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Dude, yeah!
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Endurance Run memories...

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awwww no endurance run :(

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Of all quicklooks that had to happen eventually, this would have to no.1 based on giantbomb history.

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Woot Woot!

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Man, if they did a ER... I'd be the happiest person in the world.

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Only 30minutes? I'm sad.

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OMFG yes. Tytytytytyttytytytytytytytytytyt

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I might have to get a PSP for this...

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So how is P3 holding up on the psp vs P3/FEZ on the ps2? Some small changes, esp how you intereact with characters and the world is something I just can't get used too, not sure if it's for the better or worse.
Heh, I really feel for them playing this game AFTER they played p4. Since those two games was so similar it's like rewatching the original of the remake you just watched, can't blame them if they have hard time to keep interest.
For me I liked Persona 3 alot more than I liked Persona 4 (perhaps because I played it first), but I felt the themes and motives for p3 was much more compelling and a slightly darker and more fitting for the series, even if P4 is the overall better game. Tho I must say, I find the whole Persona-series a bit 
ridiculous  and P4 topped it with being so over the top in all aspects, which made it a great game to really ENDURE.

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Been waiting for this.

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wish it was longer
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Do an ER.

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Flappy got chills.

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endurance run, anyone???

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Fuck yes

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Go, Charlene Tonoku, Go!

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Oh fuck yes!

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Dudes, don't bring up the Endurance Run! If we simply don't mention it they'll be drawn to do it on their own. 
On-topic: Yo, bros; how's it hangin'? This QL sure is dope~  B)

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i would say ER too, but, this is on PSP and i already saw 2 different playthroughs .

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I wish everyone would stop asking for an Endurance Run :< I don't think people understand how burnt out they got off of the DP ER. :/

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Cast bufu!
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Good old times

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ffffuuuuu- YES <3

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I recently watched the P4 endurance run again. Mainly for the commentary and I think the game. Both of which are great.

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Awesome!  I was hoping that ya'll would QL this.

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Igor! I missed your "beautiful" face.

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Fuck yes. Oh man oh man oh man.

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@aurahack said:
"I wish everyone would stop asking for an Endurance Run :< I don't think people understand how burnt out they got off of the DP ER. :/ "

Yeah, I agree. Plus, didn't Vinny play through a majority of this game already when it was on the PS2?
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I like how GB cares so little about PSP that they are using what looks like 3- or 4-year old marketing .jpg as the background image, and then compressing the video so much that is super-blurry. Stay classy, gentlemen.
Also, I saw this video on the front page and squealed like a little girl in my head.

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The memories are flooding back!

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And this is the beginning of a new ER, what? It's not? Well, never mind then.

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@Vorbis said:
" Only 30minutes? I'm sad. "
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You need to turn on the install stuff in the config menu.

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Haha, Charlene. Nice.

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ahhhh the music is giving me flashbacks

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I dont like saying that the Persona games are dating sims, but all the school stuff looks like a dating sim in the PSP version.

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Fucking right.

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Oh my god... im having P4 flashbacks/conniption fits. I think i need to go back and watch some endurance run...
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Oh god what did they do to the awesome school music??? I really hope that's just a female protagonist thing...
When I first started playing FES after beating P4 the first school music "Want to be Close" was probably the only thing that kept me going in that game because of how frustrated I was at some of the mechanics that were different from P4. I'm really going to be upset if they just straight up dropped that track from the game...

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If you want to hear another really hard to understand Japanese hip hop rapping song. Listen to Nujabes' F.I.L.O. (ft. Shing02) with the lyrics out... It's crazy, totally incomprehensible.

Lord, if they only knew them nights it took
Burnt candles by the dozen to ignite the soul fire
Sheer energy to release to melt the heart
Mind starved, voice craved onto wax (and still get taxed)
Relax, unrest unless undressed to the core
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gah i hate junpei

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Aww, good old endurance run memories *sheds tear*