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This reminds me how bad everything for Kinect is except for video chat and voice commands...

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This is a great video showing what a great team Jeff and Ryan really were...


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Kinect Quick Looks w/Ryan were always great. He got so into it. The Disneyland Adventures one w/ Will Smith is still one of my favorite things ever.

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There will never be another Ryan Kinect Quick Look :(

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I will forever miss Ryan/Jeff Quick Looks.

This is still one of the best.

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The similarities between the opening of Kinect Adventures and Far Cry 3 are surprising. I miss you Ryan. The best dude without a doubt.

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Ha! I forgot how great this quick look was.

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This whole livestream was hilarious ryan and jeff were a good match but goddamn is kinect fucking dumb.

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Ryan and Jeff playing dumb Kinect games is exactly what I need right now. :)

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Their childish love for silly gimmicky bullshit is so great.

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Gonna miss you dude

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You big, sweaty, lovable motherfucker.

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Damn Ryan, I'm gonna miss you! I'm glad these are showcased.

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@tdot: Take some comfort in the fact that there is so much of him left behind for us all to enjoy.

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Still can't believe he's gone...

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My all-time most favorite Ryan moment! Love it.

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Ryan may be the only person on the planet that has played more Kinect titles than me.

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still can't believe how much benefit of the doubt they were giving this stuff in the beginning.

miss ya, Ryan :(

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Now i have to go buy this thing...

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MURDER MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! One year later and still hilarious.

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 This is fun, but i always get bronze, god dammit! >:(

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Quite a workout the guys had today ;)

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Ryan's pure laughter during the hamster recording thing was priceless. My God, if I could have a game of that I'd buy the Kinect RIGHT NOW.

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Looks pretty good for a pack-in. 
Judging by some of these comments, you people must have drank the kool-aid too early and too often, because your expectations for this thing seem ridiculously high.

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All of the technology seems good but the actual games just seem incredibly shallow & dull.

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Oh man, I had to rewatch that part with the living statues four times. That was so funny. MUUURDDEEERRR MEEEEEE, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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@KuribosShoe said:
" the games in this remind me oddly of Nick Arcade. "
That didn't occur to me until I read your comment, but I totally see it now. Wow. Like the weird game where the Nick Arcade kids rode a minecart and jumped to grab coins and ducked to avoid obstacles. That's like 3 or 4 games here.
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it's pretty responsive.. for a Kinect game :), hehe

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@YukoAsho:  It tracks you fine, adventures tracks your fine and Dance central tracks u perfectly, and kinect sports and joyride work and look fun.
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the games in this remind me oddly of Nick Arcade.

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All of this looks fun, but I want to to the actual thing. 

I'm just waiting for the inevitable "Motion Gaming Theme Park™".  
Popping bubbles while flying in a wind tunnel you say?

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Holy shit the avatar's mouth moved with Ryan's

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I'm going to pretend that the space game is set before Modern Warfare 2.

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@Rewcastle said:
" I'm not going through all the comments to find this, Ef that shit. So i'm gonna ask. Where can i go to download those living statues? Spilt my beer laughing at that "
You mean this?
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I think what really does it for me is Ryan's outburst during the "aaaaaahhhhh!"
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@danimal_furry said:
" Those living statues were the most hilarious thing ever/ I could not stop laughing when I first saw that. :) "
THIS! It was soooo funny, I was in tears xD
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Dayum, that is some nice-looking water!
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I'm not going through all the comments to find this, Ef that shit. So i'm gonna ask. Where can i go to download those living statues? Spilt my beer laughing at that
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I'm almost crying of laughter after the living statues. That orange one doing the yell Jeff did was one of the best things ever.

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Those living statues were the most hilarious thing ever/ I could not stop laughing when I first saw that. :)

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I had far more interesting adventures in Fallout New Vegas and I don't even have to get off the couch for that.

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Space poop!
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Quote of the video: 
Jeff: "My pants almost fell down while we were doing that"... 
Ryan: "It's a good thing we have no shame Jeff"

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I don't know if this question has already been asked (I would assume it has) but does the 'T' from 'RTD' stand for Tiberius?