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awesome, I am excited for this quick look!

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that yarn is epic

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Games like this make me so glad I don't use or buy games for my Wii anymore.  Not being 10 years old helps as well when it comes to games like this.

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Oh fuck yes!

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More like epic YAWN, amirite? HAHA. 
Just kidding, the game looks awesome.
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Oh, right, when is this coming out?...Wait, 2 days?!!! Goddammit.

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Never going to get that last A/V club... lol

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This comes out in 2 days!!! What??  
EDIT: I would have no shame in buying this. So adorable!!!

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My new favorite Ryan Davis quote: a "goddamned adorable" game

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This shouldn't be a Kirby game.

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@AndyPhifer said:
" More like epic YAWN, amirite? HAHA. Just kidding, the game looks awesome. "
Curses, i had that idea to!
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I -really- wish this was more RPG-ish like Paper Mario.  I would play it forever.

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THIS is the definition of a perfect game for my niece...if I had a niece. Still looks great.

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The most adorable thing since the hug button.

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I want Kirby to turn into a vagina so I can fuck it! SO CUTE!!!

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Adorable game is adorable. I'd buy it.

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20 sec. in and you can already tell that the word adorable will be used in every review of this game

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I have critical weakness against cute... I am cringing for 10 minutes now and it's hurting like hell but I can't stop watching.

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Teh Happies 

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Looks really, really charming is very simple. Can see myself picking this up when it goes cheap.

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Oh my god this is the most adorable thing.

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Ryans excitement for this game, is damn priceless

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I am very excited to get this. The charm is useless to resist! This is the perfect game to play with my niece, even though she's four if she can't play she'll at least love to watch the game. She enjoyed watching Castlevania Lord of Shadow, after all. 

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Release date for the UK please?  :(

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This game is to cute for me... I mean just look at my avatar, i'm hideous!

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This, is, amazing.
Time for a Kirby tattoo I guess!

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Oh my god. This game. It's too adorable.

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Can't wait to play this. Shame it got delayed in Europe

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@Tebbit said:
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LOVE this
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I don't understand the enthusiasm for this.

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I'm a grown-ass man and I'd play this.

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Gushing over a gimic *Sigh*, what has the gaming world come to.
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Damn, there's an ultra violent game wrapped up in this cute-fest. Ripping those poor yarn creatures apart, and stealing their gems. Die,die! Kirby whip-it-out attacks again.....
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I don't know about all the other cold, dead, wicked souls but I am loving the recent trend of games to be adorable.

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Love how Alex and Ryan just orgasm at every cute thing.

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I have yet to finish the Quick Look due to passing out from all of the cuteness. This is my subscription. I'm off to paint the neighborhood in yarn.

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So it's a lock for a yarn level in the next Smash Bros. right?

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Pretty sure somebody orgasmed during that.

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