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Im enjoying the game so far. I would have bought it on the PC but I need to get a new graphics card so I stuck with the PS3 version for now.

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My iMac is real damn crummy for playing PC games and I'm currently saving up for a proper PC for games, now that they are somewhat relevant again, so I'll settle with the 360 version for now.

I liked how it said "Saving... Don't turn off your PC" when Vinny was saving the settings.

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Sleepy Dogs! I'm interested in seeing what this PC version is all about.

Edit: Oh man, that ending.

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I knew it wasn't just me having a stroke, they did already do a video on this game! I was sketchin' fo' sure trying to remember why I had see content for this already. I'll gladly slurp down some delicious Brad and Vinny juice though!

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I should probably play this game.

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I'm dying to get into this thing but I need to find a wired 360 controller (or wireless 360 dongle thing) because man oh man can I not use a KB&M very well for this.

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Posted By JacDG

Better trade in some games soon, so I can get my hands on this game, it turned out to be exactly what I hoped it would be, been following it for a while and couldn't understand why it didn't get more shine, glad people have woken up and seen the light!

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This was probably the closest I'll ever get to that achievement (and I wasn't close at all). Damn lurkers.

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I triad to be first

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Posted By HydraHam

This will end up being one of the most underrated games of this gen.

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So looking forward to this quicklook!

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HI there everyone how ya doing?

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I don't want no trouble!

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Rush Hour 2 the game.

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I've really been loving this game.

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Sleepy dogs!

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PC Games!

I heard the teensiest bit of Bonobo while Vinny was stunt positioning that bike.

This was a great Quick Look.