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Posted By Aishan

They're still making Ratchet and Clank games?

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Edited By Avangelon

Hope it's good :) I started with tools of destruction too.

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Posted By Lazyaza

Leveling Ratchet has been a part of the series since the 2nd game on ps2 Patrick.

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Edited By DeadeyeMcCoy

Lombax sneak fucks.

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Posted By Humanity

Nothing like a blast to the past.

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Posted By Enai

Love this series. Been playing the HD version of the first 3 and they're still great.

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Posted By Shortbreadtom

Oh damn, a Thugs 4 Less reference? Haven't seen those guys since Going Commando

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Edited By TheTerribleFamiliar

Great games that don't get enough attention... probably in some measure the fault of Insomniac for releasing too many genre-bending games in the series and polluting the waters for the core games like these.

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Posted By SelfCon

Patrick is right. ACiT is one of the better games of its generation. Doesn't get enough shine, bro.

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Posted By AMyggen

I'm feeling the Ratchet and Clank love up in here. Shame Sony doesn't, and just sent this one out to die with no marketing :(

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Edited By LarryDavis

@aishan: Yup, and they went back to the formula that isn't garbage after the failure of All 4 One and Full Frontal Assault. Then just left this one out to die, much like Sly 4.

@shortbreadtom: apparently this one has a LOT of references to all of the games, and ties everything up. It's obviously meant as a sendoff for the entire series... Including killing off some major characters.

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Edited By DisAbiLityFisHy

Huge fan of R&C! Shame they didn't have the resources to market both this and the PS4.

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Edited By zombie2011

I haven't played a Rachet game for a while, I would have picked this up I had known this game even existed. Really this used to be a huge franchise, and now they just sneak one out every now and then for some reason.

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Posted By tourgen

I'll play it. Knack made me want to pay a good action platformer.

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Posted By Tesla

This should have been the launch day platformer for PS4. Instead we got Knack.

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Edited By darkest4

Looks prettier than some of the next gen launch games, Knack for instance, and that's kind of depressing for next gen. Had no idea this was even out already.

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Edited By JacDG

Ratchet and Clank is the best video game series of all time, I played through every game (except Gladiator and the non "core" games like All 4 One) this spring when nothing was coming out, and by the end of all 6 games I wanted to start all over, can't express how much I love these game, every single bit of them. I will have to wait to get this game, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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Posted By jacksukeru

The game seems a bit by the numbers as far as this quicklook shows, though that's not uncommon for a Ratchet game I guess. I'm also not the biggest Ratchet fan because they can be sorta samey, even with high production values, and I haven't really liked its brand of world, characters or humor for a long time.

With all that said I played "a Crack in Time" and thought it was a very good game. It still didn't make me care about the world, but it was a lot of fun to play.

Also, Patrick sorta touched upon my one problem with the upgrade mechnic of the last few Ratchet games, in the Quicklook. Once you've reached the final level of a weapon it gets an extra ability, but then you don't want to keep using it because you're wasting experience for your other weapons, argh!

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Edited By TheMasterDS

Sony really needs to stop sending games out to die with no push at all. It's fucking despicable.

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Posted By Liam89

Man, Vinny sounds sooo tired.

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Edited By GunstarRed

I totally agree with Patrick that A Crack in Time is one of the best this generation. Nexus is pretty awesome, easily the second best PS3 Ratchet and a nice little thing for the fans.

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Posted By fargofallout

I already got the platinum in this game - it's relatively short (although it is only $30), but if you're a fan of the series, this game is exactly what you're looking for. It's a great game, and I'm sad it came out at a time when it's sort of getting ignored. Even if they don't make a new Ratchet & Clank for the PS4, I hope Insomniac brings their sense of fun (especially their creativity with weapons) to some sort of game.

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Edited By Dsandrcok

Love Ratchet an Clank

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Posted By Aegon

I remember Vinny's Crack in Time review. That game was so good.

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Posted By RetroVirus

Hopefully this could make its way to Vita at some point.

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Posted By alanm26v5
@tesla said:

This should have been the launch day platformer for PS4. Instead we got Knack.

No way, then I'd feel compelled to buy a PS4 at launch.

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Posted By magicpen6666

vinny and i thought the exact same thing about that eye at 15:40. oh, nerdy references

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Edited By YellowJello

@aishan: No, you misread. This is Clatchet and Rank.

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Posted By Chrystolis

Just an FYI, there are 4 more guns on a second page of weapons, in addition to the first full ring of weapons. I was pleased with the number of weapons in it. The game is short, but sweet, and has the usual Challenge Mode for replaying it and getting the Omega versions of weapons to continue leveling them. I felt like I got my $30 out of it.

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Posted By chilibean_3

I had no idea this was even in development. Yeah, I could go for a Ratchet and Clank game right about now.

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Posted By amp_1986

This looks cool but I've been playing the Ratchet & Clank HD collection a lot lately so I'll probably wait a few months for this.

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Posted By MildMolasses

@amyggen said:

I'm feeling the Ratchet and Clank love up in here. Shame Sony doesn't, and just sent this one out to die with no marketing :(

it's been that way for a while. EA did the same to them with Fuse. I hope MS does right by them, but they have a pretty spotty record with 3rd party games not made by Epic.

A R&C PS4 launch title would have been very welcome

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Posted By mktacuara

Love this series....Insomniac don't stop.

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Posted By radioactivez0r

@fargofallout: They are making Sunset Overdrive, and it appears to have some good imagination on display. Here's hoping it doesn't go down the path of Fuse.

I also started the R&C series with Tools of Destruction but have since bought all the other games that seem important - the HD collection, Crack in Time, even FFA (cross buy!). Good series.

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Edited By kennybaese

I think I have one of these sitting in my instant games library or whatever are a PS+ member, but I've never played any Ratchet and Clank. Maybe I'll catch up on them over the next year or so before I buy a PS4.

Along those lines, should I pick up the HD collection of the PS2 games that came out for PS3, or should I just skip to the Future games?

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Posted By MatthewSerious

@patrickklepek - Vinny asked about Game of the Generation early in this video. With Game of the Year discussions coming up soon (hopefully) and the new gen launching, can that actually be a category? I'd be interested in hearing thoughts on that.

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Edited By HatKing

I've never played any of the Ratchet and Clank games more than just in passing (a demo or a short session at a friend's place). But, I've always had a weird affinity for the series. Maybe one of these days I'll dive in and see all that I've been missing.

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Posted By Andheez

Somewhat shocking this didn't launch on PS4

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Posted By dekinblues

watching this reminds me of the old TV ads for the PS2 games. I want 90's/early 00's video game commercials again!

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Posted By Cold_Wolven

I've never got into this series for whatever reason but I'd like to start with ACIT and this game is pretty damn cheap for a new release.

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Posted By Vasta_Narada

I think I have one of these sitting in my instant games library or whatever are a PS+ member, but I've never played any Ratchet and Clank. Maybe I'll catch up on them over the next year or so before I buy a PS4.

Along those lines, should I pick up the HD collection of the PS2 games that came out for PS3, or should I just skip to the Future games?

The original 3 are pretty fantastic, and it's hard to go backwards from the Future games to the originals, so...get dat HD collection.

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I'm glad someone on the GB Team appreciate the PS3 Ratchet games. Tools of Destruction was solid but A Crack in Time was excellent and indeed should be in Game of the Generation talks.

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Posted By Getz

It's kind of incredible. You get exactly half a Ratchet game for half the money. What a strange world we live in.

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Posted By teekomeeko

I literally found this on the store the other day and my eyes went wide with excitement. My friend was in the room and she looked at me like I was crazy. But after so many serious games lately, I need some silliness in my life, and this will do nicely.

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Posted By development

I love the irony that this Quick Look was left out to die the same way the game was.

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Edited By alwaysbebombing

Isn't there going to be a Ratchet and Clank movie?

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Edited By NTM

I played the first one which I really enjoyed and later got Quest for Booty since the sequel was coming out. I was pretty excited to play A Crack in Time, and I'm sure it's also enjoyable, perhaps even more than the first, but I never picked it up unfortunately. I think at some point, I hope before I get next-gen consoles (or current, however you want to call it), I pick this and a Crack in Time up.

I played a lot of PS2 games, but Jak and Daxter nor Ratchet and Clank were series' I got into then. I only played Jak 2 for a while when my brothers friend let me borrow it. Initially Tools of Destruction didn't interest me, but when I had little to play, I tried it again and yeah, I just really enjoyed it. The action isn't terrific; it's adequate, but nearly everything else I think is pretty great.

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Posted By Paindamnation

@aishan said:

They're still making Ratchet and Clank games?

Just like annoying people are still posting online. It's crazy huh?

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Posted By minishdriveby
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Because Patrick loves the sexual puns of R&C titles so much :P

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