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This is pretty cool.

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damn it, recently bought journey, not played it yet. knew i should have waited

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Zombie skull game looks rad. Make that with big budget. I buy.

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"No, I don't need my Nostril Shot data in the cloud."

Made me laugh.

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@Klei said:

Yay! Shit shovelware downloadable titles! ( Excluding Journey and Flower )

shovelware? I dont think you know what that word means.

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@DigTheDoug said:

@moomoomashoo said:

Does anyone know what it meant by "Clean Ending" on the Journey section of the disc?

It's the ending without all the ass-to-mouth.

ha, Nice!

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I enjoyed finding out about the dark violent beast that is locked away inside of TGC.

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I know this is kind of late but I would suggest saving your money. I bought this out of curiosity thinking, "Cool! Three relaxing indi-games without having to download anything from the PlayStation network! Great, since I don't have the internet at home except for on my phone! What a deal!!"

Got home and put in the game to find that you get sound tracks, artwork and commentaries. But the games? You still have to connect to the internet. And it's not even as easy as selecting 'install'. Even if connected to the internet, you select 'install' you still have to go ELSEWHERE to get the actual games. I was really bummed since I'm unable to actually get the internet in my location without having to go through a specific provider, which are little more than pirates. *coughGRANDEcough*

Luckily I knew a friend who was willing to let me come over to their place to bum their internet in exchange for a game night. Still a bad deal if you ask me. That's why I buy the games on DISCS, not stuff online.