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I'm actually really glad you didn't encounter the enemy. I'm super excited to play this.

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Man is it frustrating watching other people play horror games. Especially when every single little sound or thing freaks them out and they go and hide before they're comfortable moving again. >_>

I actually find this game to look pretty darn boring just like the last one regardless of their intentional design. I guess that's why I've always lacked interest in most horror games, I feel like the genre can be done with more interactivity (without the need for player empowerment) but when it's just walking around rooms looking at things and reading stuff I fall asleep.

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@benderunit22 said:

@freshbandito said:

Amnesia never really scared me, can't say it did much of anything for me. Not saying I'm some steel nerved badass as slender scares the ever loving piss out of me but Amnesia just always falled flat for me.

Fascinating, because Slender bored me to no end while the tension in Amnesia is nerve-wrecking to me.

I think the big problem for me was I always felt like amnesia was a game where I walked to a puzzle, solved a puzzle and then hid in a corner until the monster walked away. I couldn't push the game loop to the back of my head to enjoy the atmosphere, almost definitely more a problem on my end than the games. Amnesia tried so hard to push it's oppressive atmosphere on me that it smothered my ability to put my own fear in and so instead became a binary this is supposed to be a scary moment / this is a quiet moment.

Meanwhile Slender just very simply played on my fear of something just out of the corner of my eye inexorably moving towards me with malicious intent. In it's simplicity it allowed my imagination to fill in the gaps with my own fears.

It's very much an each their own situation but when it comes to scary games I very much prefer a more open and simple setting that lets my imagination run wild as the person who knows how best to scare me is of course myself.

I can totally see what you mean. There's definitely a formula to decipher as the game tends to follow a certain pattern, but there are also a bunch of surprising scares such as solving a puzzle or clearing a room, expecting something to happen, have nothing happen, and a minute later you see a monster in a random corridor.

My problem with Slender was that I knew he could just basically be anywhere at any time and all I could do is walk around looking for randomly distributed pages. I was constantly expecting him to come, so when he did, I wasn't the least bit scared, more annoyed that he was hindering my progress. And the second time I died, he just suddenly appeared behind me as I was walking, turning me around automatically.

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NIce quicklook =D All though the webcam seems unnecessary to me, unless its actually spooking with scoops. In these videos in my opinion the game should be the focus. But it's a minor thing really.

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GREAT writing, absolutely.

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I'm honestly kind of impressed that there was no sequence with an enemy of any kind in this QL. This game is patient with it's build-up. I can't wait to see more of this on Spookin' With Scoops.

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Do you think you're maybe too close to the game now considering how much you like the original? Thing I like about Jeff is that he doesn't give a shit about anything in gaming... it would seem, so when he likes or dislikes something it comes from a place of pure... cynicism, which I can appreciate, ha ha.

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@ptys said:

Do you think you're maybe too close to the game now considering how much you like the original? Thing I like about Jeff is that he doesn't give a shit about anything in gaming... it would seem, so when he likes or dislikes something it comes from a place of pure... cynicism, which I can appreciate, ha ha.

Other than his love of fighting games?

Being dispassionate is not the calling card of a good critic.

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i could not get myself into the last, game. yeah it freaked me out. but i started the dark decent twice and quit at pretty much the same spot both times. I think i just became board at some point. The whole spooky castle setting has never really done anything for me in terms of setting and atmosphere. and i think that may be a part as to why it never clicked. However turn of the century industrial London sounds like a fantastic setting! so maybe il give this one a shot at some point.

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@benderunit22: Yeah I think that games like these live and die by your mindset as you go in during the early stages, if it grabs you early and you're in a good place mentally to be drawn in and scared then chances are it will keep you in that mindspace and be a good scarey experience.

I think with Amnesia everyone hyped it up too much for me and so I was going in studying it's every twist and turn as though trying to see the threads of a masterwork piecemeal as it came together. In doing so it became all too easy to just see the bare mechanical bones of what goes into an experience like a horror game.

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Who has the guts to watch this QL in the evening in a fully lit room and with others about the house?

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I think when it comes to horror games especially atmosphere heavy ones like Amnesia, the experience of directly controlling the character and existing in the environment doesnt really translate when just watching. Alex was right on when he said that horror games were not for him because the actual act of interacting in the world is so much more intense than just watching a movie or someone else play a game. I am very much the same way and even though I could roll my eyes at Patrick flipping a switch or turning a valve every so often, I know that if I was the person actually doing those simple actions that I would be just as terrified, if not more. I also think its a much more intelligent approach to horror by just using the environment and atmosphere to create most of the fear because it manipulates and pulls at your emotions and inner thought. Outlast and most other scary games tend to rely on jump scares as a crutch because they are easy to pull off and most peoples instinctive reaction is to jump even when they are predictable.

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@dexiro: I'm aware of, and understand, suspension of disbelief perfectly well, but I cannot apply it to the horror genre in terms of achieving genuine fear. I've overlooked plenty of plot holes, and have most certainly empathized with a variety of characters. I've felt a variety of emotions towards plenty of stories, but fear in a video game is just something I can't get into. To me, the feeling of fear is entirely different than having an emotional attachment to characters. Suspension of disbelief is understandable for me in plenty of other emotional aspects, but I feel like there is more required here than just that.

I don't know, maybe it's just me. I'm sure there are people out there who have done studies on this somewhere.

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This game looks really cool, bought it on Steam because I really liked the first game.

I could really do without hearing about bodily fluid secretions.

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Who has the guts to watch this QL in the evening in a fully lit room and with others about the house?

Challenge accepted!

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Do I have the BALLS to watch this Quick Look?

(In this fully lit room, yes, yes I do.)

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@stimpack said:

Well that was 45 minutes of straight-up nothing. Atmosphere is cool, but it does nothing for me without actually having something happen. Also having something run after you and kill you doesn't do much for me, either. What is it that draws people into these games? I don't understand how atmosphere alone is enough to scare someone. I get the whole "fear of the unknown" thing, but the unknown is known, because you know that the worst that can happen is a black screen and a restart button.

Is it a disconnect from video games that prevents me from being affected in any way? I'm unable to be truly immersed, because I know it's a video game. With the discussions about violence in video games and the separation of games from real life, I assumed that I am not alone in my ability to decipher real life from works of fiction. So if there is no true immersion, because we know it's fake, how is anyone able to actually derive a feeling of fear when playing video games?

Does anyone have any article recommendations or anything? I would actually like to hear some proper explanations.

I think it's cool that opinions on these games are often split between "really scary" and "boring." I think it just depends on what you bring to the game, how much you're willing to let it in.

I found this tense as hell and I really like the refusal to introduce a monster for a long time. It plays on what we sort of expect from the sequel to amnesia, and if it works on you it's most likely unbearably stressful. Whenever I watch a horror movie about ghosts, I always find the narrative about what horrible thing happened in the past to be the scariest part, not the jump scares or characters running for their lives. It's exactly when nothing is going on on-screen that it comes off the screen for me because my mind takes over and fills in those blanks. The game / movie isn't scary for me, it's the story being put together in my head.

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I was hoping this would be something other than Amnesia: More of the Same.

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@beepmachine: I agree. Lovecraft himself said "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown", and I truly believe that. I think that's what breaks my immersion more than anything else. Everything I see is typically very ...scripted. I don't like that. It doesn't do anything for me. I would have much more interest in a horror game that has many variables that create a unique and interesting gameplay experience every time.

I tend to favor psychological thrillers more than anything, because they typically make you think. Another big problem is that stories in horror games / movies are typically... not the best. They tend to rely heavily on suspension of disbelief that was referred to earlier. I feel like any time you have to suspend disbelief for reasons other than the obvious, (e.g. aliens, various sci-fi elements, etc.) it typically makes for lousy writing.

It is cool that opinions can be so split, though. I think it's really interesting.

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its pretty much like point and click adventure if u strip out the 80% darkness and creepy sound. because nothing happened in that QL but puzzle solving

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Completed it in 3 hours. Was a total fucking waste of my time. It had absolutely none of the atmosphere, build up, tension or execution of TDD. There's literally no sense of danger from the monster and the monster itself is fucking laughable.

Literally. I laughed when I first saw it. There's no inventory, sanity, health or tinder pick ups. Your lantern never runs out of oil and I barely even bothered to put it away during the hide & seek parts. They were so non threatening it bordered on comical.

The only good part was the end of the game with the final monologue. I felt that was done rather well. It's just a shame that the entire rest of the game was so poorly paced and written up to it.

I'd like to thank The Chinese Room for ruining one of the only good horror games of the last 10 years. Please don't make another video game again and consider branching out into shitty art house indie films for your "vision" because you have no fucking idea how to make a video GAME.

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@monkfishesq: Yeah I didn't realize Frictional outsourced development on this. In game development history, that sort of thing is almost always a decision that ends in disappointment if not outright failure.

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@rasmajere said:

I think Patrick needs to start wearing a heart monitor for these segments. I am curious as to actually how much his heart rate goes up and down.

Only if it acts like a Resident Evil health meter and starts saying DANGER whenever his pulse accelerates.

Also this game seems profoundly discomforting, even moreso than the first Amnesia. Something about the industrial setting really grates on my psyche.

It's more than a bit obvious that Upton Sinclair's The Jungle was a big inspiration for A Machine For Pigs.

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Got to about 40:00 into the QL - bought the game. Watched the last 5 minutes with that music. FUCK THAT!

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woah in the room that had all the stuffed animals & bear, the owl statue moved after he turned the valve

I was REALLY hoping I didn't just imagine that...guess nobody else was paying attention :P

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@bkbroiler said:

patrick you forgot to cut out you disabling the steam notifications

BEHIND THE SCENES! REAL-TIME! (I will cut this out but it will take a bit.)

Hey man ain't no skin off my back just gave me some more Patrick-lookin' time.

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No offense Patrick but you talk about how this game isn't about traditional jump scares, that sure seemed like a pretty blatant jump scare at 18:35.

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Charles Barkley's Slamnesia: A Machine for Dunks

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Boring QL is boring

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Can we please keep scare cams on Youtube and off Quick Looks?

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There's a kinda disturbing sight in one of the desk drawers in that room with the music. I was kinda disappointed Patrick missed it.

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Am I going crazy or does that owl move?

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wow. This game. amazing.

I am yet to play first amnesia but its somehow not my style. I dont like medieval castles etc. Can I skip first amnesia ? I've finished all penumbra games btw

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Fuck that. That was intense.

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Not regretting the decision to watch this at 1 AM at all. Nope. Not at all.

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I don't think I'll ever be able to play these. Hell, I couldn't even get through the original Dead Space.

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Find it kind of funny that all the journals get read out loud on the video. Patrick, do you do this when you play alone or just because its on the stream? All the text shows up decently if its just for the stream.

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Frankly, I'm really impressed with the minimalism of A Machine for Pigs' horror thus far. I've played up until the point Patrick got to, and I have to say that it's proving pretty effective for me. My opinion may change later on, but so far I admire the lack of a true enemy for the entire first hour or so. The Dark Descent was similarly slow paced, if I remember correctly. That mounting tension just piles on and on, especially if you find horror in industrial settings to be extra unnerving (as I do).

And I have to say that I absolutely adore the writing. Stylistically at least, as I have no idea what exactly is going on just yet. I'm putting a lot of faith in the narrative here. It looks very promising, but if it disappoints then that first hour of nothing-but-atmosphere will, in retrospect, feel wasteful.

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Does this game have terrible level design like Amnesia? If so, then count me out. I can deal with scary; I can't deal with wandering around having no idea where I'm supposed to go.

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I don't think I'll ever be able to play these. Hell, I couldn't even get through the original Dead Space.

Sure you don't want to give DS another try? It's scary, yeah, but the same type of scare over and over. Anytime something is dark and quiet or you see blood, you can expect the monsters to pop out very soon.

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No offense Patrick but you talk about how this game isn't about traditional jump scares, that sure seemed like a pretty blatant jump scare at 18:35.

Yeah, just seems like there's less of them. Sure, the atmosphere is creepy, but honestly, without "jump scares," there's no scares. One could argue that ramping up tension leads to a better pay-off, but... didn't see it here, so who knows.

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After playing about 3 hours of this yesterday I got to say it's quite disappointing so far. Pretty much everything that made the first game a survival horror game has been stripped away or dumbed down.

While playing the first game I found myself most of the time being terrified, in this I find myself just almost happily strolling along the very linear path in front of me. As it is now, I will only finish this for the story which seems interesting so far, but be warned; this is NOT a scary game by any means.

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I can't tell if he is shooting venom at Out Last or if he is just comparing the two. I don't get scared so I've put little time into them but... I thought Out Last was kinda fun. I liked it. I can't say the same for Amnesia... I just had fun feeding my pet water monster "Spuee" human body parts. Also as much as he said the name Out Last if started to feel like a Out Last QL.

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@sammo21 said:

Find it kind of funny that all the journals get read out loud on the video. Patrick, do you do this when you play alone or just because its on the stream? All the text shows up decently if its just for the stream.

It's mostly to make sure there is enough time for people to read it.

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That music near the end...so awesome.

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This game seems incredibly atmospheric. After playing most of Outlast, I think I can even more so appreciate a game that slowly ratchets up tension over time.

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I have a feeling that most, not all, but most of the people that say "This game isn't scary." do get scared by those crappy PG-13 movies that get cranked out. Between this game and Outlast it is what gets to you more? Jump scares or atmosphere?