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Posted By lordgodalming

Oh my lord could the menus take any longer to navigate?

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Posted By MeatSim

Not even the power of the Kinect can make 3D sonic games not suck.

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Posted By TwoOneFive
@Meatsim said:
" Not even the power of the Kinect can make 3D sonic games not suck. "
seriously, who was hoping for that to happen anyways?
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Posted By sissylion

Rise's voice actor gets arouuuuund. 

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Posted By Shadow

Oh please.  Let me reintroduce you two.  Rider meet horse, horse meet rider.

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Posted By MysteriousFawx


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Posted By EdFries

Kinect just doesn't work reliably with any game I've tried.

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Posted By Sabata

Yeah Jeff, you're too "tall" for Kinect.

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Posted By TheDukeofArgyll

I wonder how much better this game would be if it was controlled with a normal xbox controller.

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Posted By PenguinDust

Omochow gave me hyperglycemia!

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Posted By Lydian_Sel

For a while I kept thinking about the things this game appears to do badly, like the way that all of those menus look like a real pain to navigate through, but then I remember that it's a sonic game & therefore has to be super annoying in some way.

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Posted By danimal_furry

You've been doing well, not you've been doing good, Jeff. Unless you have been helping the homeless or something. :)
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Posted By ch3burashka

Perfect for racists everywhere.

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Posted By oatz

Holy fuck, this game has awful animations.

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Posted By Budkin

Man this game looks terrible.

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Posted By drumpsycho89
@RedJester1029: yup!! the calabration seems well janky!!!
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Posted By El_Rickhead

The games available at this early point for the Kinect seem very unimpressive, i have no desire for one at the moment but i do look forward to see what comes out of it

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Posted By MadaRenrut

 Just got my Kinect today.  I really really enjoy it, it's great fun.  However after I spent about an hour moving furniture to make room for it.  
HUGE WORDS OF WARNING.  You can NOT play two player games if you aren't ATLEAST 8 to 10 feet from the Kinect device.  The minimum is 6-8 and that is just for single player.  You also will not be able to use Kinect ID for it to know who you are since it goes through the process thinking you have a full 8 feet of space. 
If you have the room and the space, which is atleast 8 feet around as well because remember you have to move around, then GET it.  However if you don't have the 8 feet or more then you will just be playing these games as single player games. 
I am going to post this in each quick look, so don't rant against me just want to get the word out before someone with a small living room buys this thinking they are going to have friends over and play.    

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Posted By Vao

hmm think this would be more fun if they added the tony hawk skate board :P

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Edited By GrandMarshal

Please all  sign my partition to stop sonic from air boarding, its wrong, just wrong
Jeff Gerstman cant jump!

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Posted By buft

Leaning back is such a hard thing to do consistently in practice

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Posted By HowDire

God damn this is awful

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Posted By Urmean

Ha ha ha, oh wow.

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Posted By Rxanadu
@sissylion: EVERYONE in Persona 4 gets around.  If you hadn't noticed, the MC and Adachi have the same VA.
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Posted By sissylion
@Rxanadu: Yeah. I'm glad for them, too - they're good at what they do. It's just a little weird for me to hear Dojima in the Dynasty Warriors Gundam game. 
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Posted By AndrewB

I always come back to this one for the part where Jeff has to jump. I don't even think Xbox One level kinect is going to make this feasible.

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