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I have seen the light.
YUP, it all makes sense now. I need this game, and didn't even realize it.

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Posted By ItalianStallion

Awesome menu music.

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Posted By DiscoDuck8k

Glad I'm not the only one who heard random Vinny, otherwise I might be spooked.
I've never played a lot of Pac-Man, but this game changes everything. Those ghosts...

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Posted By Thompson820

I hate Pac-Man, I want this.
When this hits the PS Network it will be a day-one perch.

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Posted By Dethfish

Well this looks like the best game ever. I loved Pac Man CE but this game makes it look fucking boring in comparison.

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Posted By Kimozabi

I love how Brad almost dies every time they eat a ghost train.

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Posted By MachoFantastico

Wasn't sure about getting this, but the demo was fun. Not to mention INSANE!

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Brad's ghost-gasm was something else!

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This quicklook was amazing, high volume menu music, excited Brad and eating ghost sound..Awesome!

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Yeah I bought the game solely based on this quick look and hours later I haven't regretted it one bit. My favourite downloadable game of the year.

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Been waiting for this one - downloading now!
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Brad's reactions to the ghost eating were....a little creepy.  =\

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Edited By Nux

How many times do you think Brad came during this Quick Look?

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Posted By Garadon

How much will this be on PSN?

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Posted By NellyK

Who knew eating ghosts could be so titillating. 

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I would buy that game in the old classic Pac Man style just because of the awesome ghost train, but with those layers of level and ghost options on top, along with tons of modes and music...I can't get over how sweet everything looks! Awesome quick look. And lol@Brad ghostgasm

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Brad's reactions are at a Double Rainbow level of awesome

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i have the regular champ edition . is it worth picking it up still ???

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Man, I hope they play this during happy hour, with Brad driving. So much awesomeness could come from that.

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Menu music must be available somewhere!!

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I'm buying an xbox today because of this quicklook. life is too short.

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Posted By Fezz

Kids love ghost trains

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Posted By MiniPato

Brad had a Pac Man-gasm.

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Posted By JeffGoldblum

Brad sounds like he is about to climax this entire video.

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Posted By JeanLuc

I never played the original Pac-Man Championship Edition. I'm totally getting this though!

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LOL at Brad's ghost eating orgasm.

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PSN release date feels too far away. In the dark, headphones - amazing.

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Posted By Vegetable_Side_Dish

soooooold, oh god sooooold!

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Ryan raised the point of me really wanting to try this game on E now...though I think my head may just explode. 
Also Brad...really really likes ghost eating I think.

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Posted By GozerTC

OH!  MY!  GOD! 

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Brad having Nerdgasms all over this quicklook.

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Wow I like how the maze music reminds me so much of Tekken( I know they're both Namco games)

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I would pay to watch them play this.
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Posted By Keeng

The whole way through this Quick Look I was thinking about how awesome the game and the video were and whether I would be crazy for buying a third 360 to play it. At the end, when they said it was coming to PSN, my jaw literally dropped for the first time in my life. Fucking soooooooold.

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Posted By Kezmer

I played the Demo and went to sleep and woke up realizing i cannot live without this game

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Come out on PSN already!!!!! D:

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I'm ready to drop some E and play some pac-man.. The club The club!!!! 

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Never in my life have I ever wanted to see someone run a train so hard. 
The icing on the cake is it is all set to DDR music.
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so getting this
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I'm so excited to get this game. I played the demo on the 360 and I'm hooked. I'm gonna show everybody I know this game!

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Posted By alphaspid3r
@Arkanti: It's so awesome I wanna just leave the menu screen on all day 
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good god this game is fun.
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oh god here it comes here it comes AAGHAGKHAGAHG

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I.... don't get it.

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Makes me want to take extasy and bang miss pac man.

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Posted By I_love_Eva_Braun

Dat Music
amazing game

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Posted By Kezmer

Been playing this nonstop, got 11 of 12 achievements fairly easy, jut need the 2 million on a 10 minute play now. I have come close but this is a game I REALLY wish I had that new D-pad controller. that analog stick is jenky sometimes on the sharp turns