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This was a great QL, especially the entrance lines

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I like how Jeff has strong bitter opinions on old wrestlers preventing young up and coming wrestlers from having the spotlight. Now that he has a voice, he could do something about that.

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@Rmack said:

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I love Vinny's Kinect-cannot-confuse-me-for-player-one stance. I can see him standing like that before taking down a group of ninjas that have him surrounded.

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If you want to help Terry Bolea pay for his divorce, then I guess you can buy this game. But if you're looking for a good wrestling game [sic], then stay away, far away...

Man, this whole game could be Botchamania 190.

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@BlazeHedgehog said:

This is a great looking PS2 game.

No it is not.

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Jesus flippin' christ, the Kinect is such a dumb product, and this is just about the truest example of why that is. If it wasn't so fucking retarded that it becomes funny for all the wrong reasons, this "game" is ballcrushingly dull.

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The beginning of this QL is straight up hilarious. Vinny plays a good wrestler interviewer/calm manager.

This QL is one of my favorites.

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oh wow...watching this at work was a bad idea. Had to stop it at the entrance...laughing too loud.

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My whole life has been leading up to this one moment.

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This game is butt-scratchingly good!

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oh no

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Somebody wake me up when Kinect isn't a thing anymore.

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I love how the Body Slam challenges features exactly ZERO body slams. Remember when Hogan backdropped/AAed/back breakered Andre the Giant?

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This "game" is almost as worthless as actual wrestling, almost; What a humongous waste of man hours.
The quicklook was awesome though, of course.

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Oh god couldn't stop laughing at the first entrance bit.

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The game was smart enough to use Jeff's best sound clip over and over. I will give it credit for that.

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Omg that was fucking funny! Can't believe you can't play one of each minigame.

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quicklook was great, game looks terrible

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Game is terribad, but the QL is just hilarious.

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FUCK YES. The second I heard the Bombcast where this was mentioned, I knew 2 things: 1) One day, there would have to be a Quick Look, and 2) it would be glorious.

It has now happened. And it is glorious.

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@zoner: I get you're trying to be funny but seriously, but this next to okami, shadow of the colossus, mgs4 or FFX and they make this game look like dog shit in visuals

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That first entrance cracked me up xD

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Don't move your feet! Oh wait...

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@BD_Mr_Bubbles said:

This seems bad even if you ignore the fact that the Kinect control is broken, also to Jeff point about the announcer sounding like a really bad JR thats probably what they were going for even thaough they did the same thing in WCW can't remember that guys name though.

the JR knockoff's name was, I think, Oklahoma.

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Make sure your kids can drive well. Had me on the floor.

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I like the mini game where he rubed his ass on the other guys face. and its not like he just sat there and dindnt move, he actually, physically rubbed it into his face.

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There were no burgers on that grill. . .

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.. all the hulkamaniacs out there.. that's what.. uh yeah

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these are my favorite quick looks. the ones where they play shitty games. lol

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oh i love how terrible games make for the best quick looks

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From the Back!

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This made for an awesomely funny quick look. SWEET LOVE FROM BEHIND!

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Yosuke makes a good backyard wrestling announcer/commentator.

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kinect quicklooks are the best

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another hilarious and awesome quick look of a bad game these are always the best

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hahaha this game is a piece of shit

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@Nettacki said:

@BD_Mr_Bubbles said:

This seems bad even if you ignore the fact that the Kinect control is broken, also to Jeff point about the announcer sounding like a really bad JR thats probably what they were going for even thaough they did the same thing in WCW can't remember that guys name though.

the JR knockoff's name was, I think, Oklahoma.

I think your right, believe he had OK on his shirt.

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pretty sure it's impossible not to laugh when the dude jumps on the car.


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No one is more authentic than Kid Money. NO ONE.

Perfect beginning and ending to this QL. If you can't stomach the whole thing, the first 90 seconds and the last 90 are all you need. QLOTY contenderrrrrr brotherrrrr! Starring Vinny McMahon and Hulk Gerstmann!

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Majesco... stop F****** around and make a sequel to Infected for next gen consoles...

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@EazyB: Yeah, now is a good time for you to shut up.


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Another shitty Kinect game, another hilarious QL. Thank you Giant Bomb.

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damn game。。。

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wow, jeff kinda showing the thinning hair in this vid.

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best ql yet!

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oh brother...