amazing quick look!

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This is the best quick look in a really long time, i as laughing my ass off. dear lord

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I wonder -- with online leaderboards on the PC always being hacked (apparently with great ease), how is it working out on the console side? Are leaderboards just something inherently broken these days? In that case, why bother?

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this game is the best thing to come out on my birthday since me.

nice one :P

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What's with the weird not-Hives ripoff music? Sounds exactly like Main Offender at parts.