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Edit: last part was the beeeest

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Step over Mike. Vinny is taking over Blue's Clues.

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@Jedted said:
" Best QL ever!  The couch was a pretty obvious choice for a hidding spot.  If i were Vinny i would hid one under Luchadeer.  "
What about the shelves near the ceiling? No one even bothered to even glance up there.
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As long as it means getting more videos like this made, I'm actually getting excited for all these stupid motion controller things being everywhere.

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If that was the box art cover for the game i would buy it day one!
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Best QL ever.

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Best QL ever! 
The couch was a pretty obvious choice for a hidding spot.  If i were Vinny i would hid one under Luchadeer. 
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oh hey me and some friends are having a wii party, when do you think ... uh you can come over? 

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Hahaha, that was awesome.

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Vinny, I love you.

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I laaaaaughed and laughed.

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Word bomb looked kinda fun, actually.

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The pet word bomb was hilarious, couldn't stop laughing.  
As for the game, well it's games like this that make me think I should sell my Wii. 

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I love these kind of quicklooks.

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I would watch children's programming with Vinny as the host.

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Best quick look ever. 

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Wii like to party Wii like Wii like to party

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Best QL of 2010.

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Yay more green screen shenanigans!

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Someone needs to .gif Ryan airhumping. NOW

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Fail Brad

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....yea but you can never stay under water that long as any other animal

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Vinny's a terrible hider!

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I would totally watch a weakly show wherein we just watched Vinny hide things.

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LOL! That was hilarious.

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@Lukeweizer said:

" Vinny shaved! How is he gonna cast Bufu on things without a beard!? "

@digitalsea87 said:

" "Bef" is the common verb for cunnilingus in my language.  JUST SO YOU KNOW, VINNY. "

These two comments suddenly make a lot of sense. 
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"Bef" is the common verb for cunnilingus in my language.

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Hooray, it's a Vinny Quick Look!

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That's the best Andrew W.K. reference I've read in quite some time.

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Vinny shaved! How is he gonna cast Bufu on things without a beard!?

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Will this be the last video featuring Ryan's Beard? We will miss thee.

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I really hope the title was an Andrew WK reference.

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OH yes!

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Those are some awesome people at the beginning there!

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F*ck yes!

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I'm 15 seconds in and already I can tell Brad is dying to be the ILM background next week.

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vinny was fucking hilarious when hiding the remotes

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Aw, Vinny's kids' show host style is so endearing!

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lol at ending n off screen vinny

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Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii PARTYYYYYYYYYY!
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"Player two take off your pants" Gotta love Vinnie

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The HD button doesn't seem to work for this video...

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Vinny? On screen?
This is also now my new favourite video

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Lol love the green screen QLs

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EDIT: Wow, that was easier than expected.