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@munnyman5@gmail.com said:

I think this is the FUR-ST GiantBomb video I was unable to watch all the way through.

Oh man, you should!  You missed their reaction to "Out of Bow-Wow-nds."
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The Wii is a serious console for playing video games.

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Why the hell does the Scottish guy have a four leaf clover??? Thats an Irish thing -.-

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"What the hell are balls?"

"... I think you know."

Couldn't stop laughing. This game is awesome. Definitely my first Wii purchase in like, 2 years.

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I want the sound the fat guy makes while kicking the ball during a kickoff as my ringtone. "AAAA YAHHHHHH!!!!!" Pardon me but I have to take this phone call. 

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"oohhhh.... that crab is trying SO HARD to keep all those bones in the air."

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I miss Rorie.

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Out of Bow-wow-nds!

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