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The game isn't on Steam anymore so this is the closest I'll get to experience this magic for myself.

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Oh for anyone curious, the awesome intro song is Pressure and Time by the Rival Sons.

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I'm playing this game and watching the Quick Look for it at the same time! Double the retribution on this road to hell!

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At 23:12 I think they killed my father.

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My name is Jake and I am TRYING TO STOP THEM BEST I CAN.

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Okay, this game deserved worst game of the year, but should have gotten Best Music, seriously. I would make for a weird juxtaposition.

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Congratulations Ride to Hell!

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I just re-visited this quick look.



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I just re-visited this quick look.


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I love the A.I of the cars on the road, going left, right and pretty much everywhere.

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I adore Vinny, but his sense of direction can be grueling at times.

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"You ain't even healed from that powerslide ya did."

"Powerslide's nothing, Mack."

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If The Last of Us is supposed to be the "Citizen Kane of video games" can this be our Plan 9 From Outer Space?

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Oh nooooooo I hope that isn't Big Bo's voice actor. How did that awesome guy get tricked into doing VA for this terrible game.

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I like some of the menu art, but damn... what a shitty game! Luckily we got some Quick Look gold out of it.

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Jake the Snake's gotta be hiding around here somewhere.

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Well its no Garshap, but I was suckered in by the presentation and everything in the intro... then JAAAANKKKK happened.

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Man, Jeff with the Cool As Ice reference a little under eight minutes in.

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To be fair Dark Souls and Dead Space also had lolphysics.

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Pro-tip: before you press play, turn down your volume

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Is that guy a relative of Garshasp?

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Still a much better game than Deadly Premonition!

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I see where they're going with this...but the ambition can't meet the reality. Or it does? This looks awful.

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I don't think I've seen something this good since Darkest of Days. XD

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Damn, once again Giant Bomb sells me a shitty game.

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Yet another game which would be infinitely better (and sell more) if there was a special audio commentary track of Vinny playing this. Though does have an interesting setting to it rarely touched on video games but just makes me want to go play Full Throttle instead.

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Game of the year.

No Caption Provided

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I just killed a dude with a...Trident?

Twist: he's a cop!

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I'd love to see an Endurance Run of the game. Though I guess we've just had one in Bioforge and Bradley May Cry is still going.

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I cant believe i watched the whole video......"Why did you tell me to go get a gun if you were sitting on this old man!!"

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This game is such an odd combination of fun/terrible.

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This is like Total Overdose Gringo Edition.

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Anyone notice his brand of smokes? Marstons.

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This game is like everything wrong with video games combined into one thing

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Phenomenal. Watched this in the train and got a seat to myself due to being a cackling lunatic

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Wha... why did Mack kill himself? Oh god this fucking gaaaaaameeee.

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The biggest question, does Jake end up boning his dead lil brother's girl?

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OH GOD! That sex scene was INSANE!

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Old folk tradition says the chairs used to speak. Inspiration came to leaders and advisers while on these platforms, and people like the Oracle at Delphi consulted the gods on her "tripod."

The day came, however, when the chairs saw fit to cut contact. Could be they got bored with human trivialities and violence... or it could be they saw one too many assholes in their time.

Either way, till the day comes when they find their voice again, we'll never, truly know how many stories there are.

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That brewery shootout tune is pretty rad, so the game isn't a total loss.

Also, wow @ Vinny's obscure-ass SF4 Balrog reference at the 1:04:30 mark.

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1% represents how complete the game is.

Start menu -> cut scene intro -> BOOM turret sequence -> BOOM burly brawl QTE -> BOOM late title card while jumping chopper bike over helicopter.

Oh yeah. I like this game. xD

edit- why does it say 1% on the box art?

1% represents how complete this game was when Deep Silver decided to publish it anyway.

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How the hell did this game get made?!

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This is incredible

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This was a pretty great quick look. Umm dare I say "Endurance Run" Vinny?

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This was...something magical. Even better than I had hoped, really...and right from the start, even! If I'd have to pick my favourite moment, it'd probably be the crash at 1:12:16. Hearing Drew crack up at the background makes it even better.

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@herbiebug said:

Start menu -> cut scene intro -> BOOM turret sequence -> BOOM burly brawl QTE -> BOOM late title card while jumping chopper bike over helicopter.

Oh yeah. I like this game. xD

edit- why does it say 1% on the box art?

1%ers are high tier members/leaders in bike gangs.