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Year of Luigi never ends

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I want a WiiU now

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Mario Kart Babies "R" Us Edition?!

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It looks like we have another E3 leak. This time, Giant Bomb is the victim.

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God this game looks nice

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Alex Navarro, on Wario: "He is my sexual plaything."

Also, Diddy Kong Racing is the best racing game.

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Been playing this with my sister every night since it came out. it's been a blast!

Too bad i'm gonna get bored of it in a couple weeks!

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The Luigi death stare is the best. Laughed so hard when I saw it.

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Buttchat 2014

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Wario does have an excellent butt. I am hella jealous of that butt. He must do a lot of squat-thrusts.

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It's been a long time since i've fired up the Wii U. This will most likely make me turn it back on again.

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I've really enjoyed my time with Mario Kart 8 but it just feels like something is missing. It's fun, but not as much as I was expecting. I just can't put my finger on it.

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Early QL release go!

The year of Luigi's REVENGE is a pretty good meme.

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@alexCrash Team Racing was actually a fantastic game. You'd be surprised at how much dedicated fans it has.

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Apparently I'm not the only one that thought this was tomorrow? Cool, I'll take some more hot leaks.

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i feel bad for watching this early pls dont ban me

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Watched this earlier on GameSpot. Let me go ahead and warn my Mario Kart 64 fan club brothers to think happy thoughts to cancel out the upcoming negative vibes. Also, it was hilarious when Brad claimed that the last Mario Kart he played was the one with flying. It's about time to stop pulling out the whole "it's been so long since I've played one of these" thing after that, I think.

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Jeff and Brad are real bummers here.

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i got to say I totally disagree with Jeff's comments about getting fucked by items beyond repair. In my experience with the ds/wii versions, the only item which ever fucked me to a point that playing well couldnt compensate for was the blue shell.

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More like Mart Kart AIN'T!

Am I right?...

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As much as Jeff's constant complaining can kind of grate on me, I kind of agree with him here. The random hard swings, rubberbanding, and bullshit items drive me crazy in a way that simply getting straight dominated doesn't.

Which is a shame, because I really like the track designs in most kart racing games.

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Can someone give me a time check when Jeff was genuinely okay or content with a Nintendo game or product?

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More like Mart Kart AIN'T!

Am I right?...


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Jeff is just the worst in this. Stop being so damn angry.

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All this game is doing is making me wish there was a new F-Zero. It's bumming me out SO much.

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My first Mario Kart was 64. I think Double Dash is the best, but I haven't spent much time with Wii, 7 or 8. I'm open to saying any Mario Kart is the best.

Also kart racers are great, and this video is just depressing.

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they should have gave player 1 the screen on the controller and player 2 and 3 the tv screen.

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Jesus, it's like they were holding a gun up to these guys to play Mario Kart.

@melodiousj: It's really not that bad. If you're good at Mario Kart, you can get past all that shit. Playing the game online makes this easily noticeable. There is skill in the game and it does trump over the rest of the bullshit.

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@logan3 said:
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"They called me a coward for years. I'll show 'em. I'll show all of them."

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Jeff's comments on Mario Kart's item system reminded me of Blur. Instead of item boxes with random items, every pickup was directly on the track and immediately recognizable from a distance. All items were roughly equal and could be used in many offensive and defensive ways, and the game's equivalent of the blue shell was much milder and could be easily dodged or shielded against.

The result was that in every race someone always quickly got ahead of the pack and was never seen again, but the struggle for places 2-20 was an intense and fair brawl where holding your position in the pack was a real possibility, compared to Mario Kart where takeovers are 'forced' due to the people in the rear getting better items. Too bad Blur apparently sold so poorly Bizarre Creations had to close it's doors..

tl;dr Blur is the best Mario Kart

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Pfft... Brad and Jeff, I played the SNES version of Mario Kart first and it fucking sucked. That flat ass lame ass game was garbage. I only begrudgingly gave the N64 game a chance after that and it was incredible. But then again I had friends to play it with so it was amazing. Having friends... Those were the days!

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@zacagawea said:

Watched this earlier on GameSpot.

Wait, what? GB's content aired first on GS? itshappening.gif

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Loading Video...

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Hoo boy, Jeff in this video... I don't like Mario Kart much myself, but apparently everything is awful! It was nice to have Alex back in a Quick Look though, and I think he was especially needed for this one.

Edit: Alright, everything gets better a little ways into the video, it just started out by laying it on thick.

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Jeff and Brad are real bummers here.


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Alex Navarro, on Wario: "He is my sexual plaything."

Also, Diddy Kong Racing is the best racing game.


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Man I hate to burst their old man NES/SNES bubbles but the N64 versions off all Nintendo franchises are the best games in said franchises.

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fuck jeff. this game is a blast and is gorgeous

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Hey brad,

If Mario is so metal then Luigi is so hood.

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@winsord said:

Hoo boy, Jeff in this video... I don't like Mario Kart much myself, but apparently everything is awful!

I am definately not a mario kart fan. I've played the SNES and the N64 versions. they were good at the time. Racings games aren't my thing. But while watching this video I was like GEEZ jeff and brad need vacations really bad. they need to just go to a island for a month and relax somewhere. They seem super unhappy with like everything lately. They act like certain games killed their kids or something XD.

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Giant Bomb was victim to the E3 leaks !

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Jeff. Bummer. No surprise there.

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Jeez, this quick look now more than ever really emphasises the loss of Vinny in the SF office... Just, holy shit the negativity! To be fair I'm typing this at only 20 minutes out of a 50 minute QL, but... /sigh. What a miserable 20 minutes those have been.

Also, obligatory reminder that Sonic & All Stars Transformed exists -- and is fantastic. My favourite kart racer since CTR.

EDIT: OK, Jeff does indeed lighten up a little as it goes along. But oof, those 20 minutes were pretty rough...

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I don't think Jeff just hates Mario Kart, it makes him angry.