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"The game is called Jet Gunner" - Jason

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@joeyravn said:

"The game is called Jet Gunner" - Jason


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( ゚ヮ゚)

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Regarding if Shovel Knight could be done on the NES, the programmer broke down what would and wouldn't work in their game if it were on an NES: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/DavidDAngelo/20140625/219383/Breaking_the_NES_for_Shovel_Knight.php

This game seems similar in that 90% of it would work but they made it play better given that the technical limits are no longer there.

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Trigger warning: Fixed-width font not actually fixed-width

And this is really NES-gamey and not hipster-pixelart so I approve of Jet Gunner. If this was on the NES the issue would have been cartridge size and sprites.

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Posted By LoktarOgar

Again/Still with the fucking fake NES games. Good god man.

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Posted By Extintor

great quick look

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JET gunner.

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I really hope Dan ctually does get around to watching Band of Brothers because I feel the same way about it than Drew. I tend to watch it once (sometimes twice) a year and I still enjoy it immensely to this day. I watched The Pacific for the first time last year despite the fact I got the Blu-Ray when it came out and while it is well done and tells an incredibly different story, I didn't enjoy the characters and the sense of 'comradery' that there was in Band of Brothers.

I know this comment has pretty much nothing to do with the actual game itself but just had to give me thoughts on when Dan said he has never seen the show.

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Posted By KenpachiRamaSama

Oh my god that amazing Clash at Demonhead reference with the power up that gives you the man following you.

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the explosions are ridiculous, that would cause so much slow down if it was a true emulation

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Posted By AngerPanda

The Drew/Dan combo is my new favorite.

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Posted By cornfed40

Comments from the booth always make a QL

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Posted By ToniMcKernt

Does Drew have a cold or something? Get well soon @drewbert!

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Posted By schnoo

Dan in the danger zone. Not a fan of the aspect ratio, Old school games are nice but this might be a bit too much.

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Posted By JayCee

@adam1808 said:

@joeyravn said:

"The game is called Jet Gunner" - Jason


Give that man a raise.

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Posted By Hassun

Dan's food analogies are making me hungry.

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Posted By blackMamba1187
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Posted By spilledmilkfactory

Between this, Shovel Knight and that game that's basically Super Metroid, I'm pretty happy with where the indie games scene is headed

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@adam1808 said:

@joeyravn said:

"The game is called Jet Gunner" - Jason


I like Jason. He's a cool dude.

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Posted By kirkdouglas

The 'η' Dan refers to as an 'n' is the Greek letter 'Eta'.

The part of me that took six years of ancient Greek in school cringed, but was also pleased when Dan recognized them as Greek letters earlier in the quick look.

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Posted By Entreri10

This game looks pretty alright, I might grab it.

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Posted By notnert427

I just want to say that I'm pro-QLs featuring phrases like "cheese curd power".

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Posted By MutenMiller

I picked this up a while ago on Desura, and I'm super glad it made it to Steam. Such a great game! It plays super, super well and is intense the whole way through. I'm really loving indie games at the moment!

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Posted By foxmulder

It seems Dan is one of those guys who buys movies despite never seeing them...I will never understand people who do that.

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Posted By GlacialDrift

This game most closely resembles the NES game Shatterhand, a game I only discovered recently. Pretty cool to see an homage to it here.

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Posted By bkbroiler

@foxmulder said:

It seems Dan is one of those guys who buys movies despite never seeing them...I will never understand people who do that.

you never know when you're gonna feel like watching it

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Posted By Confirm4Crit

They just patched out controller support in Jet Gunner. -.-

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It seems Dan is one of those guys who buys movies despite never seeing them...I will never understand people who do that.

Yeah, a universally critically acclaimed miniseries about a subject he's interested in and might have gotten on a sale or for a deal. That's CRAZY!!1

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@loktarogar: I hear you buddy - bring on more Commodore-64 looking games

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Posted By soupbones

Obligatory "I hope this comes to consoles" statement goes here.

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Posted By Elwoodan

"Do Germans make robots?"

Dan, you GOTTA watch Band of Brothers.

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Posted By Mr_Creeper


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Posted By ripelivejam

i miss the flickering transparent NES explosions.

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Posted By Brad3000

@darro: Why did you put 'comradery' in quotes?

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Posted By HubrisRanger

I really like the design choice of having sprites be all one color; it gives memories of forgotten "gems" like DynoWarz.

Also "The game is called Jet Gunner" is one of my new top ten Quick Look moments.

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I had to google what cheese curds look like:

No Caption Provided

Seems accurate! Also apparently a Minnesota thing.

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Posted By Edmundus

@joeyravn said:

"The game is called Jet Gunner" - Jason

Dammit Dan!

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So because Jason hasn't been onscreen much, he kind of didn't feel like part of the crew to me so far.

Problem solved.

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Is it just me, or does Jason talk a bit like Drew?

What I'm saying is that Video Guys all talk alike.

Edit: Oh, crap. It IS Drew. Apologies for my Video Guy-ism.

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"I don't like the squiggly and I don't like the donut."

Daniel Rykert, August 2014
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Posted By Red_Piano

I preferred The Pacific to Band of Brothers personally, but they're both excellent. Drew if you haven't seen The Pacific you should definitely check it out.

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Posted By CaliforniaPants

@somejerk: stop making fun of trigger warnings please

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@californiapants: talking about trigger warnings made me think about gun triggers which triggered me

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Posted By Draxyle

Yea, this looks even more dedicated than Shovel Knight to NES hardware. I forgot all about constant sprite flickering.

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@glacialdrift said:

This game most closely resembles the NES game Shatterhand, a game I only discovered recently. Pretty cool to see an homage to it here.

YES, I was trying to remember the game with the greek letter power ups that add a robot that follows you. This game is clearly doing an homage to it.

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Posted By Castiel

I'm a little tired of all the nes looking games coming out at the moment. I know a game might be great even though I just don't give two shits about it's visual style, but I'm at the point now where a game has to get really great, and I mean great, reviews for me to check it out if it got a nes look.

Sometimes I wonder if developers limit themselves because they think that's what people want. I want diversity. Developers please go crazy with the look of your games. Please.

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