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Surprised this isn't Vinny.

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Yo, Jason. I highly recommend picking up Breaker 3 which is way more polished and allows for a ton more customization and freedom of building your own Gunplay, including customizing every possible part, swapping them, painting them, leveling them and fusing them etc. I think you would really like it!

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@ravelle: I hate to be on a band wagon of hate for a video game but Breaker 3 is a much better game while this release is extremely problematic.

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Just import Gundam Breaker 3. There is a South Asia version with full subs. That's the Gundam Breaker you want.

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This game is just sad... Buy Breaker 3

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I was really disappointed in this. Bought it sight unseen after really enjoying the previous Breaker games but they really changed it up a lot in unfun ways. It's just bad.

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As a really big fan of Gundam/Gunpla, this just looks disappointing. Bandai always hating on the West with their P-Bandai and now this, at least its a good start to bringing it back over here I guess.

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@jktrix said:

I was really disappointed in this. Bought it sight unseen after really enjoying the previous Breaker games but they really changed it up a lot in unfun ways. It's just bad.

You know what's even weirder, this game was in beta earlier this year, the devs showing off prototype footage and whatnot, I did not expect this to come out this soon and suddenly it's out and released. There's some really weird stuff going on with this, even the title seems work in progress.

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New development team, removed mechanics, less content (for now), a WHOLE lot of jank and bugs that somehow weren't fixed, in spite of a beta test period.

Yep, it's a franchise killer, alright!

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as someone with poor vision this game is impossible to read or tell what is going on. Luckily this game looks terrible so I have no interest in playing but I fully understand what Jason was talking about. The text in cut scene was difficult to read cause writing and background all blend together. The text during mission was even worse, it was so small I could barely see it. I can not understand how we haven't gotten to the point where we can have great universal subtitles yet. I would say just one more reason ot to play but nothing here interests me.

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I heard Austin Walker talk about this on an episode of Waypoint Radio a week or two ago and he sounded so heartbroken about how bad this game is. A real shame.

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@unastrike 1/144 is the model kit size scale. Gunpla kits are classified into different "grades" based on size and complexity/difficulty. "High Grade" and "Real Grade" gunpla are 1/144 size, whereas "Master Grade" are 1/100 (they're bigger).

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Just build the Megazord already.

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@muppio: https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/52897

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Austin is here in spirit.

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Not enough UI on screen.

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Engine looks great, game looks terrible. Also, TIL that Jason does not have good taste in Gundam aesthetics.

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I wasted money on this absolutely trash game... Skip it and go buy Gundam Breaker 3.

Gundam Breaker 3 is available completely in English, but not in North America. You can import it, or just get it on PSN if you make a Region 3 PSN account (Singapore gave the cheapest price for me at the time but YMMV). Once you buy the game you're good to play it on your main account without any issues.

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If you can't read Japanese import the Hong Kong version of Gundam Breaker 3. It has English subs. And it's the best in the Breaker series.

What even is this game??

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This isn't a Vinny video? Aww. I guess Jason should get his turn as well.

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@onkel said:

This isn't a Vinny video? Aww. I guess Jason should get his turn as well.

I half-expected this to turn into a fighting game so 'fighting game expert' Jason could continually lose to 'fighting game historian' Ben. But nope, just another one of these godawful Gundam brawler things.

For all those reading comments talking about how they should skip this and import Breaker 3 or whatever instead, don't waste your time. They're all varying degrees of trash.

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Yea this looks just awful. If for nothing else then for the stilted slow running. Its got that old ass first gen 3d game thing going. There is like a treadmill effect to slow you down.

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Big-Zam was easily the highlight of this Quick Look, and even HE managed to ruin it by blowing the framerate to hell. It's a shame...

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If I were here I'd be letting you all know that this is a huge disappointment and to import Gundam Breaker 3 instead.

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Maybe the whole plan was to make a sequel so bad that it forces everyone to buy Break Edition instead.

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I dont really have much to say about this video other than when i loaded it I fully expected it to be an East Coast video featuring Pat Baer.

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@austin_walker: Yes! GB3 was such a great advancement in the series. Miss you around the site!

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I wish Jeff had been here to make the requisite Levelord reference.

Also, one of the bullies in the visual novel sequence totally made a G Gundam reference that Ben missed.

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Strange mission structure, even. Breaker 3 just had you going through linear levels and beating stuff up but this weird arena and quest stuff doesn't look fun.

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No Vinny?! QUOTE FROM BEN IN THIS VID... "I DON'T CARE" How did this QL pass cert?

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This game disappointed me so badly I stopped playing after only 10 hours and only do the daily for the Fumina tickets. I am re-watching Gundam Build Fighters to wash the stench of this out of my memory

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Gunpla is a portmanteau of Gundam Plastic Model

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@austin_walker: I'm pretty sure I remember hearing you say that on Waypoint.

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So this is where all the bad jRPG-design choices which fell out of Monster Hunter ended up.

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@austin_walker said:

If I were here I'd be letting you all know that this is a huge disappointment and to import Gundam Breaker 3 instead.

Oh man, this would've been a great QL to have you Guest on, or something...

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Monster factory incoming?????

I also know I'm old when I can't read the tiny text.

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Why... Why isn't this a Vinny Quick Look? Are they trolling us? The world is upside down. Cats and Dogs living together in perfect harmony; mass hysteria!

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this game seem baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

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INCREDIBLY happy I canceled this preorder. Gundam Breaker 3 is SO much better; had a ton of fun with that.

You can fully customize your Gundam in 3 and the missions are actually quite fun.

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my god that running animation on Jason's gundam! Is that leg model supposed to run that weird?

I remember a reviewer joking that this game "really pushes the unreal 4 engine to its lower limit"

I too enjoyed 3, too bad this is the first one to get on PC as well.

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This makes Gundam look like GoBots.

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This looks like bad transformers

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This is the most lovingly created bad game i've seen in a while. Like the levels look pretty great, the parts look neat. The idea of playing as a toy is cool too. But man, that gameplay is straight up all that's wrong with PS2-era C tier japanese games.

The entire screen is covered with meaningless UI or systems that hardly matter in the grand scheme of things. The quests are nondescript and just fade in and out. You get up to a S-rank, which makes you think that's very hard to get to. But no, you just get a S-rank for whatever you do. Oh i forgot the second-long freezes. The idea that you have to wail over a body until it stands up again is dumb as well.

I like the idea of fighting with toys to get more parts. But this seems baaad.

Somewhat dissapointed no one talked about Shogo: Mobile Armor Division when Shogo popped up. That game is a gem. It's a international crime that there's no Shogo 2 out there.

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Reminds me of Gotcha Force for the gamecube

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The game you are looking for is Cyborg Justice. You rip off enemy legs, torsos, and arms, then attach them to your body to gain their powers. Cyborg. Justice.

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@bosshoss said:

I wish Jeff had been here to make the requisite Levelord reference.

Thanks, I've always wondered how to spell that.