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And so it begins

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I couldn't  resist, "cool" seems to be what all the kids are saying these days.  
I was actually pleasantly surprised by the Kinect stuff show on the live feed today. I really thought it just looked bad before, especially compared to what I had seen of Sony's Move. However, had I money to spare, I might have considered a purchase after today. It looks a lot more fun than I thought.

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interesting. I wonder how this is going to sell.

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Glad all these are being archived on the site.

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This game is pretty fun.

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Startin' my roflcopter rotors.

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This is great! I can't wait to not play this game!

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The voice recording bit was epic.

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i want a miniature jeff and ryan for my desktop. WHERE DO I BUY THIS AT

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those living statues are great

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Looks like crap and very unresponsive
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when u guys recorded that trophy and did the voices was great. i haven't laughed that hard in years.

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Just what I expected.
UI stuff is pretty amazing, actually gaming is a mess of inconsistent tracking and punishing you for being out of the narrow width of the camera's viewing angle.
Now I'm DEFINITELY passing on Kinect.

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The pictures get uploaded straight to your facebook page.

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Man Ryan, that was some sweet popping and locking going on from your avatar. 

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Oh God, I'm an abomination, please kill me! End my life! I shouldn't exist, I shouldn't exist, I shouldn't exist! 
I'm in tears.

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I'm not trying to troll, but after all the coverage, video, and hype, my apathy is palpable at this point. Although the living statue part was amazing.

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there gerbil ? part was hilarious 

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the hamster thing blew my nuts off

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I bet they're already sick of this thing after today.

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Kinect is something I'm going to buy for my wife and I to enjoy together. This is something she would definitely enjoy, and as long as she's happy, I'm happy.  :P

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That living statues thing just sold me on Kinect.  
And on an Xbox 360

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I approve of Ryan's transparent pants.

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Nifty tech demo I'd probably want to play just a few times.. It'd be cool if it had a party mode where you just leave it on, and people just step up to it for a quick goofy game or to browse the pictures it's taken.

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I have to be honest, it looks kind of neat. Didn't expect to watch this much of Kinect coverage.

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If you make sure you're kinected
The writing's on the wall
But if your mind's neglected
Stumble you might fall

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Murder meeeeeeee~

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Looks so incredibly awful.

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@lolgreg said:
" I bet they're already sick of this thing after today. "
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How long till you think it will be until people are posting pictures of them self playing Kinect games in the nude?

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@DirtyEagles said:
" the hamster thing blew my nuts off "
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damn you guys, you really cranked it up a notch today!
the talking hamsters (or whatever) bit was Hilarious!

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''Look at the water...!''
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Oh, Jesus that's FUNNY!!!!! SO great to see Ryan bust up!

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My problem with the kinect is it doesnt handle movement very well. It can simulate hand, leg, head, and what not but moving across something cannot be simulated with it very well it seems. Maybe they will find a way to do this eventually, but I dont see it currently after watching everything about Kinect today and I think that will make Kinect suffer after the  "ooh cool" appeal wears off.  
The wii could always fall back on a regular controller, it came out strong with the wii mote (new toy ooh ah magicky-ness) but it's not limited to that and I think we'll start seeing more core player stuff on the wii now that thats not holding the system up anymore (case in point is basically all the games coming out for the wii recently and soon). Kinect is after the fact gimmick and may get them something now, but I dont see it being a long lasting thing.  
I dont know, I could be wrong, but I dont think so at this time anyway. Seems like strictly a casual focused platform, and we all know how fickle people that buy the "magic new" technology are. They wont stick with you for any length of time.
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Still... looks bad.

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Plug all the holes to score. 

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The breakout thing at the start totally reminded me of Cosmic Smash.

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It's still lame that PS has nothing like an avatar, after Sony bought MM I thought sackboy would appear as official one, but no luck. Miis(sp?) and the xbl ones are neat and home is more like second life and kind of stupid

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@Anwar said:
" It's still lame that PS has nothing like an avatar, after Sony bought MM I thought sackboy would appear as official one, but no luck. Miis(sp?) and the xbl ones are neat and home is more like second life and kind of stupid "
I agree, trying to go realistic was a bad route. The Home avatars already look dated, stylistic stuff holds up a lot better.
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This is in the loosest terms a "game". I had to skip through it because it was soo boring. Basically, you stand in one spot flailing about in every situation they put you in. Pretty terrible first impression. Microsoft should've come up with some more interesting mini games to really hook the player. I can't see anyone wanting to go for round 2 on any of these.

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What a great experience, I skipped to the part in the video where the creature was yelling about how horrible it was then backed up to where Ryan was putting words in its mouth. For a moment there, I thought this game simply put terrifying, self loathing, monsters in front of you.

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@punisherkaos said:
" when u guys recorded that trophy and did the voices was great. i haven't laughed that hard in years. "
Do you have an iPhone? If so, you should download an app called "Talking Tom Cat" it's hilarious.
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Well the game seems kinda fail, as did technical issues with the Kinect... 
However!  The hamster-monster-thing made this video worth watching.

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The strange creature part was AWESOME.

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I love Jeff antagonizing the Kinect with the smiley card.

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That menu music is fucking infectious.