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If only this were Luigi's Mansion: The Dark Descent...

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been looking forward to this

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Can't wait till Sunday!

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I've been sitting her a whole minute waiting for this to go up now, this better be good.

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The year of Luigi!

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Who's afraid of those ghosts? Oh wait, everyone is afraid of ghosts.

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Ghosts Don't Care!

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Well, like 5 minutes in, I'm ready to buy.

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*cough* *cough* In the first game, it was actually a Game Boy Color called the Game Boy Horror *cough*

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Jesus Christ guys TEN YEARS since the first one!!!!

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March is fucking killing my wallet.

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Luigi's Mansion is more than 10 years old, and it was a Gameboy Colour look alike in the original.

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Jesus Christ guys TEN YEARS since the first one!!!!

I think it's actually 12. Gosh darn it doesn't seem like that long ago.

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About 10 years since the Gamecube launched? My life....

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He hums the theme when idle? Oh my god... I'm sold.

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Game also dares you to want it on other systems aside from the handheld DS. Just always upsetting to see Nintendo put out #38 in the series Mario & Sonic Olympic whatever but when they have another game idea like Luigi's Mansion they ignore it for years & then fail to put it on every system they have, this might have helped push more WiiU sales or made it less like another Nintendo console dustmagnet from being ignored. Not like their consoles like the Wii or WiiU are that complex they couldn't make this work on there too.

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Picking this up Saturday in New York at Nintendo World. So excited!

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Oh my god. I can't wait. When does this come out? Sunday? Crap.

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If only this were Luigi's Mansion: The Dark Descent...

brb modding

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Man, this is a really good-looking 3DS game. I don't know if 10 years ago I would have believed that I could play what is essentially a console game (in 3D, no less) on a handheld.

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Damn, when did March become this jam packed for games? Either way, insta-buy on Sunday morning!

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Mr. L wouldn't be afraid of ghosts.

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Dude where's Ryan? He was so stoked for this game.

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Grwwwaaaaahhh I want this so baddddd *foams*

I can't decide if I want to watch this yet or not...

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He hums the theme when idle? Oh my god... I'm sold.

He did this in the previous game too!

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Is the humming controlled by a button like the whistling thing from the original game?

edit: Also, kinda trying to figure out how the game is played with only one analog stick

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thats actually the first 3ds game that i really wanna play.

Great looking game; great job Nintendo!

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Is the humming controlled by a button like the whistling thing from the original game?

Nope, he just does that sometimes it seems. The "hello" is controlled by a button.

Loved the Gamecube game, and this seems so great. Buying it ASAP!

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Luigi's Mansion was great got it when the game cube came out loved it. but a lot of ppl bashed it at the time I still liked it better then sunshine happy to see there's a new game.

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@flstyle said:

Mr. L wouldn't be afraid of ghosts.

Damn straight!

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I like how they treated the hub word like it was no big deal or worth commenting about.

I mean Luigi just digitized and got transported to a labratory, no big whoop.


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Game looks fun as hell. I am disappointed by the soundtrack, however. I miss the sweet hip-hop grooves of the original. I was hoping they would return :(

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"Oh man! Did he get dizzy!?!"

Really. Is it that exciting? Really.

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Gonna have to wait a bit on this one. Gotta get that sweet sweet BioShock.

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"Hidden shit, up the wazoo" is one of the better statements made on this website lately.

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I think it might be time to get a 3DS...

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Looking forward to playing this. Early reviews are very good.

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Sunday can't come soon enough. Very excited to have a new game for my 3DS.

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This is the game that's finally making me pull the trigger on getting a 3DS.

I loved the first one. In hindsight, after the dust from the last generation has long been settled, I think the original game stands out as one of the best and best-looking Gamecube games.

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The ghost noises remind me of Patapon.

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"HEY, LUIGI-*Close window*

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This whole game reminds me of an old Charlie Chaplin film. I may be the only one though.

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Alright, think I'll have to get this. I am powerless to resist its charms.

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@drewbert: Great deep cut Ghostbusters reference there