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Hell Yes.

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This is going to be good!

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Been excited for this since it got mentioned on the podcast.

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stupid quest...

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This will be the greatest quick look of all time. OF ALL TIME.

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I need this

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anyone else unable to get past the first 15 seconds? It keeps asking me to play again.

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Thank you.

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Of course Matt Rorie is involved in this. Of course.

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Damn you, I need to sleep!

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Bareback Wii-mote action. Sexy!

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Rorie hell yes!!

and ska!!

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Somebody made this.

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I played the PC demo and man...what a game.

EDIT: Having huge problems playing the video.

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Oh god, this is going to be great.

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Yay Rorie!

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I'm all giggly inside!!

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I don't think Jerry Rice intended this much swearing or phrases like "Worthless animals" when he agreed to make this game.

"Fur-st Down!"

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GOTY material

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Greatest sports of all time. XD

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Oh my.

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I can't tell what I find more offensive, the Scottish archetype or that god damn guitar loop.

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Yes! I've been waiting for this

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framey? lol Unlock that shiny metal dog

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Game of the year, people.

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oh man the frame rate lol...   and yay Rorie!

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Awww... too bad I didn't get the... fur-st post

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Another solid Wii exclusive!

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If you play a game with Dogs.  You need to let Matt Rorie know

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After seeing the framerate of this game, I think I might B-A.R.F....

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Ryan's reaction to "Fur-st Down!" is priceless.

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Why would they make the scottish guy's emblem a four leafed clover -_-

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Cecile from Ghost Trick as DLC , day one purchase

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@DarkbeatDK said:


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'Everyone needs a top hat when they're playing Dog Football' should be a quote on the box

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You know you messed up when Rorie doesn't even like your game about dogs.

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Yo dude look at that thumbnail.

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@Meatsim: Agree
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I'm disappointed at what a black hole of cynicism this whole site -- community included -- has become.  Not defending the game, but it's clear you popped in yet another kids game simply for purposes of making fun of it, which of course all the GB fanboys will lap up in the comments. You guys might be getting too old for this.

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"Fur-st down"
This is the greatest game ever made.

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yet another fantastic after football career choice for Jerry Rice.