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edit: Dammit.

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The social elements of this game are actually driving me insane! I wish the UK release wasn't after the US want to get my TNT on!

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I love SSX!

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God dammit EA just let me play this already!

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Connor Dougan kind of looks like Drew, but with more hair.

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Coonce is so awesome. His excitement is my excitement.

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Coonce looked pretty happy.

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i'm getting a "this video is private" message ???

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Whoa, the audio's kinda weird. Ryan's really loud in the left channel and I hear the dev in the right only a bit.

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Coonce! Yeahhhh!

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Do want.

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Words can't express how excited I am for this. All of my money, EA.

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Ryan in one ear and Connor in the other is weeeird.

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@The_BrownGhost said:

Coonce! Yeahhhh!

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More like Quick Look Road SNOW, am I right guys, ....... guys?

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Coonce is never not happy.

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woah what happened this looks fun as fuck

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SSX On Tour had a single-player campaign too bub.

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Why is each Mic in one ear?

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Man, Coonce is so fucking stoked.

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Never played any of the SSX games but this looks like a lot of fun, might pick this up.

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coonce looks so excited!

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Yea QL with super happy Coonce

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good thing i got a new headset before this vid, 1 earphone was busted on the old pair, i wouldn't of heard ryan.

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@MaxxS said:

SSX On Tour had a single-player campaign too bub.

SSX On Tour never happened.

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Take off my right earphone, and I get Ryan having a conversation with himself! Weird.

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This is really what SSX is all aboat.

Also, I am so happy they play the Run DMC clip during Tricky state. I was afraid they would overlook that essential element.

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This is how SSX should be. Can't wait.

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Doing Kick flips on a snowboard makes a whole lot of sense. Bravo game, bravo.

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@damnable_fiend said:

@The_BrownGhost said:

Coonce! Yeahhhh!

@drowsap said:

Yea QL with super happy Coonce

sean coonce is the fucking man

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That was a very comprehensive look at SSX. There are a lot more modes and features than I expected!

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Coonce makes me instantly happy.

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Get back to work on Dead Space 3, Isaac!

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Mmmmmyeah, this looks like a game worth owning. 

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So looking forward to this game!

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This can only mean Amped 4 is next.

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Credits in SSX = Cooncebucks.

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Looks awesome.

And I see (or perhaps hear) someone over there has some good taste in dubstep.

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Stop saying "feb", it sounds super dumb

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Welp, any of the uneasiness I had about this game is gone now. Bring on the slopes I want to get my SSX on!


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the audio levels are uneven in the video

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Watch out, yellow snow. YELLOW SNOW.

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Now, in full STEREO!!

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Holy shit, I was getting butterflies in my stomach during that Patagonia survival event.

I want this game.