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Guys, I think you are a bit confused on what these games are. It's a parody of the text based sex games that were out at the time. They are crass and low brow but definitely not made to be some gross porno games.

Pretty sure it was actually a graphical remake of an earlier roberta williams text adventure that was pretty porny. Never played that one myself though, so can't really say.

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Umm...well I do want to play some more adventure games.

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Whoa bartender man, please don't shake up my beer! D:

this game isn't very funny. or funny at all. :(

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This should have been a jeff and vinny quick look, I like brad but this had jeff written all over it

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Reading through the comments here, you guys have to remember this game came out in 80s. It was a text adventure, you would type your actions and that was half the fun figuring out what to say some one else mentioned Larry 7 that was a good game perhaps they should have remade that one...

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What's up with the creepy face and ! at the beginning of the video?

It's from the countdown they use for the guys so they know when to start talking. It usually gets cropped out of the video, but occasionally a frame or two makes it into the final product. The creepy face in question is Mr. Caffeine from an old e3 press conference.

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I just finished this. I was playing it slowly because I've been waiting so long just to play it again.

I felt it was kind kind of short, but since this is a remake of the original game, I should expect that, but still, they spent so much time working on it, I would expect more.

Overall, a good game. I'm going to really sad to see Eve go. She's perfect in this game.

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@benspyda said:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is way better than I thought it would be. I didn't see it when it was on and it has a sort of strange stigma attached to it. But I've watched a few seasons and its really funny. If you like the humor in Firefly or the Avengers film you'll probably like Buffy and Angel. It's certainly a lot funnier than this shitty game.

Thought I'd make a little PSA for anyone who hasn't seen it after hearing that Brad and Vinny hadn't in the QL.

Yeah, I started watching Buffy last year after thinking it was a dumb show for reasons I can't really explain now, and I agree that it's a pretty fucking great and cleverly written show. But now when I tell my friends that the show is good they just straight-up don't believe me or laugh at me and call me foul and slanderous things.

What is up with people pre-judging that show. I mean I did it too, but I really just don't get it. It's probably just the name of it.

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The game plays horribly. It's hard to tell from the video, but it just feels like they did up an old Larry in Flash.

It's also completely unnecessary, the first remake for this was way better. Larry 1 didn't need two remakes when Larry 2 and 3 are both pretty hard to get through these days. Or Kickstart Larry 4! Just saying.

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Must I?

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I've always thought this series was hot garbage. Thanks to GB for confirming.

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Gotta hand it to Brad. He can be a downer sometimes when you know hes not that into a game, but he really gave this game a go, even though puzzle games can be pretty awful to watch.

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@scubasteve1974: They really did make it worse. The game was really just a text adventure with a graphical representation slapped on top, and the old 80's adventure game style doesn't translate nearly as well as the early 90's Lucasarts style. Not to mention, basically all the jokes in the game work better as written jokes than spoken; Plus, part of the joke is the fact that it was made at all, at the time. I think most of the people who like Leisure Suit Larry these days aren't liking it for quite the same reason they did back then. Nobody thought these were all goodjokes, it was just funny that it was in a game.

Also that whole death and reanimation segment was completely different and much funnier in the old version.


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@milkman: Divekick will be now. Haven't you heard? It's rather exciting!

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I love me some adventure games.

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The first game had those questions.

My dad and I used to play it on his old monochrome, 20 mb HDD work Computer off a floppy disc.

He was pretty bad at English and I hadn't learned it at school yet, so we struggled with those questions for a long time before making it in to the game, since the questions were American puns, Star Trek related or Baseball related... Good times!

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@brad is seriously right about at least two things in this QL:

1) These jokes are FUCKING ATROCIOUS, but 13-year-old me would've found them hilarious. And been VERY disappointed that there weren't any actual naked ladies in it...

2) King's Quest V would absolutely, positively FUCK you on inventory items. At one point you come across a cat chasing a rat. If you don't USE boot on CAT IMMEDIATELY (and thus the cat catches the rat with no acknowledgement), the game is unbeatable because that rat eventually rescues you from being abducted. If you're hungry in the mountains and you eat a pie instead of HALF your ham (NOT the whole thing), a yeti mauls you to death. If you eat the WHOLE ham, you can't give the other half to an eagle that later saves you. These are only a FEW examples of the MYRIAD ways King's Quest V will absolutely FUCK you HOURS into the game.

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I wanna know why that bartender put a beer in the cocktail shaker.

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Hmmmm, looks like neither Brad nor Vinny noticed that Ken Williams is sitting at the bar (and is the first person they interact with).