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Oh man I want Vinny to be like a Saturday morning kid's show host.

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I'll buy this game if Vinny comes with it.

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Get Trixie in on the QL action one of these days.

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Clock wipe go!

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Looked like a grand ol' time.  Videos like these are the reason to pay for GB.

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Fantastic. FANTASTIC.

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Everyone knows that you'd rather play video games than "cook a meal" on a rainy day :P Why on earth is that not an option?

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Man Vinny is too good at being the after-school PBS kids person

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@Ronald said:
" I think we deserve to be shown every mini game in Wii Party in order to decide whether to purchase the game or not. Ryan, Brad, Vinny, time to step up your game. "
You sir are taking this way to serious.
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@m2cks said:
" @LiquidPrince said:
" @OllyOxenFree said:
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This sums up everything that I love about Giant Bomb (well of course plus Jeff too)
Awesome quick look, had me laughing from start to finish.
Wish I worked at Whiskey Media!!

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that was great i lolld thanks guys

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@LiquidPrince said:
" @OllyOxenFree said:
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I think I might get this game now. It would be a nice break from all the hardcore games I have been playing lately.

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Who shaved Vinny?

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I love Vinny's like  "this is a children's show" kinda shtick. For kids, this game doesn't seem to bad, I'd get it for a younger cousin or  something.  

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I like how Brad didn't press the "A" button right before he hands it to Ryan and they both blame it on Vinny. 
Also, I would pay to see the whole giantbomb crew on one of those team game shows.

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This was really really great.

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I think we deserve to be shown every mini game in Wii Party in order to decide whether to purchase the game or not. Ryan, Brad, Vinny, time to step up your game.

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highly amusing.

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@smudo said:
" I would watch children's programming with Vinny as the host. "
Especially if he occasionally dropped a c-bomb
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OMG I love Vinny's fake children show acting.

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One of the best Quick Looks to grace the site. Fantastic work, guys.

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Let the good times role!
The game looks... well, it's another Mii game.
I'm pretty sure I enjoy watching you guys more than I would playing the actual game.

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Hands down best Quick look ever.

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That was MUCH better than expected.  Thanks guys.

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None of those games require a Wii or TV. Congrats, Nintendo.

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Vinny does a good but scary kids show host.

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Is this a way for Nintendo to make money, because all the little kids will drop/loose the remotes? :D  
Awsome QL btw 

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That announcer dude looks just like the dude from Buzz! What the hell is this?

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PLEASE Tell me that someone made a gif of Ryan humping Vinny?!?!?

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Ryans laughs were infectious here.

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Vinny on camera is always a great thing.

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So damn fantastic.

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Vinny would be a great host for Blue's Clues

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That was grrrrrrrrrrrreat!

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If Vinny had more hair I swear he would look like Nolan from 4PlayerPodcast or vice versa.

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Haha my sister asked me to get her this for her birthday.

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Hahaha, I loved the part where Vinny hid the wiimotes and talked to the camera.

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Why is LuchaDeer not properly mounted like he should be?!!?!?!?

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Brad, those things glide, not fly!

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This looks stup...endously fun :). It's pretty neat how they incorporated games where people are more directly interacting with the peripherals than the software. Some might see this as a negative fueling the "gimmick" fire, but I think it's cool.

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Vinnyyyyyy :D That was great
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@Dalai said:
 Uh uh uh uh uh. "

That is Hi-larious! 
This was a great QL! WII PARTY!