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That wasn't as extremes as I was hoping.  
But any QL with Dave is awesome. 

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Finally a game that lives up to its name and proves once and for all that games are art.

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Drive a submarine and torpedo that damn cargo ship to the orbit.

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So when is the add on where you can play as Somali Pirates come out?

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 Truly, this is the age of extreme ship simulators.

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Damn, I thought Vanquish had intense action! It ain't got shit on Ship Simulator Extremes!

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Why am i looking at a shirtless Dave?

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So glad to see Dave back for another QL since that prettyx much always turns out to be fun. You have my gratitude for covering games like this - only GB can deliver stuff like this. 
Even though I'm superficially familiar with those weird-ass vehicle simulators I've never been left so confused  about the damn point of a game. Where the hell were the devs going with this?!?

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@Moo said:
@sear:  No in a simulator at least extremes weather should be extremes,
The trailer shows some high waves in a storm that look actually pretty nice, but yeah, the lack of damage model is kind of a bummer, as every good simulation should allow you to fail in interesting ways, wondering if you can actually capsize in a storm. The game also seems to try to many things at once, I'd prefer less ships and more detailed simulation then many ships and a lacklustre simulation.
All that said, I really that those type of games still exists, it is nice to see something different from your average cover based shooter every now and then. 
Judging from the Amazon.de reviews the game however seems to suffer from bad case of DRM issue.
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needs more mike and vinny.

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The only way this would've been fun, is if you had been drinking Tim Horton's coffee. 
For Vinny: basically EVERYWHERE in Canada, you'll find people drinking Tim's coffee.

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What would I do without giantbomb?

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It seems like this game would be a lot better if a) the waves were a bit more dramatic, and b) your ship actually had a crew walking around, and you could walk around inside your own ship. 
Just piloting ghost ships around bland environments I can't imagine is very much fun to all but the most hardened ship sim enthusiasts (which I assume is a tiny market). 
- Scott

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That aint no cruise ship, thats a P&O ferry dawg!

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Don't rock the boat
Don't rock the boat baby
Rock The Boat
Don't tip the boat over

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Amazing how far technology has come.
 @TorresLFC said:

" Germans "

  You mean Dutch?
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Yep typical San Francisco weather.

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Better textures would make this more of a simulator. I understand simulators are all about the gameplay experience but when looking inside the boat, everything looks unbelievably bland, especially in this day and age.

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DAVE ! so glad to have you back, the second I saw the trailer for this game, I knew you have to do the quick look. Thank you sir, for being awesome.

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@teh_pwnzorer said:
" @Konig said:
" I would totally watch a Ship Simulator Extremes endurance run. "
Brad would find a way to sink the ship. "
It's not Brad's fault the sails catch on fire. 
Global warming dude. It's a crisis!
But the tugboat on top of the grain silo? Totally pullin' a Brad.
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Epic music for this game

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@sear said:
" As much as I enjoy these quick looks, I have to say that it's always a bit unfair when the Giant Bomb guys look at simulators.  It's a very niche market sort of thing and I have to imagine that this game is probably a lot better if you're into the sort of game where you don't spend every minute killing things. "
It may be a niche market thing that only a select few people are into, but this is still awful.
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@MajorStoner said:
" Why am i looking at a shirtless Dave? "
Ads for the big live live show live =P
ALSO, what the fuck greenpeace.
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Why oh why can't modern games even implement water physics half as advanced as what WaveRace 64 had in 1996?

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Looove, exciting and neeew...

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I demand a tnt!

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If by extremes they mean boring as hell, then yes, it's an accurate title.

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i watched this entire quicklook... and i LOLed often. i love when you guys play bad games. :D

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I would have been interested in a well done ship simulator. This does not appear to be that, however.

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The moment I saw the title of this, the first thought in my head was "Dave Snider's in this, isn't he"

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I like how "dumpin'" seems to have become Ryan's catchphrase. "We're trying to find this boat that's dumping... that's dumpin'!"

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I bet shipsim.com just got a shit ton of hits.
EDIT: Here's this fucking great blurb from the site:

Ship Simulator Extremes is the revolutionary latest game in the best-selling Ship Simulator Series. Almost three years in development, the game raises the bar for accurate and fun simulation gaming. Featuring a completely new and visually stunning ocean system, advanced  dynamics and weather system, more vessels and environments than ever before and full campaign missions based on real captain's stories. Ship Simulator Extremes is the definitive simulator for any virtual ship captain and a high quality addition to the acclaimed series.

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That was so extreme, I can barely move...

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I love the wiki description for this game. 
Ship Simulator Extremes is a realistic recreation of the task of piloting a ship from point A to point B.

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I love Dave's reference to  Jonny Moseley Mad Trix: "What if it snowed in San Francisco?"

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Why am I reminded of desert bus?

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What actually happened to those sweet monday quick looks, where Dave and Vinnie were showing off some nice PC games? I miss them. Please bring them back! Dave is awesome!

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Don't rock the boat, baby!

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Dave should do a quick look of Silent Hunter or Digital Combat Simulator next (Black Shark or A-10C Warthog)!

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You can't sink the fucking boat.

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Ryans british accent is so bad. He sounds australian
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wheres my GAME ROOM QUICK LOOK!  I need my fix.

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Tim Hortons is a poor excuse for good coffee. I almost consider it its own drink

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Goddamn Greenpeace assholes with their shitty fire hoses.

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Game of the Year 2010.

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For sure, I wuv variety.
And with that DRM, they might have a better game in their pocket that they haven't even thought of yet:
"The honest game consumer sim" in which you have to deal with various annoying DRMs and extremesssituations. Like your internet connection failing with an always online DRM, blizzards server going offline while you want to play starcraft 2 singleplayer, being unable to share a game with your brother or re-installing a game after formatting. Maybe I should write them a letter.