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Pssssst.....its $40 not $50.

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So Brad doesn't call himself a bad bowling player...but he doesn't know what a spare is. Okay.

You don't need to know anything about bowling to be good at it. If you just know you have to roll the boll at the pins and knock down as many as you can, you can be good at it.

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Steven Richie for the MVP.

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Why does Dan has a "dOT SS" shirt?

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this brad/dan nemesis development is legitimately fantastic.

also: "SIT DOWN SKIP."

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Giantbomb should set up heel/face relationships for these quick looks. I loved watching Brad conquer during these games.

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Im liking the regular weekend content! (even if i don't always watch it)

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If Dan wants to beat Brad in every game they play together let's hope they never clash in karaoke-combat. For Dan's sake.

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based Stephen

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I want to see someone slam someone through a table.

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I'll not let it be stricken from the record that Dan Ryckert talked shit about Portillo's, albeit from a place of ignorance.

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I downloaded this and purchased bowling. I see no need to get any other sport.

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Doesnt look all that great in HD. The textures in bowling and the trees in golf just look the same to me. Il just stick to Resort wich also has motion +.

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that bowling music is amazing, very Dead Rising calibur good

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What a classic tale; inexperienced Brad defeats Dan, who even studied bowling in college.

Stay in school kids.

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Dan's shoe story made this Quicklook very special.

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Go Michigan Hamsters

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Great QL guys!! Thank you. I like this battle between Dan and Brad since Mario Party;)

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Dan and Brad both put their phones in their left pockets but are right handed. I guess I'm the weird one because I always put it in my right pocket. It just makes more sense!

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The baseball announcer yells "CHANGE" pretty aggressively.

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Didn't even know this existed before the quicklook. Kind of a shame it's just a remastered Wii Sports, but the motion+ addition is mildly intriguing to me.

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Also, Dan Ryckert is really into dick violence.

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Skip never proves anybody wrong.

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@steveurkel: I do the same as Brad and Dan. It's because of the little metal pin on the right side of (most) pairs of jeans, which can scratch your screen.

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As one of the California Club comments says, "This really is a cruel universe."

It's Wii Sports, with a facelift. No more, no less.

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@cyberfunk: the green screen footage is mirrored. His shirt says ZZ Top.

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Came for the Wii Golf, stayed for Brad's impersonation of Punch-Out Referee Mario at the end.

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Dan making a dick out of the bat in baseball and then pretending to jerk off is probably the best thing he's done.

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I'd bowl more, but I don't have time to spare.

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Quite enjoy the Dan and Brad dynamic. Love the Nintendo coverage guys!

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@zulus63 said:

I'd bowl more, but I don't have time to spare.

Dammit, Dad.

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this whole QL is making me really hungry for a California Club

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Also, the Giant Bomb Mii's lips I find to be intensely disturbing... they look like a pair of bread buns.

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@zulus63 said:

I'd bowl more, but I don't have time to spare.

Fuck, now we need to shut down the site. Fumigation for 4 weeks required.

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The golf game was very similar to how it goes when I play real golf. >__>

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i like the bowling shoes story Dan gives.

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I love it when Dan calls things idiot!

Look at these idiots!

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Lefty Bendy.

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Such an amazing narrative arc to this QL, edge of my seat the whole time!

Am I a monster for saying that Nintendo really needs to move on from the early 90s synthesised instruments?

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Damn, Brad got big. Wonder if he's trying to fill Ryan's shoes...

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Giant Bomb saves me another $40+

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I really like that golf game but their lack of calibration of the thing because Dan didn't care made it really difficult.

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I wanna see some horse hockey. Sounds like fun.